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  1. Engine and gearbox out of the scrapped Elite.
  2. Thanks for your replies. Think I still have them all attached to the body, plus a few on the scrap body. So should be ok. Regards Tony
  3. Do you need to replace the white plastic clips that the screen sits on plus the trim clips in , when you fit new screen? Do they come with a new screen. Regards Tony
  4. Finally cut away most of the body on the spare Elite that I only needed for the dash etc. Found the engine block and cylinder head numbers match.
  5. Hi does anyone know why these have burrs on them. Plates between carbs and inlet manifold.
  6. More stripping today on the spare Elite. Just a small section of body to be removed, then back on to MPC92P.
  7. Sorry when I said base I ment cushion not metal frame. Which do you mean. Haven’t checked metal frame yet.
  8. It only has the front passenger seat , the base of it is not good.
  9. There is an Eclat near side door forsale on Facebook Marketplace. Looks fairly complete if anyone is interested.
  10. Thanks Tom and Neil for your help, will have a look on the chassis once I cut the body off.
  11. Anyone know how I could get a year for this car. No plates on the body.
  12. Got this home Friday. Put a socket on crankshaft pulley and the engine turns. Been in a field then a workshop corner for 10 plus years.
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