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  1. My battery read okay but just dropped very slightly at startup but it was enough to cause all manner of strange and random behaviour. Absolutely gold after it was changed. Doesn't seem to take much to upset the Evora when it comes to slightly old batteries. Worth changing every 2 years so you don't ruin into difficult to diagnose gremlins in my opinion.
  2. Lack of steering feel Vs AMG is a bit of a shocker. I find it hard to believe anything from Lotus that has hydraulic steering would not be a great steer.
  3. Well, I know what experiment I'm doing this evening
  4. Foxes are nigh impossible to dissuade. Whatever you do, they work out isn't a problem for them sooner or later and then take the p**s out of you. Cheeky little buggers. Probably the more you try to dissuade them from the Evora specifically the more they will get on it. On the plus side, it's unlikely they are doing much damage. Especially on a 400 where they can't even bend the mesh over the radiator vents.
  5. Looks like the late night shift is not popular locally! Hopefully they can convince staff to leave quietly before they start putting cameras up (especially those new noise finders)
  6. A bit of string and gaffer tape will sort you right out if there's any issues
  7. I haven't experienced the Larini, but even the post 2012 valved system is a lot louder than the original setup with the sports exhaust and -1 Cat in my experience. I suspect with headers it's going to be even louder, so I expect you are going to be sleeping in the dog house 😂
  8. That looks good to me as-is @Bruss
  9. Not exactly *today* but I resigned with no forward plans at the moment. It's not been good for my mental health over the last few years and I've been in my current job for a couple of decades, it all came to a head and I just chopped it in. So far I've learned that the world goes on regardless and a big weight has lifted from my shoulders. I'm going to have a little bit of time for myself and then dive into something new (when I find something!) with a refreshed mind! Now I just need my car not to throw a clutch...
  10. Can't remember the exact details on what was changed, there are definitely changes in the rear suspension on the S compared to the early NA, however, the NA sports racer got the uprated rear suspension as well. Not sure it was springs I thought it was bushes and a thicker anti-roll bar. Having driven both NA cars, the SR feels firmer but without more experience on stock, can't tell how much of that is the larger wheels.
  11. I'd say the GT line (and for that matter Sport 410) are not really cross-shoppable with the Emira. They are aimed at different customers IMO. No reason the more focused Evora shouldn't be largely independent in used value to the Emira.
  12. Both flashed and waved
  13. Pushing your luck on that one! Not the greatest wipers I've ever used! On the other hand it has one blade so it's cool and therefore better than everything else.
  14. Apparently the AMG was a rental, but he'd been done 5 times in the last couple of years, was known for not complying with police and has been charged for driving without plates and insurance and drug dealing. Not an excuse to shoot someone but should be taken into account.
  15. Largely agree with this. I don't like people all jumping on to defend someone and call them an 'angel' when they've never even spoken to them. Now, he might have been an angel, I have no idea, but that's why I'm not going to pass judgement one way or another. He seems to have been driving an A45 AMG. He must be minted for a 17 year old!
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