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  1. It was indeed a fanstastic day (as usual - must be my 12th!). :angry:

    the highlight being a black Elsie spinning off on a corner. Loads of blue smoke.

    The Black Elise was a 160 driven by Barry Ely - Lotus specialist dealer in Leyton - who looks after my S3 turbo and Sunbeam. He's an ex-racer - and pretty successful when he can keep his driving brain in gear so no surprise that he was getting the Elise round in 1'26" on stock tyres.

    On my first session a light blue +2 lost it at the Esses chicane and a dark blue one right beside me as I was going passed on the back straight - scary! :rolleyes:

    This was one impressive talbot estate ... yep, it closed up on the Chargecooled Esprit SE Turbo!

    The Avenger estate belongs to Graeme Lawton - chairman of the Sunbeam Lotus owners club and also owner of one of the original world championship Sunbeam Lotus rally cars. This was the original support vehicle for the Talbot Sunbeam Lotus rally team when they took 1, 3, and 4th in the RAC. He's just got it back into shape after a multi-year rebuild so it was great to see it in good form....but only managed to get around in about 1'40".

    Spirited drive of the day for me though goes to Dave Merlene in his early Elan S2 (the red one with Silver hardtop). I've never seen Camp corner taken better - full chat and all four wheels drifting - nailed it every time, but finally lost it at Quarry! Posted plenty of 1'33" laps before then tho - a second quicker than my best in the Esprit!

    A day with about 300 Lotus - incl about 50 Esprit's - and access to a track - that has got to be THE best way to spend a Saturday. :)

  2. Are you local?

    Yep - live in Bromley area. Are there many of us around? There used to be a Black S4 on Lower Camden - gone now; and another on Orchard Road.

    Newport Pagnell?

    That would have been us then!! (Bibs included!)

    I guess so, you may have seen us arriving in a Mustard M100 S2 just as you were all off. Looked like an impressive convoy. :D

  3. Saw the first on the small dual carriageway in Bromley and pulled alongside, told the very nice chap about the forum, hello if you're here!

    Hello Bibs. It seemed only right to register after such a "dynamic" invite. Me and the misses were in the white '86 Turbo. I was chuffed to be out cos I'd tried to get the old girl (the car!) going last w/e for Donnington but met with refusal after a few weeks hibernation - so we had to go in her M100. Saw lots of the Esprit guys leaving Newport Pagnell services as we pulled in for breaky. Anyway a bit of taking apart and putting together with no apparent fixes seemed to do the trick and Lionel (they all have names dont they?) was back on form. Maybe see you all again at Castle Combe at the end of May?

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