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  1. I was talking to a guy on Sunday who claimed his boss had been fined
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    Had a great day - some awesome cars - most of them Loti.... Some pics below Thanks for the pass Fishy...I still owe you that beer! As suspected decided not to keep up with Mike and Jono once we hit the camera stretch!
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    OK Mike - Have had a new map ref from Robin closer to Leatherhead turn! Have also just seen that the appointed hour has moved fwd to 08:00. Will be there.......just hope 'there' is the same 'there', where you will be! Cheers Mike
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    Hopefully its J5 (Nr Sevenoaks) .....that was the map ref he sent anyway! Mike
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    Hi Mike Have exchanged PMs with Fishy and am on a promise of his yes pls, I'll meet up with you at the place near J5. Rgds Mike
  6. 167 & 168 1. Mike 2. 1986 Turbo Esprit (Giugiaro) 3. +1 (Fran) 4. B&B 5. Bromley, Kent
  7. Sorry, date conflicts with the National Rally Day at Castle Combe. Will be at CC supporting the Sunbeam Lotus boys celebrating their 1,3,4 in the RAC 25years ago. About 40 SLs are due to show up as a special tribute. Some rivalry with the Ford Escorts who won the overall championship.... And there's all of the rally cars from every other era too! Shame - I like Paul Matty's place, but will be up there anyway in December for the next Elan service.... Have fun.
  8. I bought the attached shot from Jim Gaisford (Professional Photographer) - not sure how to attach so hope it worked. As always he got some mega shots and has captured something of the conditions - spot the droplets off the front wheel! So not an obvious track day success....but I still really enjoyed it. Got in a good quick dry run early on. Really struggled first time in the wet cos I still had the tyres pumped for a dry track - Oooops! Got back some measure of control once I'd let the tyres down again. The rain spoilt the car park tour - spent my downtime in the cafe - so I missed meeting as many people. But still a great day. I'll be back....
  9. Yeh, that guy actually owned two of the beasts - a long story around "stolen recovery" ! He was really quick - got round Combe in 1min12s (before the chicanes were put in) which was about 15secs quicker than me in the Turbo S3. I took my Carlton round a couple of years later after the chicanes were put in and couldn't get near him, but was still 5 secs quicker than my own post chicanes Esprit time. Trouble was the brakes were finished after 6 laps....the fluid boiled.....and I warped my discs. It obviously goes, it handles really well given saloon weight, and its stops OK but it isnt really up to track action - at least not with the standard AP Competition brake set up that they were built with. Still has a huge grin factor as standard though!
  10. I'll be there too. Haven't missed for 15 years. Its a mega day just in the car park and the track time is the icing on the cake. Will be travelling down on Friday evening to allow an early start.
  11. I think you'll find that most 4x2 and 2x4 plates (like 6862 KM or KM 6862) will be well over
  12. Maybe enough's been said on this by now, but since I'd like to take the opportunity to thank a few people I'll ramble on to establish some more weight on the positive feedback for this show. First thanks to Alan and the Club Lotus team for what I thought was a greatly improved show on 2005 (hall properly full this year, more trade stands, more club stands). Also thanks to all the other organisers (like paul c, howard, oneshot, kato, bibs from LEF/LEW on Sunday; and the Lotus Elan Central crew on Saturday). Setting stuff up is always a pain in the butt and hugely time consuming and I for one am really grateful to anyone willing to do it all for me to simply turn up and take advantage of. I think the car park is a big feature of the show - so please do keep up the good works in getting those line ups in place. I've had my G car for 16 years and been to many CL events at Stonleigh and Donnington since then. For habituees they could be viewed as all a bit samey but like most things they're what you make them. It was great to meet up with the Sunbeam Lotus guys; The Autobahnstormers; some of the guys from Sinclaires and some from Paul Matty's. My wife and I wandered out for the 12oclock LEF happy snap, but (being as reserved as some others have stated here) didn't, this time, find the right opportunity to say hello to any from LEF. So what? I certainly could have, there were lots of smiling faces around us. Anyway, I had a great time, saw some great cars, had some laughs, caught up with some old friends and contacts, picked up some spares, and got invited to two other car events (non-Lotus specific) to look forward to over the next couple of months. How good does it have to get to warrant a tank of petrol and
  13. I bought my '86 Turbo with 14678 on the clock. Its now at 64k so I've done 50k but its taken me 15 years to get there!
  14. One of the advantages of reaching old fartdom is that you can look back on a list that is long ... and mostly enjoyable ... In order of purchase from the beginning of time (1975) 1972 Ford Escort 8CWT (customised!) 1971 Triumph GT6 MkIII 1971 Ford Capri 3.0L GTXLR 1971 Mini 1000 1967 MG Midget 1974 Mini Clubman 1976 Lightspeed Magenta (Kit Car) 1978 Fiat X1/9 1975 Triumph Dolomite Sprint 1978 MG Midget 1972 Mini 1275GT 1981 Ford Escort XR3 1986 Ford Escort RS Turbo Series 1 1984 VW Golf 1.3CL 1986 Lotus Turbo Esprit S3 - 1990 at this point - part 1 ambition achieved 1987 Peugeut 205 1.6GTi 1983 Jeep CJ7 Renegade 1987 BMW 320iSE (E30) 1991 BMW 320iSE (E36) 1990 VW Polo 1.3CL 1993 Lotus Carlton - 1999 and a new dream to get a Lotus for every occasion 1980 Lotus Sunbeam 1994 Lotus M100 Elan S2 B) 2003 - done it!!!! ...and Bikes 1987 Kawasaki KMX125 1991 Honda VFR750FL 1997 Honda VTR1000FV Firestorm 2001 Honda VTR1000SP1 ...and I still have all four Loti and the SP1 ...but the Sunbeam is up for sale if anyone wants it! Its great fun on its day, ..... but not if its your daily runner hot hatch shopping car.
  15. It was indeed a fanstastic day (as usual - must be my 12th!). The Black Elise was a 160 driven by Barry Ely - Lotus specialist dealer in Leyton - who looks after my S3 turbo and Sunbeam. He's an ex-racer - and pretty successful when he can keep his driving brain in gear so no surprise that he was getting the Elise round in 1'26" on stock tyres. On my first session a light blue +2 lost it at the Esses chicane and a dark blue one right beside me as I was going passed on the back straight - scary! The Avenger estate belongs to Graeme Lawton - chairman of the Sunbeam Lotus owners club and also owner of one of the original world championship Sunbeam Lotus rally cars. This was the original support vehicle for the Talbot Sunbeam Lotus rally team when they took 1, 3, and 4th in the RAC. He's just got it back into shape after a multi-year rebuild so it was great to see it in good form....but only managed to get around in about 1'40". Spirited drive of the day for me though goes to Dave Merlene in his early Elan S2 (the red one with Silver hardtop). I've never seen Camp corner taken better - full chat and all four wheels drifting - nailed it every time, but finally lost it at Quarry! Posted plenty of 1'33" laps before then tho - a second quicker than my best in the Esprit! A day with about 300 Lotus - incl about 50 Esprit's - and access to a track - that has got to be THE best way to spend a Saturday.
  16. Hoping to get to Membury for breakfast by about 8. Maybe see some of you there before the real action commences.
  17. I'm after a radiator and a manifold. However, there's a chance that yours are a year older than the rusty old things that I've already got - so only interested if there's plenty of service life left in them.
  18. Yep - live in Bromley area. Are there many of us around? There used to be a Black S4 on Lower Camden - gone now; and another on Orchard Road. I guess so, you may have seen us arriving in a Mustard M100 S2 just as you were all off. Looked like an impressive convoy.
  19. Hello Bibs. It seemed only right to register after such a "dynamic" invite. Me and the misses were in the white '86 Turbo. I was chuffed to be out cos I'd tried to get the old girl (the car!) going last w/e for Donnington but met with refusal after a few weeks hibernation - so we had to go in her M100. Saw lots of the Esprit guys leaving Newport Pagnell services as we pulled in for breaky. Anyway a bit of taking apart and putting together with no apparent fixes seemed to do the trick and Lionel (they all have names dont they?) was back on form. Maybe see you all again at Castle Combe at the end of May?
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