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  1. MPx

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Short memory Buddsy - that's exactly what Cameron did after firing the starting gun... That was the opportunity to put a Brexiteer in the hot seat - but MPs were wise to that and ensured the power stayed with those who have absolutely no confidence or belief in a future for the UK outside the EU. At that point the negotiation was lost. No deal is our only hope now but it is looking very unlikely already and less likely by the day.
  2. MPx


    Great...see you there.
  3. MPx


    I'm up for this Ian. What time you getting there? Want to meet somewhere nearer me for a convoy or see you there?
  4. Not been bothered by the police at all, but I have had to retain a proper plate to put on the bike for its annual MOT test which I then swap back to the smaller one afterwards. Obviously depends who you get - anyone in that kind of position can be jobsworth one moment and have better things to do the next. None of my plates are even vaguely illegible or have distorted letters or strategically placed coloured screws but they're not all entirely dimensionally correct or with the official font. Was stopped by a bike cop once when I forgot to change the plate on the trailer I was towing to the right car. I actually had the correct plate on the trailer but with another velcro'd on top. As soon as I peeled off the wrong one the chap was happy....but in fact neither plate was regulation perfect if he'd wanted to make a fuss....
  5. MPx

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Clearly the just over half of us who voted out don't think we that get value for money from the EU. Those who do well from the EU will think it is worth the money that we pay in. As members of the club, we agreed to pay so much in and get so much out. At an agreed date with reasonable notice (19 March 2019) we should stop paying in and we should stop getting the benefits. That will mean lots of money that the eu committed to not coming here. There will be losers - although if we had some decent leadership it could be managed rather more subtly than looks likely. The point is that most of us thought that overall there would be more winners than losers over time. EU nationals living here should have nothing to worry abut unless they are criminals (just like anyone else in the UK) I don't see any need to change their status - just maybe their "rights" if they choose to stay EU and not UK nationals. UK nationals abroad I'm less worried about. If they like it there then they're fine...if they don't they need to get back before 19/3 or they will be at the whim of whatever the EU decides to do with them. I really just don't understand why all the powers that be want to make everything so difficult all the time. Simplify and add lightness, not more bureaucracy.
  6. MPx

    Santa has delivered ❤️

    At last Ian...back in the fold. Great looking car - hope to get a close inspection soon. Congrats and Happy Christmas!
  7. MPx

    Euro question - 23rd June

  8. MPx

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Just on the "this is the only deal available" line....does anyone actually believe that? I can believe it is with the caveat "by the deadline", but otherwise its utter BS. We may be the first to leave so there is no precedent for a divorce settlement, but we aren't the first to want a cooperative relationship with the EU from outside the EU and there appears to be a number of different deals that other countries have got with the EU so they don't always apply a one size fits all take it or leave it philosophy. The only reason they are able to sustain their line is because we have clearly been made scared to death of no deal as the experts claim we will all be some extreme of worse off the next day. Some will be, but some will do better - that is the nature of change. The great divide here (apart from the currently haves and currently have nots directly affected) is whether you believe in the long term the UK will do better as an independent economy or as part of the EU. Size matters but the complexity and bureaucracy of the EU slows it down too much to remain competitive. Hence the 10 year plus lead times for trade deals - it shouldn't need to take that long - it doesn't need to be as complex as that. Either way my fundamental brexit driver is wanting someone in power who it is possible to remove. The EU isn't set up like that. A two party system like ours is deeply flawed. You have to have one or the other despite half of either side's policies/personalities being completely unpalatable - they then claim a huge mandate for their nutter ideas when they win a GE. But at least you can switch at the next GE so if the madness and greed become despotic there is a sanction. If the EU had more than one "party" and more than one "manifesto" then I'd be happy enough to be in the United States of Europe run by the least bad elected government. Better still if there were many parties and no majorities and the resultant coalitions had to cooperate to get anything done. That slows things down but at least stops the more outrageous flights of fancy. Until then crashing out is a "better" deal than what's on the table.
  9. MPx

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Amazing. I know of no one changing. Barry Brexit knows people changing towards Brexit...James Remain knows people changing towards remain. Looks like the only thing I was right about is that we all operate in our own little bubble and extrapolate unbelievable nonsense from our position of next to no insights beyond our immediate circle.
  10. MPx

    Euro question - 23rd June

    I'm guessing that you didn't get the bit about neither side giving any credence to the others stats (your bit about majorities) nor their firmly held beliefs (your statement that the fudge is worse than remaining and the country being significantly weaker). I'll say it again...I've not yet come across one solitary person outside parliament who has changed their mind in either direction based on the presented evidence or argument from the other side ... It appears that what the individual believes is based on too many factors dear to them such that it cant be successfully challenged by an argument about just one or two things however "right" that particular point is even if its accepted which very few are. Or is your experience of this subject different to mine and you have made loads of converts?
  11. MPx

    Euro question - 23rd June

    We bought an electric vehicle (i3) this year, so I now have another forum to monitor. Predictably the SpeakEV forum is dominated by lefty tree huggers (I'm not a good fit!). Judging by a recent poll on there its at least 2 to 1 remoaners vs leavers. There's been some "lively" Brexit discussion on various threads (all of which have now been locked!) ... but the bottom line has been the majority of them saying almost exactly that quote from Paul about the leavers. As I see it those of us that voted leave have our reasons which are many and varied but based on our experience of life in the UK and our hopes for the future. The remoaners by contrast voted remain for many and varied reasons based on their experience of life in the UK and their hopes for the future. Both sides regularly trot out firmly held beliefs in soundbites that they feel decimates the other position and are incredulous that the other side aren't convinced by them. Nearly always it involves statistics despite nearly everyone being aware of the standard textbook "How to lie with Statistics" which should at least flag up some expectation that the oppo may not believe the implied arguments from the numbers quoted. I see it as surprisingly simple. Its a binary choice - we're in or we're out. Clearly both positions will have pros and cons so its not hard to find something that is better or worse in the other position and argue that small point - as if it would have the weight to change someones position. Not even in the least emotive and well reasoned debates have I seen any evidence of anyone at all on either side changing their position. In my view we Brexiteers were lost as soon as a remainer with limited imagination was put in charge. That view from Oz a few posts ago sums it up brilliantly - we haven't had the leadership to make a success of Brexit so its going to be a fudge. To be fair to them I'm not convinced that anyone in the running (BoJo, Gove, Leadsom, Fox or even Davis or JRM?) would have had the courage and backing to do what was required either. (Well maybe BoJo would but it would be just too cringey to have him as leader - similar to how the thinking half of the US view Trump.) So what we will get will be a half arsed compromise. It wont be as good as leaving and we'll miss most of the biggest potential benefits...but we'll probably not take some of the biggest hits of Brexit either. Everyone will be able to point to their bit of success "saving" Britain from the lunacy of the other side and all those things that we miss out on will be dismissed by the other side as stuff that always was unobtainium which of course can't be proven otherwise. A huge shame, but at least it will pass and I'll be able to get back to sharing a beer and chat with others again without having that awful moment when you say something innocuous but realise you've broken cover as an X in a roomful of Ys and what everyone was enjoying as a bit of banter suddenly turns ugly.
  12. OOooerr...didn't know that (!) I reckon she'll have to change her name before we next visit then. Mrs W**k... hmmm maybe I wont mention it.
  13. MPx

    The birth of LotusRescue

    You've missed a couple of letters John, surely the Lotus EggCup
  14. I've got MPX plates for all of my cars and bike but the Elan is nominally Fran's and I put M100 FAP on it when we got it for her - so car and person covered. That was 15 years ago and its since been made very clear to me that she doesn't want any identifying initials anywhere on her cars ... so her new electric daily is TO02CHY ( for "Torchy Torchy the battery boy" which brings a smile to the face of those of us old enough to remember such a thing...and a look of 🙄 to most!)
  15. What a fantastic event. Thanks for doing so much to make it happen Bibbo. Thanks to Lotus for hosting so well and putting on a great day. Thanks to everyone for turning up in some glorious machinery. Well....just thanks really! Was great seeing so many to say hello to and amazing how many more we missed!