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  1. I reckon its this in a nutshell. If your facilities and usage mean that you can charge at home then a leccy car is all good. However that also means you need another car for long journeys - but if you have one, jobs a good'n.
  2. The guru for all things Esprit is Brian Angus who retired from Lotus as Esprit platform manager a few years back. I would imagine drawings will be secure in Lotus archives, but Brian will know what exists where. Its quite possible that Lotus will be happy to share such archives given a reasonable approach. Brian has a regular column in the Club Lotus if Bibs or someone on here doesn't have contact info, then I'm sure Alan Morgan at CL will have.
  3. MPx

    Hot, hot, hot...

    I'm fully prepared to to "blame" the consumers behaviour. I just fail to understand why we in the UK can't be as profligate as we want given the amount of water resources we have. It just needs to be better managed. I've played on golf courses in deserts so it can obviously be done where there's a will. I pay for the water I use (metered) and am happy with that arrangement. But cant see why I should cut down if I'm prepared to pay. Any more than I need to sell my car and get one with better MPG. Selfish yes, but not impossible to supply.
  4. MPx

    Hot, hot, hot...

    No? I certainly agree with you that there's no comparison in cost terms between much IT infrastructure (typically millions but billions for national infrastructure - FTTP anyone?) and Utilities infrastructure. But that wasn't really my point. My point was about responsibility. Its the water companies who are responsible for the water infrastructure. It is them that needs to plan and ensure that their services can cope with changing demands, needs and circumstances. The fact that much of it is long term and very expensive and difficult to implement makes it all the more important that they do it well and in good time. Blaming Victorian engineering doesn't really cut it. They've had forever to plan and implement the necessary changes and upgrades to make it fit for purpose in our current society. If its not fit for purpose, who else's fault is it? Another one that "the government" carries the can for? Obviously that useless bunch (of all flavours) kick the can down the road whenever action is needed, but they sold it off 30 or 40 years ago and progress since then has not exactly been stellar. I realise it has to be paid for and that we all will that how the Victorians afforded it?... but the water companies should have built up a huge investment fund by now having not spent big (enough) on it for decades? The point stands that ALL infrastruture needs constant fettling to adjust to changing circs and the fact that it has a life. Those in charge of it HAVE to find a way to implement a replacement cycle or it all goes to pot. We seem to be at that point with quite a lot of stuff in this country.
  5. MPx

    Hot, hot, hot...

    You're going soft in your old age Andy. Its the water companies responsibility to deal with this - that's what they are there for! If their infrastructure is still Victorian who's fault is that? All industries are responsible for their own infrastructure replacement in a timely manner - in IT its about every 5 years for wholesale change with minor upgrades in between. It has to happen to keep up with changing demands and those companies that dont buy into it go out of business. Its a cost of operation. The water companies say they cant afford it, but if its a known requirement they should organise themselves to make it affordable - it has to happen or things go badly wrong and cost billions to put right. No problem paying chief exec salsaries and dividends though so that side of the business is understood well enough. That this country ever claims it has a water shortage is farcical - its purely mismanagement of our natural resources and our usual ethos of trying to do it on the cheap or kick the can down the road for someone else to deal with.
  6. I'm a driver aids hater. The Rangie has adaptive cruise and AutoEmergency Brake - fortunately the newest one allows me to switch it off and go back to traditional cruise, but I have to do it for each use, cant set it as default. I find adaptive dangerous. Adaptive cruise does what it says on the tin most of the time. That means you set a target speed, but the driver in front decides what actual speed you go at. Obvs as it must be in a queue, but on the motorway it subtley starts to slow down when there's a car in front 100m away that you probably wont notice and then the car in front of them is going even slower so you end up instead of at your target speed you're only doing something in the 60s and never get any closer to overtake. Then the other way around... set the cruise on shortest range to car in front, get used to cruising up behind someone and learn when it will start to slow (about 50m) so you can move into a gap in the overtaking traffic...only to find you suddenly get a flashing screen driver alert, driver intervention alarm as you move out to overtake and the b****y thing puts the brakes on. The AEB is even more frightening when in a fast moving queue in the overtaking lane passing a lorry on a bend and the thing suddenly sees it as in your lane and jams the brakes on - that's caught me out a few times and always scarey - especially for anyone following I'd imagine. In contrast the one time I needed it - my fault, distracted while in town traffic at 20 odd mph and didn't see early enough the car in front stop to turn into a driveway. Hit it at about 1mph but with absolutely no help from the AEB the one time I needed it! Also experienced a 3 series BM while the i3 was in for service with "lane assist". I was literally fighting with the steering to allow me to straddle the white lines to overtake cyclists or shortcut open bends - hated it!
  7. Ha ha! If anything like the Rangie it takes an annoyingly long 10 secs or so to deploy through its 90 degree turn and twist accompanied by a fairly pathetic ding ding ding - so no chance of being caught out! As the Eletre on show had exec rear seats, they didn't fold but the standard 5 seater does - good. However, I do hope they aren't a powered fold as that's another problem nobody had that RR solved by making you stand at the back of the car with your pingy on a switch for 15 secs or so. Whatever was wrong with the long serving clip release and manual fold I really don't know.
  8. Interesting Keith, I am also very interested in towing if its to replace my SVAD so asked lots of q's about it. I was told it was an option (obviously as I'd already seen it on the configurator) ... but not fitted to the car on show. Also that the towing weight had not been finalised yet but is likely to be around 1.8 tonnes. That's not quite enough for me - for car or plant trailer + machine - so would have been more encouraged to hear 2T +. They did stress the pre-production nature of the car, so given that I thought it was very well finished, that bodes well for the potential feel/quality of the production version. I think it telling that the screens and a couple of the functions (eg boot lifter, door releases) didn't work as they should, so clearly work in progress and the door switch gear was pretty plasticy, but overall a great showing. Also things like the soft close doors, while excellent, were a bit more obvious than the same function in the Rangie, so not quite as sophisticated at this point in its developement, but very much on the right lines to be a real contender. I was impressed.
  9. I have my own way which has worked for me over decades and is similar to many posts above. Turn ignition on and wait for the fuel gurgle to come. Couple of pumps on the throttle + full choke and it will fire on first, occasionally second try. I need to hold full choke or it will immediately die. By time I've backed it out of the barn and stopped in front of the house I dont need to hold the choke any more. So as I say, that's worked for me and I can't now remember ever being able to start it differently (from cold). Back at Combe this year I broke it on the first fast lap. Its not been rebuilt yet (still waiting my turn) but the diagnosis is that I've broken (at least) one piston ring. I was admonished by Pete Musgrove for my starting technique. He says everyone always pumps the throttle a couple of times which floods fuel through the cylinders and washes out any residual oil, so the starting procedure is very hard on rings, scraping up and down with no lube. Hence the rings wear very thin and eventually break. That may be a necessary evil to get the thing started but interested to hear if anyone has a technique that doesn't involve pumping the throttle ?
  10. Forgot to say, the Exeter one is Nimbus over red leather. Looked very good.
  11. Haha...I was in there to book my place on the Eletre roadshow for Tuesday week. My first config on that came in at just over £150k so I'll need more than the trade ins and sofa backs for that one! I'll have to do my usual and rely on someone else picking my spec and selling it on in a few years time having taken the financial hit .
  12. Popped into Hendy Exeter today and their car was there in all its glory - looked great. They aren't allowed to use it yet - and of course the factory are doing the scheduling of test drives, but they expect those to start next week so it really is happening at last.
  13. When will it be at Hendy in Exeter Keith? I might try to book a slot...
  14. Yes had the SJ one on for about a decade...
  15. Well done Scott - phenomenal going against the wind. Dont forget to add in the offline totals...
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