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  1. I put the PNM (front) Hispec kit on mine in 2009 - rears are std. Cant remember the disc size but less than 300. I think they've been really good on both road and track. Not noticed any servo issues issues or inadequacies. Also available in stop faster red.
  2. I wouldn't be bothered about them holding my DNA if I believed that it was as infallible as all the authorities seem to. But in actual use, I understand that they only look at a sub set of indicators (16?) just as they do with fingerprints, which gives a very high probability of it being accurate. Very high probability? Several million to one no doubt is very good, but with billions of people that means there's a fair few out there who would give the same result as me. And that's before they mix up samples, databases get corrupted or hacked, etc, etc.
  3. Its always a good day when you do over 300 miles in a Lotus and spend some time in great company. Many thanks as always @Sparky. Sounds like there may be a TLF outing to Lubborn cheese factory shop sometime then Bibbo??
  4. This is what's really worrying me. Lotus had a very ill founded reputation - none of the post kit car day cars have been any more "unreliable" than any other. But the LOTUS reputation has stuck. Volvo HAD a reasonable reputation pre-Geely. For the last couple of years they've been at the bottom of the tables with LandRover. Just got the latest Which? magazine with this on the cover. Wont take too much more of this to seal the fate of Volvo and Lotus!
  5. Another for Uruguay. Why no UK on the list?
  6. Sorry only just seen this. Bought mine from this lot. Arrived in about 2 weeks.
  7. Where forced to use a mask, I've been wearing these two for a while now. They look suitably ridiculous and not pseudo medical which of course very few are.
  8. Hi Gaz. I'm not a million miles from you (South Somerset) and you're more than welcome to look at Lionel and try out for size. The trouble is with the lockdown and every event I normally go to cancelled , I've SORN'd it so I cant take it out on the road at the mo. If you're planning on venturing south any day then let me know and we'll sort something out...
  9. Well I've not measured it but at 6 feet tall, I have to duck just a bit to get under the platform at the height I leave it. And the Esprit is supposed to be 44 inches high. So I'm guessing 10 foot would be the minimum and anything more a bonus. I suppose I could leave less clearance above the lower car, but that would just be a pain to use and move around.
  10. In the barn You need to put a four poster or two in your garage Andy. Can double up the toys that way.
  11. Its excessive... ...but you know that already and if its what you want to do then good luck to you, its your life to enjoy as you see fit.
  12. Not sure what you're asking re: "sensors". I've had/fitted several Chamberlain door openers over the years and they've always worked and outlasted my (or my folks) tenure at the property. Probably about 10 years longest ownership. In the early ones the bulbs blew very quickly - probably due to vibration - and in the end I stopped replacing them and managed well enough with the other lights in the garage. Otherwise all good.
  13. I know they aren't the last word in speed, but my '85 RS Turbo would have easily gotten away from any cyclist including the real mc Hoy so you must have done some impressive pedal work there Sparkles. No wonder he wanted you to work on the cars!
  14. The controversy in your statement revolves around "it all". "It all" in your context is (I'm guessing) sorting out post ICE personal transport? Or wider transport issues? Or air quality and pollution? Or electricity generation? Or the charging infrastructure? Or however much of the introduction of EVs you're including. But that's actually a very narrow focus for the words "it all". In practice, every generation makes its contributions (did you not get the example of the Victorians?). "My" generation has given us the internet amongst many many other things. Most generations also do st
  15. To that question ... basically yes. I'd part justify it by looking back through history and what we think of previous generations. Pick any period. EG: Coal is a finite resource you know - those Victorians really painted us into a corner with all that dependency on coal. Lucky their offspring came up with some alternatives or we'd have been in a right fix - the b*****ds. What did the Victorians ever do for us? In practice I believe that we humans are incredibly clever and adaptable when we have to be. As it becomes necessary some people in the future will come up with new stuff that we
  16. Lots to agree with here, but you keep stressing the "NO MORE OIL" point and I'm one of the doubters about that being relevant to the time scales being discussed. Throughout my near 50 year driving life there have been periodic predictions about just a few more years left of oil. Pre-lockdown use of oil went inexorably up, but we didn't actually run out by any of the end of the world dates predicted. What actually happens is when they're starting to run low the major producers look harder to find more reserves. And also as the price has gone up, its become cost effective to extract oil from
  17. I'm sure we'll never know Neal, but I'm guessing: You were going for it and it was on its original brakes and you needed to stamp on the anchors to slow it down. Unfortunately, unless in pristine just serviced condition, the fronts aren't up to it and the balance bias might well have allowed too much pressure at the back locking up the rears. Hard to think how else you'd loose the back end on an M100. With a reasonable front caliper/disk upgrade which enables you to actually lock the fronts, such a thing is much less likely. Although you can cock the balance back up by over-upgrading
  18. Hard to be sure with limited experience of different models, and also what criteria to use: Europa (twin cam special JPS over oatmeal) was the car that made me a Lotus fan, but I was only 18 and have never driven one. Did drive the later Europa at the factory and liked that , but too small. Turbo Esprit on my wall since uni and determined to have one. Finally got one in 1990 - awesome machine, everything I'd hoped for - hence still have it. Lotus Carlton - got real respect from those in the know - followed/stalked/pictured when in use. In big demand for charity rides and the
  19. Well I can see where the cynical views have effectively been endorsed by that podcast, and the personnel (at least in that environment) weren't very charismatic - just corporate. Russell Carr did much better at the Evija launch, although that was probably easier. But overall my impression was much more favourable than is being expressed by Andy and Jonny. They did stick to the script about what a car "for the drivers" means at Lotus - light, fast and above all great handling. That alone should marginalise some of the fears of dilution by an SUV producer .... They did report incr
  20. Some interesting points there, many I agree with, but several opinions were presented as "facts" that actually aren't facts. Take the VED point - its clearly nowhere near their biggest single income. It will be dwarfed by what the gov makes from Duty+VAT on fuel let alone other areas outside transport. But you're right they will have to come up with things to maintain their tax take when VED / Fuel Duty etc no longer deliver.
  21. My understanding of the strategy is that the Gov are only trying to slow the spread not stop it. So they want a continuous stream of cases but at a low level that hospitals can cope with. If the Fkwits self select at a low enough level then they'll form the steady stream of cases and the restrictions wont have to get more draconian, but if they've interbred too much and the numbers are too high then more restrictions will follow. Not sure how they're calculating infection rates since they aren't testing and there seems to be a three week lag to deaths but they must be basing it on some sort
  22. Well we like funny too...and this made me laugh out loud today. An insta from our niece today - one of the thousands of hard pressed GPs "You wont believe this but the surgery has taken some calls from people phoning in to ask for the number of the 111 service..." Yes really!
  23. I agree that EVs are currently a more expensive proposition than petrol cars but assume that will change when the manufacturers need to sell to more than 5% of the population - I think getting rid of the grant would "reduce their price" by £3500 overnight, much as it did with when they stopped the bribes for Solar PV . I'm not even sure that the environmental case is all that strong, other than city air quality. But IMO they still have a place and can be great fun...
  24. Going back to the prognosis for the outbreak.... I understood the rationale saying that none of us have any immunity to it, so 80+% of us are likely to get it before sufficient immunity builds up and transmission rates slow to nearer 0. But there have been a series of new viruses over the millennia that none of us have any immunity to, and although some have been quite widespread and fairly deadly, I'm not aware of any getting to an 80%+ coverage before subsiding. Also, the most recent oft quoted on the TV seem to be Sars, Australian Flu, Birdflu, etc and all of those have failed to get an
  25. Of course we would all like to avoid the virus, but if Greg's post above has any basis in fact, he suggests that ... ~85% of us will have to get it at some stage unless the onset can be delayed long enough for a vaccine to be developed which at a predicted 18 months (15 more?) seems unlikely. So given that we will be getting it... I'm hoping to be in the 99.x who will survive it and ideally the 80% where the symptoms are officially deemed "mild". Timing is all that the Gov policy seems to be trying to affect, I don't think that they are saying that it can be avoided. Maybe those of us lucky
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