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  1. Blimey that's a first - starting an investigation with some potentially good news.  I'm sure it wont be long before the inevitable sucking of teeth...

    Nice that they used such a good colour match of sealant...there looks to be quite a few potential worms to lose into the oilways. 

    Exciting celebrate your start, I bought a new set of boots for it today :thumbup:

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  2. Not sayin....its a secret.:harhar:





    OK....that part of the Barn is 10m long just under 7m wide and 3.35m (11 foot) high to the ceiling.  It was here when we bought the place so not my design height.  Its obviously fine for parking up two sports cars, but its not quite high enough for all potential uses.  Indeed the lift is not at its max height in the picture George, there is one more stop.  In the pic it offers 1670mm clearance and the stops are 125mm apart so max would be 1795... not enough to get a Rangie under.  Even though I'm taller, the 1670 (or lower) setting is often a comfortable work height when underneath, but it doesn't leave much height above for a tall (or even normal height) car on the ramp certainly not a 4x4.   Also need to bear in mind that its sat down on the stops.  To release you have to raise the lift at least 50 or 60mm to rotate the stops so the top of the M100 gets very close to the ceiling.  If you get the chance make your garages taller....but if not then my set up has been more than adequate for my needs  (incl working on the Rangies).   HTH

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  3. Agree with all that Advantage says above - particularly about how frikkin heavy they are!  I got one from InternBV in 2008.  They don't appear to still do the same model but they look very similar.  It was part of a group buy by (mainly) TVR owners on Pistonheads and we each paid less than £1600 delivered - write up here.  If there are several of you after a lift it might well be worth ganging up and negotiating because I think there will be multibuy deals to be done with whoever you choose. 

    I've found the "mobile" element that Graham mentions a useful addition so haven't bolted the lift to the floor, so I can still move it around the barn whenever I want (eg I used it as a movable tower when I put the ceiling in).  Its plenty stable enough.  Also agree with Barry about getting a cross beam jack although nearly 10 years later I'm yet to do it.  I have a very strong tray between the rails and use that with a pillar jack, but a purpose built cross beam would be better albeit adding £400+ to the cost.

    Here's a pic from 2009 before I filled the barn with junk and clutter!


  4. Fran was looking to get one Chris and had a demo by a Dyson rep....and hated it.  Bit of an all or nothing machine.  Apparently good for long hair and if you want it straightened - works quickly, but hopeless if you want to "style" it.  Good news for me - saved about £250!

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  5. I was at a dealer's today with a mate who bought a nice Cayman S :sofa:


    Anyway...was discussing the classic bubble and I was asking if he had any sense of it getting close to bursting.  He said he's seen signs but only with some marques....notably Ferrari.  He took 5 to auction last month and none sold.  No-one was bidding.  Auction house said their worst day ever.  He had a 550 maranello up expecting £100 - £120k.  Couldn't get a bid on it 'til the start came down to £10k so he knew nothing was going to go.....

  6. I'm on a DD with Ovo.  Like the others they are absolutely laughably hopeless at calculating/estimating our usage.  Where they score over others is that they actively encourage you to submit readings monthly and they work out your actual bill based on the readings you give.  They suggest a DD level (but again its just a random number) but they let you set what you want to pay (I assume it needs to be realistic, but they've never queried any amounts/changes that I've made in the three years I've been with them) and that's what gets debited each month until I change it.  I work out roughly what I expect us to use and round it up a bit which means I make a slight overpayment, but get no surprises.  Well except one - if my credit balance goes over £200 they automatically pay me 3% interest - which is more than I can get anywhere else... hence my rounding strategy.   Oh and every May (before the cheap months) I claim the last year's overpaid cash back and its gotten paid back without any issue so far.

  7. I treat it as a risk management exercise.  Had some major remedial work done on the house last year after an original builder let us subsequently ended up in legal dispute.  The new guy seemed great but his standard Ts&Cs effectively gave him 90% of the contract value before he'd done the job.  All my risk - virtually none for him.  So I wrote back explaining about neither of us wanting to get burned so we need to agree how to minimise the risks for both of us.  I agreed to take the most risk by fronting half the cost of materials as a kick off.  His risk was that I'd bugger off in some way and he'd have put work into getting materials that he no longer needed - but at least they would have been free (I'm not niave enough to think he was charging me cost price on materials!).   I then agreed to pay by Bank transfer (easy and instant these days) the other 50% on the day that the materials arrived on site.  At that point I'd had the materials and had paid for them neither of us facing any risk.   I then agreed to 50% of the labour charge the day his team arrived on site (since my experience is its always difficult to get things started , but once started they often keep going) and I offered the other 50% of the labour charge on the day he completed.  He was pretty accommodating and agreed to most of this but wanted that last payment split in two so another 25% labour charge at two weeks in and the final 25% of labour at the end.  It was supposed to be a 5 week project, but actually took them 9 weeks to complete because they kept not coming back on site.  That aside we all did exactly what we agreed and the risks were much more evenly shared.  It turned out to be a great company and excellent staff who did a great job, but even then we were starting to get stiffed on delays.  There's no way I'd front such significant costs (90%) with an unknown entity - the incentives are just all wrong.

  8. I'm all for a lot more of this gung ho stuff above, but can see a potential issue with the trade tariffs statements.  So we say no tariffs on EU stuff but reserve the right for tit for tat if they decide to tariff our exports.  So they tariff bond trades or something which we do nearly all of ... do we then hit German cars or what?  Our economy is mostly service sector ... most of what we bring in is physical goods.  Not clear how tit for tat works??? 

  9. AIB have just renewed my Esprit for under £100 fully comp up to 3000 miles which I think is a really good deal.  But they wont do anything realistic on my Elan which I have with Performance Direct.  Similarly PD aren't competitive for the Esprit.  Basically I think they all make it up on the spot and go for whatever sum they think they can get away with.  I always do a check with the Meerkats or similar and this year it was the Rangie that had gone silly on renewal (increase of over £200) and had to switch to bring it back to normal - which I did easily enough.

  10. As said already each to their own and not everyone finds the same things "comfortable".  I only tried a 748 and 916 at Cadwell on the Ducati experience day.  Despite the gorgeous looks, I hated them both.  Physically too small for me and horribly rattly - just didn't feel well put together.  I was mostly a Honda man and at the time had a Firestorm.  Loved the feel of the twin.  Bought an SP1 in 2000 and commuted on that every working day from Bickley Bromley into the City for over 5 years.  All the pub talk was how uncomfortable they were and how it really wasn't a commuter bike. Well I loved it, loved commuting on it and found it provided the perfect wind down between work and home.  It was also ideal for Brands Hatch....and a dash to Cornwall...and even a bit of Couriering, not to mention the Sunday jaunts. 

  11. 14 hours ago, silverfrost said:

    I had a quick through an article online  yesterday from a few years ago, 

    One of which was to change the plastic clutch hose for a braided one.  No mention of the red hose syndrome,  but it explained that when the pipe gets old and degrades it splits,  this can sometimes lead to brake fluid spraying onto the the brakes and can cause a fire.  

    This sounds like some poor reporting to me Dan - an article cobbled together from memory which was failing, and muddling up at least two stories heard down the pub.

    Many of us have replaced our red hose for braided hoses....but to solve the clutch issue when hot.

    Many of us have had concerns with old fuel lines which run at pressure across the top of the engine.  Many Esprit fires have been caused by the fuel lines failing and fuel p***ing out over the hot engine.  Many of us have replaced the fuel lines with braided hoses.

    So most likely the article was just plain wrong...

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