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  1. Hi again, anyone’s Elite look like this below the radiator , seems it’s not standard. IMG_3718.MOV
  2. Thanks Pete , that will come in handy. Good website.
  3. Just got to pluck up courage and go for it but not today. But found these online:
  4. Morning everyone, getting ready to fit the windscreen, any recommendations on adhesive/ sealant and fitting tips please.
  5. Today a trip to Lotusbits. Somewhere close to 280 mile round trip and several hundred pounds spent. Hopefully it will be worth it.
  6. Hi Roland I’m also just back working on my Elite after a year off. Now steaming into several different areas of it. Hope yours progresses well. Tony
  7. Really back into the Elite, after being distracted by parents and sprinter engine. The sprinter engine problems seemed never ending from electrics to injectors , glow plugs and air in fuel lines etc. Now so many jobs to do on the elite , fitting glass all round , making brackets for mx5 conversion, all the trim to go on , and the DOORS (started on them) air intake pipe and dash needs fitting. That should see me busy till end of the month.😂 All made harder as I’ve only sat in a lotus once, mine about a week ago. Only seen one Elite (Angus) last year , early covid so not close.
  8. Thanks Straker, that will give me a good place to start.
  9. Hi Pete They are for both , hopefully 😀ordered the clips as well, but probably not enough. At this moment just started to fit the driver’s side door. That I thought about fitting a year ago. Just packing window frame.
  10. Hi Pete , well when someone I think it was Black Eclat posted about the mx5 motors, I thought I pasted it in my restoration thread , but that was around a year ago , had a quick search and it’s not surfaced. What has surfaced is fitting the doors etc , which was this time last year. About to do them , got the window brush strips coming Tuesday. Only a year late.
  11. Hi Pete , definitely not worried about originality,don’t think there’s much left of the original car other than the body. Perhaps the chassis. Going to collect new front screen in a few days , MX5 pop up light motors to be fitted as well. All this should have been done last year. Ooh and it hasn’t got any headlining. But on the plus side I have a spare galvanised chassis, engine, gearbox, fuel tank and several mechanical parts which may or may not be usable.
  12. Pete, it has two relays under the dash , r/h side which I think are what you’ve mentioned. Thinking PO has altered it as no a/c parts in the engine bay other than double bottom pulley. The white/blue wire is in the harness and supplies power to the relay from fuse box , and fans come on when key is turned on first and second points. Now I’ve seen on wiring diagrams that non a/c only had one fan, that could be the reason second fans earth wire wasn’t connected. Perhaps I need to check otter switch, as it may be stuck in the hot temperature position if this is possible. Thanks
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