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  1. I’ve already tried that - it didn’t turn out well!
  2. Good evening all, It’s a serious long shot but I’m looking for the centre tunnel trim part in leather (vinyl) from an Eclat or Elite S2. I know there are slight differences between the two but I can make it work! I’ve tried the usual sources like LotusBits, seems like it’s a rare part with the mounted window switches. Cheers, Ben
  3. Success! I had noticed that when I looked closely, both the carbs had been leaking from the pump jet diaphragm area. One of these was leaking onto the distributer! Two rebuilt carbs later, new dizzy cap and spark plug gaps set correctly and the car is running again! During the rebuild I also noticed that one of the fuel mixture screws was seized and I nearly destroyed it getting out! I think it was a combination of these problems that stopped it from starting, not just one. Thanks for all your help.
  4. Thanks, I’ll have a look next week and keep you all updated!
  5. Hi Richard and Lez, I have assumed plug leads are good since I get a strong spark at every spark plug but may try some other ones as I’m getting desperate! I had tested cranking whilst putting easy-start in at the carbs - again nothing. Once or twice the carb might spit out but not sounding like it would start. Regarding the fuel filter, that has been recently replaced. I’m definitely getting fuel to the carbs and after a period of cranking I can see fuel on the spark plugs so clearly it is getting to the engine. Back to the compression test - I can’t do a warm one
  6. Hi all, I’ve been busy over lockdown getting my 81 Eclat in good order but I’m now having an issue with getting it started. Before I drove it into a new garage a few weeks ago it wasn’t running that well. I had attempted to tune it and it was running better before I parked it in there. However now it refuses to start. I’ve had issues on and off with getting it started - including when I first bought it from the auction - it refused to start when I came to drive it home! Sometimes it has just flat out refused to start over the past 6 months but could eventually start it. Below
  7. You can just see in the top picture that the large bolt isn’t quite straight, but still does the job fine! **So the bolt that the eye screws into.
  8. Hi, the previous owner on my car fitted this system which would look neat if it hadn’t bent. However it does work, the towing eye just screws on.
  9. Good afternoon all, Just a hopeful post to see if anyone has any of the following: These style front seats (see attached) or a full cream leather interior. Unless I can find the seats I would look to change the colour of the whole interior. I’ve spoken to LotusBits so hoping you can all help out! Thanks, Ben,
  10. Evening all, My Eclat which I introduced a few weeks ago has a few issues. But issue number 1 is that it grates the wheel arches on full lock and a little less. I have had a good look underneath and think the suspension is in reasonable condition. However I found that the front where it is connected to the body is damaged on both sides. When I pull the body up it makes a big creaking sound. I only managed one photo in the light but it is the same on the other side. Looking at the book there are more more mounting points but I believe the front is why it is low. Has anyone e
  11. Thanks for the replies everyone, I feel welcomed already. As as some of you have mentioned - these Lotuses are always ‘done soon’ but it never seems to be the case! Photos incoming this weekend of the red one.
  12. Thought it would be a good chance to introduce myself. I had been using the forum for reference since I bought my Eclat S1 last year but finally signed up the other day! I now own two Eclats - a white S1 low mileage vehicle that is close to being on the road again for the first time since the 90s. It has a lovely interior but has caused me all sorts of trouble that I’m sure you’re all aware of - changing the rear brakes was a particularly ‘enjoyable’ task and I’ve spent countless hours on those vacuum headlights. I’ve still not fixed that but once that is done and I get it runnin
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