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  1. MPx

    Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018

    Find the Jim Clark Museum stand at the very top of the Paddock area. There £20 buys you a ticket with a chance to win a factory donated 410 Evora special edition of 1 in Jim Clark's Elan colours - proceeds to the museum at Duns.
  2. MPx

    Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018

    Had a great day there today. Bought my Jim Clark Evora ticket - lovely people on the stand. Great to see Lotus back with a stand and had a lovely chat with Scott W. Its clear things are looking up at the factory, so whatever we all think about the speed of progress towards new cars, the guys there just seem so chuffed to be back in the light and not under curfew they've been in for the last few years. It was great to listen to such positivism. Very noticeable how many electric cars were being shown by everyone else....
  3. Eleanor may be up for sent
  4. MPx

    Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018

    Thursday for me...just too crowded on the main 3 days.
  5. Apparently the likelihood of a false DNA match is 1 in a billion which is pretty remote, but non zero. But the techniques used for suggesting a match - sometimes down to just 17 markers - can make it 1 in a few thousand. The lottery is 1 in 14 million and loads are convinced that they are going to win that...
  6. Yeah....pretty boring for me. I get the history and the glamour - enjoyed being there in the past and walking/driving round. Qualifying is impressive, but its not really a racing circuit if the best drivers that there are can't actually race with each other. The only up side is that its the shortest race on the calendar and watched at 1.3 speed, as I tend to these days, its over quicker!
  7. MPx

    Castle Coombe

    Great to see you Ian - some good pics of Eleanor there (I was blind to the other porn!) - sorry we didn't get to chat more. I only saw the one red SE on track and that was certainly going very hard (my third session at about 2:30 or so). But an interesting observation for the TLF trackday thread where people have been "arguing" about whether TLFrs are like minded rule followers or not. The briefing was very clear at CC. If someone catches you up from behind they are by definition going faster. Overtaking is on the right by consent (indicate left) and let them through. Well I caught the red SE at least three times in that session - almost jumped in the boot at quarry where I had the biggest edge but no consent to pass - he just blasted away on the straight with a much more powerful car. Indeed he was reluctant to let anyone passed even those with clearly faster cars including that red S4 in Ian's Vid. I saw those with faster cars eventually force passed without consent being given..... Some of us are happy to do our own thing....but some people just like to race!
  8. MPx

    M100 tyre sizes?

    Not as easy as that to answer your Q I'm afraid. Totally depends on what wheels are on it and if its got slicks they may well not be original wheels. Even if they are, SEs are 15 inch and S2s 16. Std S2 wheels came with Goodyear Eagle F1 205 45 16 inflated to 29 psi or 2 bar. Someone will be along soon with the 15 inch info....
  9. MPx

    Driving licence requirements?

    You'll only need your photocard part - the paper part is no longer valid as said above. However, its worth having a note of your National Insurance number with you. Some places (incl for car/van hire) get twitchy about doing a points check and that's now available online on the DVLA site using the Driving License number AND the corresponding National Insurance number.
  10. Like a few others on here I've recently bitten the bullet and changed my ancient correct sized Goodyears for new Vreds. There's nothing wrong with the Goodyears other than they are 20+ years old so pretty hard. The fronts are 195 60 15 and the rears 235 60 15. If there's any interest, I'll take some pics and measure the tread etc, but if not they can become planters. Free to any full forum member. If anyone wanted them at Combe on Saturday I could probably get them there....
  11. MPx

    The Royal Wedding

    I'm a confirmed royalist, but this is really not my thing and the wall to wall coverage is not only boring but, frankly, potty. But its a lovely day so while F is stuck inside in front of the tele, I shall have a lovely day outside!
  12. MPx

    Who’s owned a Green Car..

    Had a decade with the Carlton... And later, five years with a 4.2 SC Rangie Also had a BRG Dolomite Sprint in the early '80s BD (Before Digital) ...and what I learned is: if you have to have four seats, painting the box they're in green makes them go faster.
  13. MPx

    Haynes Motor Museum - 6th May

    It would be rude not to...see ya at Haynes - as you know just a 25 min blast for me. I wonder if Martin (Phumy) will bring his Carlton down too - would love to see that again.
  14. MPx

    Cam tower leak I mentioned Ian, he thoughtfully provided a 20 minute jetwash along the M25...although it was cleaner before that! ...not only that Barry and given that as usual it didn't really need it, he didn't charge me the fiver for doing so, which is unheard of in the industry.
  15. MPx

    Cam tower leak

    So that was nice! Although I hate using public transport I couldn't resit the idea of driving it home instead of trailering as usual. Took 4 hours (lift to station, mainline, jubilee tube, metropolitan tube, and a short walk)....but there it was ready and waiting to come home. A welcome cuppa and catch up with Sparky and off I set. Sunny in Watford to the M25; Deluge of biblical proportions round the M25; Sunny on the M3 and beyond to deepest Zummerzet. I did stop for some lunch on the way back, but nevertheless made it in 2 hours 40 incl the stop - which was a lot of fun...I just hope not too expensive in fines. The car is running beautifully my dear chap. I did have a moment of paranoia when I stopped for lunch - was there just a whiff of oil bunt on the manifold? Maybe...but not by time I got home so that was good. I now just have to get the wheels refurbed and new Vreds on and I'll be all set for Combe. Bring the support truck, this is going to be fun! Thanks again Gary - Watford Exotics delivers again...