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  1. Still working on the Elite Ivan , haven’t been on since early April as had an infection. But hopefully back on it this week.
  2. After fitting the carpets for last couple of days ( nearly finished) if given myself gout in right foot, too much kneeling. Not only that but at half past midnight the near side indicator decided to start flashing. Had to disconnect the battery. And finally the birds have been using it for target practice. Crap all over it.
  3. Hi Angus, have been thinking back a year or two, the original battery cable had a join , around that same position. Spurred of the cable was a red probably 6mm cable. Guessing they brought it into car there , saving them disturbing footwell panels. I have no idea where it connected, but needed a lot of power. Unless it’s why the horns don’t work 😂
  4. Still fitting carpets, now on driver’s side. There is a 12mm hole drilled through inner sill in front of the seat mounting. No idea what it’s for. Guess in its past someone decided to mod something. Unless you all know something ? Nearly got it in the photo
  5. Thanks Roland, with no signs of glue or old under felt anywhere plus new carpet has bonded edge would be higher than door seals if on top of felt. So happy to just fit carpet on sill.
  6. Just a question again, does the inner sill have soundproofing under the carpet , or is it just carpet? regards
  7. Cardboard blank of batteries on internet for the elite. Height includes terminal posts. Choice of two , both 45ah, but one is 390a the other is 340a. Both with 4 years warranty. The 340a is £49 ish plus £8 postage. The 390a is out of stock so no price. On a different site the 390a is £62 including delivery.
  8. Why can’t it be the same for car electrics!!! Drill out broken threads , re-tap m6 , job done. Well that part !! Electrics windscreen washers work, 5 minutes later don’t work. 😂
  9. Thanks exeterjeep, forgot I filled in the date of birth when I joined 🥴. As the elite is outside and weather is cr#p. I will give it a miss , well I fancy drilling out those sheared off battery clamp rods. Makes it feel like I’ve not wasted a day. Would end up depressed if I tried to sort out more electrics 😂
  10. Today the lotus had less electrical things working than a few weeks ago. No front wiper motor or indicators / hazards. Which I’ve got back up and running by cleaning the fuse box connections ( well yes I cleaned it but still didn’t improve anything ) had a spare fuse box ( like anyone with a lotus , you need another lotus in parts ) which got the electrics back. The coming days, need to get horn, front screen washers , rear wiper/ washers, reverse and brake lights, all lacking 12volts. The battery hold down rods have been sheared off flush with fibreglass boot floor. Need drilling out of the aluminium molded bobbins. Not looked to see if there’s a battery that fits in the recess yet. And the list goes on.
  11. Thanks yet again Pete. As you can guess I’m not good with electrics.
  12. Should there be an earth connector on here at the bottom brass link looks like “E” stamped in base
  13. Think I need to walk away from the elite today, earlier pulled the tailgate release handle inside the rear pocket and it came of the inner cable that it was crimped too. Thankfully the tailgate popped up. No problem I’ve a spare complete cable, just pull out the inner and put in the spare. Easy, except the spare inner turns out to be 3 inches shorter than the original. So thankfully the original outer was also long, managed to cut outer too required length, push through inner and connect up. All sorted. Need to fix a short second cable to release catch and go through boot floor as a backup perhaps. Pete , yes you are right there is a “B” on first photo. 👏👏👏. Not a good day. Absolutely freezing working outside today. Well that’s my excuse 🥴
  14. Well think it could be ok !! No letters embossed in mine ,
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