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  1. Hi, short but sweet answer. Don’t bother with the Emira, get the best deal you can find on a 410/420/430.
  2. It was meant to be more a comment on the ingenuity of Lotus owners. I get that Lotus had no option due to new regulations.
  3. Thanks again for the replies. Just found the thread about the fish tank valve. Spend 80+K on a car but don’t forget the £5 fish tank valve…….you’ve got to love Lotus.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I’ve not bought the car yet as I really would prefer the option of leaving the valve open. For me it’s a bit of a deal breaker unfortunately. It seems like it’s pot luck as to whether the fixes will work. I don’t think the dealer would be prepared to check if this is doable now after they spoke to Lotus.
  5. I’ve enquired about one of the last 420’s and asked about connecting the button to keep the exhaust valve open, which I know has been done with most of the 410’s. The dealer wasn’t sure if this was possible so spoke to Lotus and they’ve said the redundant wire that the button connected to has been removed and it’s not possible to do any manual overrides. Has anyone got a 420 and been able to sort this out. The other issue is whether this would bugger up the warranty. Cheers
  6. I take my Caterham up into the North York’s moors around Hawes and Buttertubs pass. Some great roads to explore around there.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I’m near Manchester so Signature would look like a decent option.
  8. Who did you use for the PPF? There is just no other car out there that interests me so I’m seriously thinking of getting one of the last stock 420’s. If I do buy one it would be a keeper so I think the full PPF would be worth getting.
  9. If it’s the 70th Anniversary at Central they came with a really good spec. Probably 12K more than you’d have paid a year ago, but this may be the going rate for Exige’s now.
  10. The carbon service panel. Looks to have sold again, did you buy it? I went to look at the Autumn Gold as well but they offered me a comedy part ex so I walked away and don’t regret it. I’d heard the 50/50 finished at the end of December, but looking at the price of used I still think new is a better way forward than used. Unfortunately for me I’ve pissed about for a couple of years and so have accepted I won’t be buying one now unless someone offers a deal on new which I would think is highly unlikely. There is no way I am paying the current used prices.
  11. If it’s any consolation I regret not buying the one at Oakmere as well. I intended going to have a look but the new owner got in there sharpish. In relation to Oakmere, I’ve had dealings with them and always found them to be very good. Strange how people can have very different views and experiences.
  12. I think this was sold new at Oakmere and was indeed added by the dealer. I had a look at this car when I went to see the Emira at JCT. It appears to have a bloody great chip in the Carbon fibre front cover. It’s also way over priced when you consider Oakmere had an Orange one registered this year as well at £73K. In saying that if someone’s got a spare £80K good luck.
  13. It appears a few of these are up for sale already. The deals on them new appeared to be very competitive. Maybe people looked at the figures and bought without realising what they were getting into. I’m tempted to find out what sort of deal might be available used as they really look the part, especially with the colour coded seats and I don’t think I’ll be going for an Emira.
  14. Well I’ve just been to see the Emira in the flesh and it looks fantastic. Real Supercar looks for pumped up saloon money. In saying the above I could be in a very small minority who actually prefers the old school look of the Exige when they are sat in the same showroom. This comment is not meant to detract from the Emira, just personal taste.
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