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  1. Oh my goodness!! The elite I’m restoring hasn’t moved for over a year!!! Something to look forward too. 😞😞
  2. Just spotted a 1978 Elite 504 for sale. It’s on Facebook Market place. Asking £2000.
  3. Might be someone’s engine on the forum Tour of the Lotus factory in the 70s.
  4. Thanks Tony for that very kind offer. I will give them a call, but I would not want you to go there specially for me. If they have one they can post it. Progress has been very slow on the Elite the last couple of months, had to put another engine/ gearbox in my sprinter. A quick question on the trim that follows the roof line , it’s fastened and sealed on its flange , but is the face that’s meets the roof just open and not sealed. So water runs down to fixed flange ? Does that make sense? Thanks Tony B
  5. Parts required,two trim pieces. First missing from the car is drivers side aluminium angle that attaches screen vertical trim to the shell. Second trim piece is passenger side top rail that runs length of roof. ( have two drivers side) Is there any company that still makes these or does anyone have either I can buy please. Tony B
  6. Thanks Lez , just couldn’t find anything in the remaining boxes of parts that looks to fit. So basically water can get through to internal trim by seat belts.
  7. More jigsaw puzzle today with trim pieces. There must be something that blanks the slots like mesh? Guessing the black trim needs some trimming to fit? But it’s been fitted to something before. Or have I got this totally wrong.
  8. Only a small amount of time spent on the car today. Started cleaning the glass for doors and side windows. As a couple of the door glasses have the modified longer guides for the electric motors , I decided to use them. On one engraved in the glass is Reg plate number CAK649T. Quick check comes back as white Elite 1978. The other Elite wreck that came in mydeal was blue, will have to see if I can find any white on the few parts that’s not gone to the dump.
  9. Hi Steve , that has got to be the way to go. Thankyou. Think I have most of the trim now with the help of a forum member , some I will have to take a hammer to it to remove some dents. Definitely go with wrap , guess it’s on internet , so will research later. Forgot, I’m missing aluminium angles that attach the trim to the body. I have part of a piece that attaches to windscreen pillar , obviously there must be one for other side , am I missing anymore from other places.
  10. Hi all, regardas the car is slowly coming together my mind has started to think about trim that I have. Looking through the sections I have some are good and original anodised, some painted black and some damaged which could be ok with work but probably would need a paint finish. So do you think there’s enough trim still out there to be had , to go original , to be able to replace damaged pieces, or should I go all black, and make good the damage? regards Tony B
  11. Hi still working on the doors , loads to refurbish. Just the window frames and glass to sort out now. Would anyone have a door reflector going spare I could purchase please ?
  12. Just a little corrosion on the nyloc nut on the door pivot shaft.
  13. Tried to see if there was any wear on the striker, but it’s passenger side and no signs of wear. Guess it needs to go closer to rear by 4/5mm.
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