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  1. Great to see that you are not too old to drive an enjoy a proper Sports car. I know of a cousin of my Dad in Portugal still driving at age 92. Best wishes ,Joe

  2. Very sorry to see Mike go. I can remember back may may years when Colin set up Lotus And all the trials and tribulations over the years Enjoy your retirement (y)
  3. Come on now, cannot see the kitchen sink !!!
  4. can only add to what every one else has said, what a sad sight but the main thing is that you are O.K. What ever people say fighting a petrol fire you have to know what you are doing and the correct way to tackle it. A small extinguisher would not have been much use As stated the fire service arrived in quick time and could not bring the fire under control What we should all learn is to check fuel hoses etc at very regular intervals.
  5. What a sad storey. Being covered here as well :-
  6. Agree with you Alex Andy it is then (y)
  7. Alan, Will see how I get on, he was not there this afternoon when I went by.
  8. Alan, Would you be inerested in a whole motor cycle. I know of one that has been off the road for a number of years. I have been trying to see the owner for over a month. I do know that the ignition requires re - timing which was due to happen in recent months. That's about all I know about tyhe bike, I was due to have a look but have not seen the owner. I will keep looking for you and let you know if I find any thing.
  9. Tim What's up with the Goldie ? Alan, Which car are you restoring Cooper, Keift or Emeryson ? Sorry I do not have a Vincent Engine now. Used to loan one that ran on methanol in years gone bye.
  10. All the best for the operation and a speedy recovery. My wife suffers with back problems so I under stand the implecations. all the best
  11. Emery cloth, T cut and plastic metal will soon put it right. (n)
  12. Yes, saw it after it happened. Amblance and Police in attendance, trust no one injured. Was it a black Elise / People come along the road far to fast for a B road. An accident happens every week. have been trying to get the speed limit reduced. Although derestricted this does mean a max of 60 mph. Have clocked people at up to 110 mph.
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