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  1. HXT

    Final invoice

    In this day and age absolutely farcical. If I was in this situation and didn’t have to commit to the purchase, I’d tell Lotus to bugger off and wait for the inevitable slide in barely used prices…….
  2. Reading this I’d have far more faith in some of the last 4xx Exige’s to get me from A to B rather than the shiny new kid in town….
  3. Great info here. I’ve just sold the 410 and having also had a Caterham I’m thinking about getting an Atom or Nomad. I’ve not phoned the factory yet but I’m guessing the waiting list will be in years rather than weeks. Used prices seem to be all over the place in what is a limited market so maybe time to do a bit of homework…..
  4. Obviously they’re sought after, they’re an excellent car, but how many of these new sold units will end up on Autotrader? The numbers seem to rise by the week. Simple supply and demand. For example a stunning Magma car with delivery mileage went up for sale at 89k a couple of weeks ago. As more cars went up for sale the price dropped to 83k and sold within a couple of days. I’m only making the point that if I had a spare 80k sat around I’d hang fire.
  5. Seems a number of cars are sat at dealers. There could be a few more for sale at the start of April. If I was looking to buy one I’d hang fire for a week or two.
  6. So I finally got to have a drive in an Emira……..pleasantly surprised after some of the negativity. I’m not going to go into all the BS technicality of driving gods but for me I thought it was great. The car had Touring which felt fine although I’d like a go in a Sport for comparison. Will it get me out of my Exige? Not at the moment, but I can see myself in one at some point in the future.
  7. Get the Exige, far more exciting motor….
  8. Does supply and demand economics count in the current market? Im guessing most are on SOR, will the owners, sorry speculators accept a realistic lower valuation or bury their head in the sand?
  9. So the amount of Emiras being flipped is rising by the day. Should be interesting to see if there is any downward pressure on prices. The way it’s going I can see dealers having a showroom full of bugger all mileage Emiras and naff all else.
  10. Looks about as good as anything out there for the price.
  11. They’re keeping the mileage down for the spring flipping frenzy….
  12. Really simple and short answer here from my experience. Buy the best car you can. I test drove a 250 Cup Elise, not that impressed to be honest. Then a 350, brilliant. Then a 410…….bought one. Enjoy the search which is half the fun……
  13. I thought about selling my 410 and you’re right, dealers are offering rock bottom prices, time of year I guess. I’ve found mine ok on longer distance journeys, maybe the rides just better in a 410? I’ve had a go in a few others like a Caymen 718 GTS and Alpine but they just don’t offer the same experience or drama, so I’m going to keep mine for now or until I can no longer get in it. Just a thought have you had a drive in a 410/420. I know someone recently p/exd their 350 for a 410. You might get a decent deal if the 4xx fits the bill.
  14. 410 prices are all over the place as well. A couple of 420’s have just come up for sale at £85k which is pretty much what they cost new, so good luck with selling them. I know the last couple of stock could be had for low 80’s as I enquired about them. There aren’t many 350’s for sale so you may sell quicker at the right price. Personally I’d wait till next year when the weather improves and hopefully there’s a bit more certainty with the economy. The one thing in our favour is that there aren’t going to be any cars built like the Exige again and so I think prices will steadily rise over time.
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