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  1. Decided I’d better go through all the places I’d squirrelled away parts from 1 1/2 elites , I’ve now got two instrument panel masks. Also two internal mirrors and two mirror bases , neither fit either mirror. Two dash units one has metal plate same as one mirror mount but the base has no fixing holes. The other dash no metal plate , but a piece of ply glue under the fibre glass dash to strengthen it for mirror again no holes.
  2. Thanks William and Tony , found one in a pile of old trim and bits of carpet.
  3. Thanks Williamtherebel , I will go the the boxes of odd parts today, I may have one. I thought it would be covered in vinyl or something.
  4. Sorry another question, just getting ready to fit the dash in, and noticed industrial Velcro on the front face of the main instrument panel. Checking Parts manual looks like I’m missing a instrument panel MASK. Would anyone have a photo of one please or could say what it’s made off please. regards Tony
  5. I have a complete front windscreen wiper arm , but missing the rubber blade. Are they easy to find, measures around 24inches. regards Tony
  6. Just fitted the door window motors, can someone please tell me where the cable tracks from the door to inside of the car regards Tony
  7. That’s a lot of hard work , brilliant job 👍
  8. Thanks Tony , I did find section in workshop manual late last night. Have sorted the channel and glass, will be fitting it the afternoon. With the different thickness of glass, all the metal frames that the glass slides into that I have , all measure the same width. Whether the motor has the power to move the thicker glass in its channel I wouldn’t like to try, it took all my effort to move it. Noticed on near side glass it been etched with registration mark , surprise surprise not my car’s registration.
  9. Has anyone fitted the channel onto the glass ? Is it glued to both glass and steel channel or idles it rely on a force fit to hold it together.
  10. This morning back to changing the thick off side glass with a glass that’s 0.6mm thinner. Frame removed from door skin , next to remove the steel channel that the window motor arm connects too , with a nylon bearing. A bit of force , mallet and pry bar , off it came as my thin glass has not got one attached to it. Already found this nylon bearing is 30thou bigger diameter than the channel. So two choices swap with another I have here that on a near side motor, but the shaft for the bearing appears to be riveted over , so not a straight forward swap. So it’s going to be Machine the diameter down to fit in situ. ( file or sander). Both motors i have have the same part number, but at some stage one looks to have been modified.
  11. Dion, after looking on eBay for several weeks, a set came up that I could refurbish. One was chrome the other black. Ive mounted them following door line.
  12. The ones that fit measure 4.2mm , the one that’s given me grief measures 4.8mm. I used this one as it has the channel glued to it that the motor arm slides in. Also another annoying problem , the nylon wheel that’s attached to the motor arm on my right hand side is 0.030 thou bigger diameter than the left hand side , so doesn’t fit the channel either. Tomorrow I need to remove the channel from thick glass and attach to thin glass , and remove 30 thou off nylon bearing wheel, as they seem to be riveted on.
  13. Well it had to happen, been progressing well this last week, badges on front and back, mirrors on both doors, the bright trim should be back in couple of weeks. So back to working on fitting the doors. New window channel guides from Woolies , all in both sides, frame in passenger side , with the sliding glass. Fitted electric window motor, all good. Not connected to electrics as I haven’t got any yet. So on to drivers side, the glass was very tight to slide in the runners. But put that down to me fitting the runner a bit un-even. Bolt the frame in and no movement by hand pressure. Take it out try again but no movement, with extreme force. So eventually got the vernier, glass thickness is 0.6mm thicker than passenger side. I have a spare which is the thinner size so now have to strip it out again. The tight glass has the metal running track for electric motor , so need to remove and try and glue onto thin glass. Would the glass over manufacturing years gone from thin to thick, or in reverse thick to thin to save weight 😄
  14. Yep I got it wrong , workshop manual recommends 50 % oil 50 % paraffin for the window lift channel.
  15. Hi I’ve replaced the window channel in the doors of my Elite. Question is I’m thought I read somewhere that you need to give them a soak in a paraffin solution to let the glass slide easily. I might be getting confused with a different task. Cannot find anything in Lotus workshop manual. Anyone done their window channel. regards Tony
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