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  1. I've never really been into silver, but I agree, looks fantastic.......far nicer than olive green.......
  2. In hindsight I should have just bought it and worried about selling my Caterham later. If I can find a decent deal on a 350 I'd be able to keep the Caterham, so best of both worlds. To be fair to Sytner they had two 410's for sale at sensible prices earlier in the year, which sold quickly.
  3. The 69 reg olive green 410 that was for sale at McLaren Hatfield in early March was offered to me at 62K. The private sale of my Caterham fell through, someone else got a bargain. I don’t know whether this price was a one off or will become the new benchmark, but if a car is priced sensibly it will sell. If not it will sit around for ever like most of the cars on PistonHeads and Autotrader.
  4. I've been looking at this car as well. As I understand it the previous owner was going to use it as a track car, but never used it on the track. I guess the ECU data should confirm this. It looks in fantastic condition though. I was told that in this brave new world we now live in you can't take it for a test drive which should make buying new cars interesting!!!
  5. In relation to prices of 410’s, I’d agreed on 62k for a 69 reg with less than a thousand miles on it. The colour was a bit marmite being Olive green, but it was immaculate. Unfortunately for me a private sale of my car fell through and someone else got a bargain. It should be interesting to see what happens to prices when the lockdown is lifted.
  6. Congratulations on the purchase. I was very close to buying this last week, but as I was p/exing a Caterham against it, was unable to reach agreement on a price. The run in service stamp is missing I think, but it was done by Central Lotus. I spoke to them last week and they said they would be happy to stamp it. The drivers side carbon sill had a couple of scuffs on it but Sandals said they would sort it. Overall the car looked in really good condition as they’ve had it since August.
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