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  1. Here is my Elan +2S/130 - what an introduction to owning a Lotus!
  2. First rule of sales, when selling red ones, swear blind red ones are the best, even if the earlier blue ones were better.. he's never going to admit Porsche have gone backwards.. I guess that most 911 customers don't care, they just want something recognisable by their peer group - what it actually drives like is irrelevant. If they drove the Evora back to back with the 911, it might make them think twice, but only if they can appreciate what the Evora does very well. If their friends don't recognise an Evora as a luxury sports car, it won't work for most 911 owners. I think the
  3. If you drive a 911, you don't have to keep explaining what car you have bought. Even my mother has heard of a Porsche 911. It always amazes me how few "car enthusiasts" have heard of a Lotus Evora or know what it looks like. And it amazes me how few 911 drivers test drive the 911 before buying it. Given how many 911s Porsche sell, it seems that buyers aren't that fussy about the EPAS steering.. The salesman swore blind he couldn't tell the difference between Porsche HPAS and EPAS..
  4. I was away for 2 years partially because I was waiting to see whether Lotus vanished or not, but once Geely bought them, given their track record with Volvo, I thought it was safe to take the plunge. But mostly I came back because I couldn't find anything that drove quite like my NA Evora. I tried the latest 911, but it was too similar to drive like my mark7.5 Golf R - Porsche have ruined the steering with EPAS. And the only 911 I really wanted to buy is the GT3, which you can only buy new from Porsche Wilmslow if you are a footballer, which I am not. At the end of the day,
  5. Some previous Lotuses I owned.. Thank you 😀
  6. Hi guys, I have been a serial Lotus owner for 6 cars, starting off with a 1972 Elan+2S/130, then M100 Elan SE Turbo, two Exige S2s, then a NA 2010 Evora, now back to the Lotus fold with a new Evora GT410 Sport Its a peach! Thx, Mark
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