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  1. Beggars and choosers matey. If you were still on a 1mb link (on a good day) for £15/mth as we are then 6 times more money for 100 times speed seems not such a bad deal. I paid my deposit yesterday - but they say maybe 6 months 'til I get it. On a related point I'm a bit concerned about the stats being used by the Gov (as ever!). I got my annual review with Zen last month and they class me as having a 10Mb service. If that's how its reported on up the line then no wonder so much of the country is claimed to have acceptable broadband. I got Zen to check and their tests showed that 1Mb
  2. Its an annual event organised by Club Lotus always on that same Saturday each year. Its open to anyone, free to attend and you tend to get anything from 100 or so Lotus in a monsoon, to maybe 500+ Lotus on a sunny day parking up in what is normally the paddock. (Porkers and other lesser marques can use the public car parks 😉) About 100 of us pay around £100 each for two track sessions of about 8 laps each (but you often get more sessions at the end of the day if you want at no extra charge, I typically do 4 but my record was 5 + lunchtime parade). If you want track access you have to join
  3. Well that sounds like the heart of "HECler" country - I expect ChrisJ will be along soon to sign you up...or pop into their group thread on here to join in. Obviously at the moment that'll be joinging in to nothing, but hopefully it wont be too long now before we're allowed out again. If freedom comes before the end of May, get yourself down to Castle Combe on the Sat of the Bank Hol w/e and a number of us will have our cars there to ogle at, sit in and maybe get a pax ride if the timing is right. Edit: beat me to it Chris!
  4. Where abouts in the country are you, we may know a friendly owner nearby?
  5. There's absolutely no doubt that all cars have become much more refined and accomplished over the last few decades. If you go for a G car you are stepping into a 1970's design even if its an '80s car. Its going to feel crude, but no more crude than an '80s Carrera and I guess you know them well. The Esprit (and every Lotus I've driven) are "easy" to drive. The M100 Elan probably the easiest, but the Esprit is fine. In monsoon/ice conditions, its possible to loose the tail if you're not paying attention, but its the 911 with the reputation in that department not the Esprit. It is awkward
  6. Just on specs....mine is a December '85 build/Jan 86 reg, one of the last Gen3 before the HC came out....and I don't have a glass roof or air con. I'd advise if you do get a glass roof to also make sure you get aircon as the heat gain through the windscreen is bad enough, but through the roof as well would be roasting without aircon. When I bought the car 31 years ago, my mate bought an '88 911 Carrera. We shared the driving "to" many a golf match, but I'd nearly always drive home afterwards in whichever car we'd taken as Jim would have enjoyed his time at the 19th - so I did a lot
  7. Interesting first half, didn't expect that. Apart from the goal line stop, it seems Mahones is the only Chief to have turned up. Need to start the second half fast for a comeback now.
  8. Ahhh, that might be the one I was thinking of (Dave is/was a committee member).... so probably wrong again!🤥
  9. As I think there's only one, it would be a well known car to the 'bahnstormers - originally built by Dave Kember's father-in-law Bill I believe...
  10. Now heading north to Cumbria...
  11. We have a habit of accepting "what's possible" by reference to what we already know. In the IT world, CPU's have transcended what was previously thought possible many many times over my lifetime - and generationally by apparently going beyond what was previously believed was an absolute limit based on knowledge of basic physics/materials science at the time. It seems we're cleverer than we think and someone always seems to come up with a new and bright idea - a few of which actually work. So back on charging. Seems unlikely to be possible for widespread uptake in the ways we currently
  12. Just came across an old poster that I'm sure many of us received during the Bahar era when the 5 new cars plan was announced. Was it on a factory visit? I cant remember. Anyway, its been in the barn ever since and I just came across it when clearing some stuff. Sadly not great condition and has rodent damage - two holes and inch or two in front of the Esprit. Its currently bound for the recycling, but if anyone wants it, I'll happily send it on.
  13. You're very unlikely to get a classic car hire for a track day Sarah, but it may be possible for normal public road driving from somewhere like here. Alternatively, come to Castle Combe on the 29th May (if Covid restrictions allow it to take place) and there will be many there to gawp at. Some of us go on track and if the timings work out....we can take a passenger.
  14. MPx

    The Donald.

    Seems amazing to see the ongoing Trump support from what reports we're fed here, but I'm sure we don't get the full story. In any case we have just the same problem here in the UK. Wasn't long ago we had the choice of electing a hard left nutter or a bit of a buffoon being manipulated by the hard right. They were the only two choices if you didn't want to waste your vote. The buffoon got in because he promised to deliver on Brexit whereas the nutter wouldn't nail his colours to any mast in sight. While I find it hard to understand how anyone voted for the nutter, I can see their point if
  15. Oh....and if you do want to go to Octopus and use my referral link (or indeed anyone else's!), then we both get £50. .....just sayin.🤑
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