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  1. OOooerr...didn't know that (!) I reckon she'll have to change her name before we next visit then. Mrs W**k... hmmm maybe I wont mention it.
  2. MPx

    The birth of LotusRescue

    You've missed a couple of letters John, surely the Lotus EggCup
  3. I've got MPX plates for all of my cars and bike but the Elan is nominally Fran's and I put M100 FAP on it when we got it for her - so car and person covered. That was 15 years ago and its since been made very clear to me that she doesn't want any identifying initials anywhere on her cars ... so her new electric daily is TO02CHY ( for "Torchy Torchy the battery boy" which brings a smile to the face of those of us old enough to remember such a thing...and a look of 🙄 to most!)
  4. What a fantastic event. Thanks for doing so much to make it happen Bibbo. Thanks to Lotus for hosting so well and putting on a great day. Thanks to everyone for turning up in some glorious machinery. Well....just thanks really! Was great seeing so many to say hello to and amazing how many more we missed!
  5. Certainly impressive, but not to Watford Exotics - at least not Head Office. Presumably some secret mystery location?
  6. They all have names Kathryn ...the M100 is Eleanor 😉
  7. Yep...Lionel was at both 50th and 60th and the 40 years at Hethel do and the Lotus Esprit Forum Factory day and the Brand Hatch day for the 50th and.... Turbo Esprit first reg 1/1/86.
  8. MPx

    car transport

    I move my G Esprit and have moved a couple of S cars for others without issue on my standard (A410) Brian James trailer. Is it a particular model that doesn't fit or are other people's trailers narrower? If you need help Mike then I'm always happy to offer...but I'm just a bloke with a trailer - not commercial, no special insurance which means your risk and a thirsty tow car - so typically you'll do better with a professional.
  9. MPx

    Retirement activities

    In my book, life is all about maximising enjoyment whether that's while working or once retired. So if you like doing nothing, then retiring has the potential to make you happier than working, but if you like doing stuff then retirement can present more of a challenge, particularly if most of what you used to do was "work". I really do believe that being "on holiday" permanently is only fun for a while - it gets boring unless you do something on your holiday. Sometimes there's not much different between doing something and working...but the biggest plus of course is that you can stop whenever you want! Personally I couldn't wait to stop the day job and jumped at the chance of getting out early. But I do enjoy being busy so set about doing stuff. First year I qualified as an HGV driver (only ever used it for a couple of days since, but it was good fun to do!). Then I got into the car show rounds (its amazing how many of them there are if you start to look). So that meant spruce up in the week and show at the w/e. Fine for a few months but that got all a bit samey. Then I started doing diy/handyman stuff for friends cos I enjoyed it and thought I might enjoy some more dosh. But it wasn't worth it to me to have the commitment rather than just freewheel so instead we looked to move house which involved finishing off doing up the house we were in ....and then taking on a new project in the West Country. Great fun - there's just oodles of things to do here and I'll never be able to get around to everything no matter how long we stay. Been here 10 years and the current plan is to stay another 10 years - but some of the chores might feel more like hard work rather than something fun to do by then so we're open to changing whenever. The property gives me an excuse to have lots of machines and a purpose to play with them. Outside school summer hols, the roads in the west country are much less busy than the southeast so a drive down to the coast somewhere is always a good day out. We count ourselves incredibly lucky ....
  10. MPx

    '85 TE checkover

    Errm, no you shouldn't need to lift to get into 5th - that's to get reverse. Obviously its a dogleg, but not a lift. One more for Sparky next time...
  11. MPx

    New E10 petrol. Problems for us?

    E10 is viscous stuff, but even E5's not ideal. Best to be using one of the premium fuels with no Ethanol at all and let the mass of the disinterested and short termist cheapskates take up the carbon strain with the cheaper fuels.
  12. MPx

    '85 TE checkover

    "2nd synchro is weak" on mine was magically cured by replacing the red hose with braided - which I know some people don't credit. Similar symptoms from a cooling system not properly bled (ie put on a steep down slope, expansion cap off, run it til hot...) Now Grannie....about those eggs...
  13. MPx

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    Yep....No 64 was Tony's (the last one made I believe) - so probably exported to Ireland as I thought.
  14. MPx

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    From memory I think Tony sold his Sport 300 a couple of years or so back, I believe to someone in Ireland.....but that needs better citation as they say in Wiki.
  15. There was a good showing of Lotus in the car park today...sadly none in the Supercar parking next to the house. Didn't snap them all, but good to see another Esprit...