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  1. Thanks for the link to that photo. If anyone else has any photos of Essex 100, I am interested in getting copies... I'm the current owner. Cheers Mike
  2. Sorry, I've just come across this thread... Better late than never! I was one of the engineers at Lotus who worked on C875 CCL back in 1987. I designed a twin-display electronic dashboard system to replace the standard binnacle; the prototype was installed into C875 CCL and worked reasonably well. The whole process was documented on a video produced by the Design Council, called "Living By Design". This was part of a series of educational videos made for students of science & engineering. I left Lotus in 1988, no idea what happened to the car - nice to hear it still exists, even if it is stuck on the wall of City College! I have a few photos of the work we did, and an old copy of the video somewhere...
  3. Went for £511 😲 Think I'll go into the bag business... Mike
  4. Hi all Has anybody replaced the rear (propshaft) oil seal on a ZF Lotus Sunbeam gearbox? Can this be done in situ? (he says hopefully...) Cheers, Mike
  5. Hello everyone, I have just joined the Hampshire group, and I think I had better introduce myself! My name is Mike and I live a few miles north of Basingstoke. Don't worry about the photo in my forum ID - that was taken in 1983 and I have put on some weight and lost a lot of hair since then! I've got an Esprit Turbo and a Talbot Sunbeam Lotus. I'm trying to get a few jobs done on the cars during the virus lockdown - the list of items is unfortunately growing! I've got suspension bushes, exhaust holes and a gearbox oil leak to fix on the Sunbeam, and coolant leaks & lighting problems on the Esprit. Lots to be getting on with... I do hope the lockdown is lifted soon - there are so many car events I was looking forward to attending this year, but most of them have been cancelled now ☹️ Cheers Mike
  6. SCC082910AHD10949 1980 Essex Turbo Esprit "Number 100" Now residing near Basingstoke, UK
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