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  1. Resurrection of thread due to repeated threat. Received an email from Rob who runs the west area of Club Lotus with the following news: I see from this planning application Masterplan below that LOTUS at Delamare Road is slated to be redeveloped in to the Cheshunt Lakeside Urban Village. I have looked at the schematic from the proposal against an aerial view of Delamare Road and it appears that the former LOTUS factory will disappear under this development. Please see the link below:
  2. I took the least rusty bits of an MG1300 (same car as OP really but with an MG grill) and bolted them onto a Lightspeed Magenta in the mid '70s. Got myself a great kit car, much enjoyed for a year or two. Rubbish quality of course and the all weather gear was more like a leaky tent than a hood. But it had comfy Corbeau seats which with the hydralastic suspension meant it was really pretty comfy to travel in. And at about half the weight of the MG it went quite well too. Sadly wrote it off in a fit of enthusiasm in excess of skill.... Looked a bit like this one I just found on the net, mine was magenta coloured
  3. Yeah, awesome in the wet Justin...apart from the accompanying wet leg. My proof was at Combe in one of the wet years when I was positively being held up by a 240 cup Exige (videoed!) which would have left me for dead in the dry. I've always used Goodyear F1s which have worked very well for me, but an old design now so there's probably better.
  4. It is true that LandRover top (bottom?) the polls - JD Power etc - for reliability. Stuff does go wrong with more of them than it does for other brands. But (and its a big Butt!) that's still only about a fifth of them. If you get one of the other 80% you'll be fine. Marc says his was a 2002. That's the first year of L322 production when in BMWs hands and the least reliable. I also had a 2002 4.4 V8 petrol for 4 years and it was a bit of a mare from time to time - the least reliable car I've ever owned. I then had a 2007 4.2 V8 Supercharged for five years (when Ford owned and with a Jaguar engine). It was serviced on schedule but otherwise cost me nothing in fixes as nothing on it went wrong between 60k miles when I bought it and 120k miles when I sold. Many L322 aficionados reckon the 2007-2009 4.2 SC was the sweetspot of the L322 run. Since the beginning of 2017 I've run a 2012 5.0 V8 SC Autobiography. It was one of the final version L322 cars with a slightly different bodykit at the rear and all the toys. Again bought at 60k miles, now at 97k. Only problems so far have been the need to replace the deployable (known as deplorable) side steps as they kept sticking and replace the battery (not as easy as for many lesser cars - but hardly a killer blow). They are wonderful cars and having got used to their capabilities I haven't been able to think of anything better to replace it with. The BM engine gave about 275BHP the 4.2 SC Jag about 395 and the 5.0 SC just over 500. For a 2.5 ton barge they're quite quick! They are also sublime at towing so not sure why Marc advises against a towbar - I wouldn't buy one without. (or about £1k to have one added). The 5.0 does have a bit of a timing chain reputation - I've been lucky so far but will probably have it replaced next year as a preventative measure. Having been in all of the other big SUVs, there are plenty to chose from, many very nice places to be, but none I'd prefer to the Full Fat Rangie. Unless the satnav is near the top of your priorities as that's pants and the adaptive cruise is a definite retrograde step over the older standard cruise control.
  5. From previous threads on here I thought we'd established that there was no requirement for Ethanol to be put in premium fuels and that V-Power didn't contain any. Noticed new E5 signage on my local V-Power pumps today. Looked on the Shell site but no new info...just a 2 years old generic post about Ethanol and a sentence saying that it may contain up to 5%. Anyone got any better info? Is V-Power now polluted with E?
  6. Ahhhh...if its an M100 then pop over to Lotus Elan Central and search on there...or ask your question and someone like Dave Pink will be along shortly with some helpful info. A known issue and Pinky has run several "window fixing" sessions at recent Lotus gatherings.
  7. Absolutely stonking example Martin. Hope I get to see it at some stage - will you be doing Haynes again soon? You said the Carlton had gone to Bournmouth...anyone known on here or the 'bahnstormers ??
  8. phumy

    My new purchase after the Carl67398999_2523895117631319_6268288946405376000_n.thumb.jpg.a43340f206417f4cb1ca0bbc0707f001.jpg67600975_367951440812459_1068751986830082048_n.thumb.jpg.7221baaa2504694fa280702cb819099f.jpg67741823_457540514796348_3736033201424957440_n.thumb.jpg.8d2ecf0261f818a8f551308bbe66dda9.jpg67808043_403029623660261_5692438835372228608_n.thumb.jpg.7fe7e570afb9e867d7a2e565f10688e7.jpgton went to Bournemouth

    1. MPx


      Stunning looking Vantage, great colour combo Martin!  Looks like the V12?  Got to be everyone's dream that car.  Hope its good to you.  Enjoy!

  9. Sorry matey, as I posted above they found a new home within a couple of hours of my original posting and indeed I posted them off yesterday.
  10. Well that didn't take long...spoken for now thanks.
  11. At the Type130 Launch, the convoy drivers got a small goody bag. Much appreciated, but in the end its memorabilia which I don't really need any more of - indeed at my age I need to de-clutter a bit more actively. The bag itself was repurposed by Fran almost immediately...the sun glasses were requisitioned by a small person passing through the next day. What's left is a copy of USLOT - issue number one of the new Lotus Staff magazine which was a good read. And 2x padded envelopes which we were asked to use to put our mobile phones in while we were looking at the Evija prior to its evening launch. I'm sure there are many thousand out there and the value is 0p, but rather than just chuck them I thought someone who collects such stuff, but didn't get the chance to be there, may be interested. If so, PM me your address and I'll send them over. First come...etc. Otherwise they'll be gone by Thur 8th (bin day!)
  12. Congrats on the sale Martin, glad you got to enjoy it and move it on easily when needed.
  13. Amazingly 4 g-cars at the Sherborne Castle show today...
  14. He was driving this '72/3 reg Sprint on Tuesday and said that he'd bought it in 1993 so not had that from new...but clearly happy being a long term owner.
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