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  1. Not that I'm aware of. I'm getting it checked this week as I've run out of talent so fingers crossed they track it down!
  2. Thanks all, very glad to hear that less than a week isn't the norm as I have to leave my car for a couple of days at a time when I'm away with work. I saw a video about checking this (can't find it annoyingly) - where a chap was checking this by getting his daughter to lie in the boot whilst he closed it to see if the lights went off. I have to admit that because I don't have kids I had to use my phone to check mine weren't staying on 🤣
  3. Thanks - will give that a try. Usually lives outside as our other car is a soft top so gets the garage which probably hasn't helped with the cold Thanks, hope yours is sorted soon! How long would yours typically last? I've been told by a dealers that just under a fortnight is usual which is why I think there's something causing it rather than a normal drain level - this was a new battery that discharged in less than 4 days!
  4. I saw the starter motor thread and didn't think it sounded the same - went for the info, stayed for the puns... Surely you've got a super lightweight battery on a GTE :-) but going forward I think I'll be treating it like an electric car and plugging it in every time I get home! Thanks, the last two batteries have been dealer fitted - one Toyota and one Yuasa so I'm inclined to agree on the draw - even though I've got as much turned off as I can! I had a draw test done the last time round so I think will just have to repeat until its found. Cheers
  5. I'm having repeated issues with the electrical system in my Evora. Still moderately new to the car having acquired it last year but then waiting a long time for a clutch change... Several weeks ago on starting I got a fairly horrid repeated clicking noise (video below) and refusal to start, the car having been stood for about a week. Took the car over to my local dealership who fully recharged the battery, checked the drain with no fault found. No problems starting. Brought the car home, daily driven for a few days and then the same non start after not driving the car for 48 hours. Back to the garage, new battery fitted, tests repeated, all good. Fast forward a fortnight, exact same problem. This time the car has been stood for 3 and a bit days. I'd welcome hearing anyones experiences of any similar problem or opinions on any underlying causes. P.s - I have a CTEK, have always plugged it in if leaving for more than a week - but surely a new battery should last more than a few days without needing to be plugged into a conditioner? IMG_8564.MOV
  6. I can add AU59 AHP to the list, Arctic Silver with Paprika insides Owned for just over a year - now with a new clutch to see her through many more years!
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