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  1. That’s my daily drive. Has to be as the “other “ classic ain’t going anywhere 😂
  2. Sorry got distracted by a chap on Bangers and Cash who has five fantastic cars actually in his house. The cover is not for the Lotus , but my 104 bhp 1293cc mini. Just back from colour change. No way can I leave it outside.
  3. Welll , I think I’ve come to a decision about the Elite , I’m struggling to find time to work on it. And as I have no workshop and another winter is fast approaching, it’s got to go. Haven’t touched in a over last two months.
  4. Hi Angus, now you’ve had all that electrical dash experience, you’re quite welcome to come over and sort my dash out. Then engine May start up then. 😂😂
  5. Wow thanks Angus, that’s very helpful. Think I will replace plugs and set gaps as you said. It will have to wait as I’m missing my marquee, and it’s scorching 🥵
  6. Think the plugs are NGK6eps. What do everyone use in their cars ?
  7. Well I give up, too hot,, It can sit there till the current heatwave is over.
  8. Just set plug gaps as lotus handbook to 0.23 thou. No start , it’s now getting to hot to work on it as in full sun. So taking the classic mini out to do some food shopping. Probably buy biggest bag of sweets I can find. 😀
  9. Hi everyone, thanks for your help. It has new fuel and it was running earlier this year. But I had a senior moment , when it wouldn’t start , I moved the dizzy slightly on its clamp. BUT THE SENIOR MOMENT carried on and then set about the dellortos. I know I’m a Pratt, as a senior I didn’t hear the fuel pump ticking away as it had run dry. It was the time of fuel shortages , but I’ve got to live with it.
  10. Hi Angus, the spark is not that great. Also plugs are wet. I think they are getting plenty of fuel. As you know I’ve had it running previously, but cocked it up , by fiddling as mentioned in earlier posts.
  11. Not been on here for awhile, sorting out late fathers funeral etc. But now back to the same trouble, trying to get the engine to fire up. I have a spark, have petrol and a fully charged battery. Set the carbs as in the brown Lotus manual. Which includes 2 1/2 turns on the four fuel screws. I can just reach the distributor to slowly rotate in while turning the ignition key to start. At best it does a slight hiccup as if I is going to start but no. Anyone have any suggestions please.
  12. Next tidy up fuel supply hoses to carbs, just waiting on elbow fittings.
  13. Two new inlet manifold blanking plugs fitted today. Look a lot better than a short piece of hose on the fitting, two jubilee clips and a bolt inside hose. Next tidy up fuel supply hoses to carbs, just waiting on elbow fittings.
  14. I can remember helping him change an engine in his Ford Pop , I was probably 12 holding the lead light laying under the car late at night, kept falling asleep, him shouting, I’ve you can see it , I can see it ( bolt).
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