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  1. Hahahahaha... bless him!
  2. We had very lovely and sophisticated evening fine dining at his local establishment. We didn't stop laughing all evening ha ra ha. Seriously, was good to meet everyone and looking forward to getting out more as the weather improves.
  3. Hi ya Dan, Yes, signed up after we met last. Met @Bibs and a few others at the monthly meet up in West Malling which was good. Looking forward to the weather warming up and getting out to some events and going for some drives. Keep us posted if you venture out to any motoring events. Always up for a ride out to see some petrol fulled action. Speak soon mate, Tony.
  4. Great stuff, thanks Ramjet 👍
  5. I'm going to come along to this one, look forward to meeting you all 👍
  6. Hi buddsy, I really like it, same dynamics but quicker. Gearbox and steering feel lighter, I guess it has a different rack. Looking forward to the weather warming up so I can get out for some proper drives!
  7. Sounds good, defo up for that. Next one 4th Feb then?
  8. Hahahahaha... poor Dan, he has a lovely Esprit though so I let him off! I've not seen his M100 yet though. I'm based in Gillingham, he did mention you Bibs. You're Ryarsh aren't you? Thanks very much. Looking forward to finding out more about what goes on here!
  9. Hi, it was recommended to me that I should join the forums by Dan E. I bought my first Lotus, an Elise R in 2011 and have recently changed that for an Elise 220 Sport. I purchased the original car from Paul Parker at what was Lipscomb Lotus. The recent purchase was made with Jamie Matthews at Bell and Colvill. When Lipscombs were no longer I started having the car looked after by Maidstone Sports cars. Always up for some drives, track days or meet ups so looking forward to meeting a few of you once the weather improves. Cheers, Tony.
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