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  1. Sorry Dave I’m not that knowledgeable on the Lotus range to say. I haven’t ever driven a Lotus. If you need the dimensions I can get them for you. They fit very well on the Elite seat but again I’ve never done any seat upholstery before. Looks good to me.
  2. Too hi tec for me Tony !! Folded metal for me.
  3. Not a major problem , if I have to make some from aluminium. But the car would be on the road long before that job gets done.
  4. Had a look for seat spaces today , but none in the places I looked 😞 not too much of a drama. Next question on seats , am I missing any covers off the side frames? There are plastic covers on outside of seats covering metal work
  5. Hi Angus and Roland , think in the boxes of nuts and bolts there may be a couple of them , but not many.
  6. Well the first attempt of seat base refurbishment has worked out pretty good. Quite surprised. So next help needed is what if anything goes between seat base and grp floor. Any spacers or rubber pads ? Thanks
  7. By moving the central split clip and manufacturing another, it looks as if it all should work without punching any extra holes through diaphragm 😀
  8. Yes Pete weight going back on monthly 😂 It’s good there’s a shortage of Quality Street this Christmas so that should help ph and Turkey
  9. Pete , the pull on the clips, well I just needed pliers to help but no major force , quit easy really. The diaphragm is not drum tight but it’s not loose. Having zero experience, not sure if tension is correct.
  10. Hi Tony, looks like two options, first option,don’t fit the two central split pins, then the seat cover could be loose. Option two , punch the rubber and fit these…..
  11. The world “melted “ in previous post should be replaced by molded. Those seven split pin fasteners that attach cloth through central foam then to diaphragm, looks like the ones on the corners will fit straight through molded holes. I could remove front central one and replace it with two , going around 50mm of centre, to align again with holes in diaphragm. That then leaves one either side that hasn’t got a hole anywhere near. Not really keen on punching two holes in the rubber as there would be no reinforced edges. Needs a steel or plastic bush to protect the rubber.
  12. Hi Pete, what do you think about the fit of the diaphragm ? I imagined it to fit with the other side up, but the hooks seem to go better this way. A little interference on the four corners. Just got to put holes in diaphragm to match seven split pins that hold seat cloth through foam to diaphragm. Could probably move split clips to line up with holes melded in the diaphragm
  13. Hi Pete, think the hooks could be ok. The diaphragms also come with a bag of hooks that are quite short, May have to drill more holes in the tube frame , but not checked that.
  14. Today the seat diaphragms arrived. Look as if they should fit hopefully I have the skill. First photo I’ve just laid it on top and size is good. Second photo, I had no intention to go this far…..
  15. Somethings you just can’t explain!!!!! Yesterday had an hour or two trying to sort out electrics for the hazards, posted on here , help from Pete last night, things to check this morning. Had to go out at 8 am this morning, walked passed the Elite , and the ###### hazards were flashing 😂😂. Late for appointment so no time to look, just disconnected the battery
  16. Pete, Ang-classiccarparts Nottingham Sorry pressed send to soon , yes mini ones 15” X 15 1/2”
  17. Well today I’ve ordered two front seat diaphragms. This is the result of again feeling let down by “professional “ people not doing what they’ve agreed to do. So front seats that I was going to have upholstered with the rears, and rear side panels will be now done by me. As the main problem with fronts is the perished and cracked diaphragms , they are coming with hog rings ( thick that’s what they are called). Then if successful I will track down some suitable seat covers and run with them till I find someone willing to carry out the work.
  18. Looking on the wiring diagram there appears to be only five wires to switch
  19. Hi Pete, yes definitely 12volts on purple wire. The hazard switch has one more pin than there is wires in switch connector
  20. Still not got a working hazard system. can anyone say what I’ve got wrong please.
  21. Today for a change from trim, I decided to try and do some electrics , as only side lights are working. The Elites wiring loom has been modified in several places over its life , but it’s a job that have to be done. After trial and one error ( hot wire and puff of smoke) I’ve managed to get the indicators working , but not the hazards. My question is the wiring diagram shows two small flasher units , which I have but also I have a plastic unit which is the one that is working , is the plastic one a replacement for the two small Lucas ones or are they for the hazards. You may notice that the smaller unit is missing a terminal, I’ve managed to solder another terminal on it.
  22. Hi Dion, have been doing similar electrics today.The wiring on my Elite has been altered over its life , so it’s not easy tracking which wire goes where. I have no real knowledge of car electrics , so probably will not be able to help much. Today I’ve managed by more luck than judgment,to getthe indicators and side lights working. Hope it goes well for you.
  23. I have got to buy carpets for my Elite, in my mine I thought it would be last on the work list, but seeing your post might have to re-think, as my dash is no t fully fitted.
  24. Hi Angus, nope on my set up I cut off the ball on the mx5 motor, and drilled it 6mm to take the new ball joint thread and bolted it on. For this to get enough travel to raise the light pod, I moved the fixing holes for the rod that the tie rod fixes further to the rear of pod. Some have lengthened the motor arm, to increase circle diameter. The m6 studding rods from memory probably 180mm , but for me it was trial and error, not calculated, when brains were handed out there was a shortage , like fuel , gas and quality street. Mine still needs fine tuning, as direct wired by jump leads from starter motor.
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