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  1. Door fitting didn’t go to plan. Door beam attached to body with spacers to start , but then bolted door check strap to bracket and noticed it had worn on the pin that goes down track. So removed and built up the pin by TIG welding. Just got to make good with file back to original diameter.
  2. Hi Angus , yep NNUH, didn’t know they were lost until she arrived home. Had to use the power of radio to find a dentist who could help. Also if you haven’t already you need to speak to patient services, they could fund the new dentures after they go through all the patients notes.
  3. Thanks Pete and Tony D. For the information. Had to stop working on it again as my 96 year old mother had the dentist round at her home to start making new dentures after hospital lost hers. Never a dull moment. Back on the door tomorrow.
  4. Right today it’s time to start to fit drivers door. New hinge pin and bushes fitted and reamed. All good. As i didn’t take the doors apart I’ve got no knowledge of the amount of shims that go behind door mounting brackets. Is there an amount that gets it somewhere close , as I just have the beam and have not fitted the door skin , or should I assemble skin first. Thanks for any help you can give me. regards Tony
  5. After taking time out from the Elite to fit another engine and gearbox in my Sprinter I’m now back on the project again. First job ream door bushes.
  6. Mine doesn’t take much pulling, but I’ve not fitted the rubber seal yet , another item on the list. I have three door seals , how does I fit on the top corner 90 degree near roll bar. Do they have to be mitred.
  7. Hi Angus , with the cable to open the tailgate that finishes in the rear glove box , mine has a hole in the plastic box , but no hole in the cloth trim that covers the plastic box. So I wondered if previous owner had re-routed it.
  8. I haven’t come across a finisher in all the parts as you you describe. But will sort it. Also the tailgate release that comes from the boot through to the side panel, there is a hole for it in the plastic pocket but no hole in the trim that covers it. Can not see any other holes where it could be attached, so a mystery to me how tailgate was opened previously.
  9. Things progressing well on the Elite. Just slightly confused on the fitting of the rear glass between boot and rear passenger seats. It seems to be glued in , but the boot black carpet as it’s cut seems to cover over the ends of aperture for the glass. Sois the glass not glued all round , but just top and bottom ? regards Tony
  10. Slowly getting into the wiring on the Elite. Making good several poor connections, and think rear lights incorrectly wired to what I think should be brake lights.
  11. Fuel system complete. Found the 8amp inline fuse in the footwell, replacing it with a modern one , well gone from ceramic to glass.
  12. Hi again, not worked on the Elite this last few days as my 96 year old mother broke her arm. In hospital out of hospital then back in hospital. So today started couple of jobs ,new leather trim on the dash, not that easy but getting there. But again a couple of random questions. The main cable that runs from battery to starter on mine has by the footwell has a 6mm diameter cable spliced of it with large inline fuse , but cannot find anywhere to attach it. Second question, in the boot , the tailgate multiplyer , does it fix the the fibreglass boot floor or guess boot is lined with ply and it attached to that. regards Tony
  13. Pete , ironmongerydirect have a tee section fairly close to the lotus extrusion. It has a central web , Lotus one is off centre
  14. Williamtherebel , owned a Lotus for four months and the only filter I’ve seen is RED. Tony
  15. Should look good in red Steve. Still no doors or glass in mine , other than tailgate minus its seal.
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