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  1. "Pretty much free" may be possible for new places built to passive house standard with a heat exchanger and minimal glass and a low hot water demand. The rest of us pay through the nose - it doesn't feel even vaguely free. Its a bit too much apples and pears to make direct comparisons...but before the rebuild when it was a 3 bed place of about 300sqm, double glazed, no wall insulation and 100mm in the loft and microbore radiators - we used about 30x 47kg bottle of LPG a year + leccy for water heating in the summer. Its now a 4 bed place of about 360sqm and we've got twin block cavity plus a stone face with cavity insulated walls, triple glazing with thermal glass (but quite a lot of it), 300mm of wool in the loft underfloor heating downstairs and oversize rads upstairs. I reckon the GSHP, which we run all year for heat and hot water, takes about 12000kWhrs (of our 19000kWhr total). In terms of monthly payments, I pay way more for electricity than I ever did for LPG. All sorts of reasons for that of course .... but whatever, its an awful long way from pretty much free.
  2. Always hard to tell from a photo but it looks like Old English White to me (B71).
  3. Further to my post above...which I can't now edit...after a recount, SWLC price was £55.74 delivered. It looks a quality component of exactly the right spec, but clearly not cheap.
  4. I've just replaced my front bonnet strut....twice. I bought one from Steve at SJ Sportscars as listed for the TE on their website. It fitted - as in the ends were correct and a straight forward unbolt the old, bolt on the new. The issues were: The force of the strut was way too much so I had to push hard on the bonnet right behind the bracket to get it to close and it seemed very likely to break the bracket off the bonnet if not treated very carefully. It was also too short a throw so the open bonnet was at an angle rather than vertical when fully open. I was at the SWLC open day a week or so back and telling Phil about it. I had the old one with me and he offered to get one made to the correct (oem) spec based on my old one. I've just received and fitted that and its fantastic. Again straight swap and quality fittings with just the right pressure and throw length. And SWLC now have a few in stock. So very happy...or I was until I got the invoice which made my eyes water a bit. SJs was £41:05 delivered. SWLC was £**.** delivered. I understand SGS do one for the TE for £21:53 delivered, but no idea how close to oem spec that is.
  5. Good to see you enjoyed yourself Mitch. My mate Gary is one of the Volunteers at Haynes so I get to hear when some of the special events are on. As a result I go at least a couple of times a year - as you say a great place for any petrolhead to spend an hour or three. I understand the breakfast club is now ticket only which comes at a cost? I suppose they need to control numbers in a pandemic world...but not quite the same as when we all just used to turn up cos its a sunny morning!
  6. Won't wash I'm afraid Sparky - no more qualifies you than stuffing pencils up your nose. On one Friday night in the dark ages before Sparky I picked up Lionel from a very reputable Lotus specialist having had its annual service. Next day was a Pistonheads drive out through Cheddar Gorge. I arrived to a crowded car park of enthusiasts billowing smoke for exactly the same reason - oil filler cap not in place. Thanks for that...not embarrassing at all and further cemented some of the playground prejudices. Easy to refit the cap of course but I hadn't taken either brake cleaner or blue roll so had to put up with smoking for the rest of the day.
  7. Thanks Gary, brings the story to life to see what you're up against. I've never seen filler used to repair pipework before - clearly an advanced engineering solution. I wonder at people sometimes. Pipework must be prohibitively expensive to warrant spending that much on filler and the labour to make such a botched solution.
  8. I can see just the recent one, and of course all of the ones up to the post I called out. That one post is all still unreachable addresses.
  9. Yep, loud and clear....thanks Sparky
  10. Great write up Gary but the pictures aren't displaying for me (W10 Chrome). They all do in the previous post. Is there a difference? Or are these private to you and Spyros?
  11. Mine's not quite the same but way off linear so I mostly ignore it. I also set the trip each fill but don't usually leave it 360 before the next. The issue for me is that the low fuel light starts flashing on some corners and catching my eye from about an indicated 1/3 full and becomes increasingly frequent as it drops further. Its a distraction I don't need so I generally fill up again relatively soon after despite "plenty" of fuel left. I also find MPG varies significantly depending on what I'm doing. I did 350 miles on Monday - mostly motorway/dual carriageway on a full tank and its showing about 1/4 full at the mo. When I did Castle Combe in May, I needed a refill at about 200 miles.
  12. Yes clearly a problem with the official numbers as ever. I watch the BBC reporting over 100 covid deaths every day all week and then this chart pops up saying its 242 for the weekly avg.
  13. ...Or so that we could get home once you'd taken it apart while you worked out how to put it together again.😜
  14. Its a great story John and, trailer aside, a great result. ...But the pedant in me cant let the name go unchallenged. AFAIK the M100 comes in three forms in the UK: From the first series the N/A (which is what it says on the can) and the SE which was the turbo version. Then the 800 S2s (all turbos) followed in 1994 after a brief hiatus while Bertoli bought the company and found the spare engines. So either an NA or an SE but not both I think. (For completeness there was also the Federal car for North America with many differences and some less significant differences on cars for other markets). (As usual I may just be regurgitating overheard pub experts who know even less than me, so stand ready to be corrected!)
  15. I was shown a huge half page photo of all six in the Torygraph from Wednesday (18) so some skillful marketing to get it featured in a national paper for free! Says they're hoping to make more than £500k from the sale which would suggest a pretty strong avg price.
  16. Would be interested to know more .... hoping the owner might turn up on here.
  17. Well there's me thinking I was the only one in the village and I spot this while dropping Fran off at the station. Interesting - V6 badges so probably had an engine swap. Also X180 wheels, maybe air scoops in front of the louvres and various other minor mods and stickers. Seemed very tidy.
  18. This lot appear to have a number of solutions, none of which appeal to me...but if needs must etc.
  19. Isn't that where some of the £24+m lottery money that British Cycling get ... gets spent??
  20. I've been on loads of track days, though admittedly very few of them in recent years, and have never been refused in the Esprit due to no tow hook or for any other reason. There has consistently been advice in the briefing to fit tow hooks "if you have them". However, I take it as just another risk factor. Stuff can happen and loads of people wont track their car in case it does - thereby missing out on enormous fun. Of course mostly stuff doesn't happen. If something bad has happened and you have a towing eye then it will be used and probably less further damage will be inflicted. If you don't have one, a rope or chain will be put around anything that they can get at that's solid enough and the car dragged away - probably causing further damage. So that would be sad, but not the end of the world. The end of the world bit is the embarrassment at running out of talent - or being next to some one else who does but who you cant really sue.
  21. Odd isn't it. I guess the Turbos never had the wet nellie dust to elevate them. Back in 2012 when Beaulieu were hosting their Bond exhibition they held a big meet day for any car featured in a Bond film and an enormous number of different marques and models turned up. (Some of which it has to be said were just close relatives not the actual models featured). Anyway from a cast of literally hundreds and despite a choice of lovely Turbos to chose from I was extremely lucky to get the nod as one of just seven cars taken to the house and introduced to Lord Montagu. He was pretty frail and in a wheelchair by then, but still clearly a fan. So a turbo was featured ... but the 2CV still got the public vote as best Bond Car
  22. Enjoyed that. Great interview Bibbo, and totally agreed that Matt W came across very well. But still some disquiet from me. There was a very good question which started with a statement about just how good Evora is and was received by the press/etc yet didn't result in mega sales. How will Emira be different...? My hearing of the answer was "we've made the car better with a wider appeal". I'm confident that that will be the case but to me suggests that they haven't yet recognised the problem. Its not that Evora wasn't good enough, it was that very few people knew about it to consider it. Other than us fanboys/girls most people don't know what a Lotus is and a worrying number of those that think they do are still in the loads of trouble kit car mindset. Hard to understand how a fifty year old mindset still pervades amongst the under fifties, but its there. The bit still missing to me is primarily the marketing and then dealers/aftersales. I've seen the shop pop up proposals etc so at least awareness may improve once they get going...but a strong and widespread (Worldwide!) dealer network is needed and there's still much to do in that space. The retort from Matt about seeing the best sales in the US recently suggests at best an overly positive spin on dire numbers and at worst head, sand and burying.
  23. Hmmm - not sure about all this excitement about the car parks. I go early. Even then the queues around Chichester and near the Goodwood estate are horrendous. The prospect of keeping any sort of convoy together I would have thought would be zero. Many roads are closed and turned one way so people approaching from different directions get no choice about which car park entrances they use. The pleb car parks where I go turn into dust bowls if its dry. They are vast and at least a 20 min walk through the golf course from the Entrance. The start line entrance is a 20 min walk from the F1 paddock past the house and a further 20 mins or more if you want to get up the hill to the rally stage. I don't know anyone who spends any voluntary time in the car parks despite the distinctly average to stunning contents - its just head down and march on to get inside. I'm sure the paid for car parks will knock some walking time off, though not once inside the venue. Whatever you do don't leave a soft top down or window open or your car will be full of dust on your return - unless its raining in which case obviously sodden - there's always some to point at when returning late in the day. Expect an hour or so delay at the start of your journey home as you try to clear the area as the traffic will be awful - so don't take a car that's not happy in traffic queues. Other than getting there and out again...I've always had a great time!
  24. MPx

    Utility Bills

    I switched from Ovo to Octopus because I got totally fed up with Ovo's customer service and estimation approach. Went through formal complaint to the ombudsman and lost (with total incredulity). I was with Ovo for years. I am a big user as our heating is electric (GSHP). So despite having a consistent annual total, I was always way over their "estimate" in winter, and way under in summer. So I kept getting wild swings in demand for changes in my Direct debit. The last straw was when I was £500 in credit in May about to hit my low usage summer when I got a demand to increase my monthly DD by £130 - to £380/mth FFS!! I both phoned and wrote - and pointed out that I could stop paying at all and wouldn't use my credit by October based on all previous years history. The next month they took the money by DD anyway so I manually reduced my DD myself back to £250 and complained to the Ombudsman. Sure enough by the Oct I was over a grand in credit, but the ombudsman found for Ovo as they agreed they had made a reasonable estimation of my usage. I pointed out the errors in their arithmetic on appeal but to no avail so switched. Madness! Not been with Octopus a year yet but the one wobble they had with my usage pattern they backed off when I explained and left the DD at the level we first agreed. Looks like its going to work out about right so will be interesting if they stay calm next year.
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