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  1. Sorry I missed the messages. I too got mine from the company in the US but via a pal who lives out there. Worked out pricy with that crazy US to UK shipping and duty too 😳
  2. I bought the American one and it’s great but I had to get it shipped to a pal in US and then over here and US to UK shipping is extortionate. Maybe if a few people want one that could make it more reasonable and I would happily help out with the go-between in US
  3. As it appears to be Aspen white SR Sunday, here’s one of mine after it’s wash yesterday.... Apologies for the neighbours California in the background 🤪
  4. Aghhh yes, albeit besides the appendage identical 🤪
  5. Where in the country are you? I have an identical one. I’m in Lancashire. Had mine since Feb and loving it.
  6. I agree with all the above posts but for me... look at the photos? Who here would buy either of the German cars on looks? Not me!
  7. Sorry I’m confused. Would my MY14 EvoraS IPS have this oil cooler fitted or would it need mods if I am considering a 410bhp upgrade?
  8. Is there a limit to what the IPS box will handle? How far to people go upgrading their autos, especially SC models?
  9. I agree with this. My 14 is the same. Usual silly niggles but that’s it! Apparently the SR’s were the most expensive to produce Evoras to date despite the upgraded super chargers etc on newer models!!
  10. If your car has only done 10k have you had full services every year as if the car had done say 10k a year? I just wonder, even though it’s the 4th service just what they are going to do! I honestly feel that low mileage should be taken into consideration. I use a Lotus specialist and he knows the car and the history and does everything he thinks the car needs. I’m sure a dealer will do everything regardless!
  11. It’s funny as I’m always reading in these forums as to the failings of the Evora auto box! I really don’t get it. My 14 Evora SIPS box is absolutely awesome. In sport it’s a (very) angry teenager and out of sport it’s a kitty cat! I challenge anyone to change through the box quicker in any manual and I know my auto boxes as I’ve had 4 German ones before this. Is it perfect? no, but it works wonderfully well and is more than adequate with this engine in this weight of car! Can’t speak for older or newer ones but the MY13/14/15 is IMHO perfectly adequate. Also the Evora is Not and Exige and if I were to buy an Exige I would never consider an auto but I can’t think why people really prefer a manual box in an Evora. My thoughts only and I wholly respect everyone’s individual preference.
  12. Had the car into Ollie at Phoenix Mororsport today and it seems the leek is from the windscreen A pillars and is a common fault fixable by fitting upgraded trims and seals. Made a bit of a mess of my leather sill covers but should be OK.
  13. Can anyone tell me how best to remedy a leek on my MY14 Evora S. It has been outside and the weather atrocious and today I’ve noticed the alcantara trim is soaked too to bottom on the windscreen pillar drivers side. I’m thinking it must be leaking from the windscreen or possibly the door seal or window. Any info or help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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