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  1. Hi everyone! Managed to clean up the handle, and attach it back to the door prior to putting the door card, thanks to your advice. All good Now, I'm not sure I have the courage to do the second one... Cheers, Bernard
  2. Good point, noted. I'll try a few options, see what works best
  3. I'll give it a shot when I put them back. Again, I was unable to remove the card without removing the handle, but now that I understand how it's put together, maybe I'll be more successful What kind of spacer are you referring to? Thanks for the link. It's cheap, I'll probably order them to see if it fits. Bernard
  4. Ah, thanks a lot Mike and Angus! My car doesn't have the "trim" that fits around the handle : The car was re-upholstered at one point, and the way they folded the leather around the hole for the handle makes for a smaller enclosure...there's not enough space left to pass the handle through that hole. As a result, the handle can't be screwed to the door (and tapping plate) before putting back the door card I'll probably try to hold the plate in place with some duct tape... Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone, Today I removed one door card, with the aim to clean up the door handle, which is rusty (not sure it's rust actually, but that's besides the point) To remove the card, I removed the 2 screws at the bottom (all good), then removed the 3 screws of the door handle. (I first try to loosened these screws only, as per the workshop manual, but it didn't work, so I removed them altogether). But a metallic plate (to which the screws of the handle are attached) fell from the inner side of the door. (see below) And I worry about putting this plate back in place. How is it supposed to stay in position? It seems to be only attached vie the screws of the handle, but I won't be able to hold it while I put the door card in place... Or should it be glued? Any advice welcome... Thanks ! Bernard
  6. Your car looks very nice in grey! Did you do anything to the rims? They look super shiny.
  7. Thank you very much Steve, Tony, Peter. I'll look at both Sanden options, and will also check the GM/Harrison, though I think given the choice I'll choose a new Sanden. Added challenge: my car has been fitted with a big alternator, in order to deal with the load of the electric compressor...probably gonna have to change this as well to make some space... Not a lot I can do in the current situation anywyay, but just want to know what to order when things get better
  8. Hi Everyone, I can't seem to find the model/reference of the compressor originally fitted to the cars with AC. It's not listed on sjssportscar. Would some of you know? It would help me determine which compressor I could try to source. .. Thanks a lot! Bernard
  9. Thank you! You make feel better about it for the time being, I'll just admit it as a standard feature... these cars are not meant to be driven below 30kmh anyway!
  10. Update of the day : removing the steering wheel greatly helped, and I was able to reconnect the cable. Took the car for for a good ride today. The speedo finally works! Well, sort of : the needle oscillates/bounces quite a lot at low speed, but then it's stable from 30kmh onwards. Would you know what could be the problem at low speed? Thanks!
  11. Hi Pete - it's a 1979 Eclat. Does it qualify for this delanair set-up? And if yes; is it still possible to source the whole system? Meanwhile, i'll go through your earlier post with great interest Thank you! Bernard
  12. Hi, Next topic: air conditioning. My car is fitted with a brand new electrical air conditioning system. The shop I bought the car from fitted it, as they felt there was too little space to install a pulley compressor. But this system is rather weak. And this being Singapore, after 20 minutes of driving, I'm drenched. And passengers become easily irritable Have some of you been able to fit a modern system with good results? Vintage Air? I saw a reference to "CBS" but not familiar with the name... I haven't seen too many posts along A/C. There's one from 2011, but the approach seemed different. Thanks!
  13. Hi Dave, I'm confused : you used it as a replacement for the carrier? As for doing it in a single run, is the material very flexible? could it follow the angle between the front and the side of the car? I have to check for local suppliers... Thanks! Bernard
  14. Thank you so much for your inputs. I did a detailed inspection. I can see the "lip" around most of the car...except beyond the front-right wheel arch; and the right half of the bonnet! I went through all the bills given by the previous owner and found a proof in the form of a 1987 invoice (see image below)! Paul's assumption was correct. So now I know. I'll need to buy a few meters of waist trim; plus a few units of the "carrier" to cover the front-right ...Not an immediate project though. Cheers, and thank you all!
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