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  1. Exactly that Bibs, and then the same media outlet will, the very next day, have an article denouncing fake news on social media.
  2. Interesting the amount of LV customers on here. Mine was cheapest on LV as well. MUCH cheaper than other insurers.
  3. This one seems quite good value: New&onesearchad=Used&make=Lotus&model=Evora&page=1 It has all the packs, it seems to have heated seats, which is a rarity in a 2010 all the packs, 2+2 manual. Great spec and a brand new clutch. The only reason it's cheaper seems to be that the miles are higher than average, but that's fine, especially with a brand new clutch on it.
  4. Depends on person but personally I prefer the look of the original. The SR interior is much better put together then the LE that I had a go in and from reading around forums it seems lots of folks by now have realised that there is a point that power goes from being fun on the road to the point where is just constant restraint. I might potentially look at a GT level in the future (back to a better look) but I wouldn't go to a 400.
  5. TdM


    It's like black Friday, everything is on sale! (Although shares are actually cheaper than they were before the sale unlike the rest of black Friday deals).
  6. To be fair, leaving the media out, who are total drama queens, the markets are supposed to react. They will price in a bad case scenario as they are naturally risk averse. Gives us an opportunity to bag cheap shares a few times a year.
  7. Sssshhhh...! Are you trying to ruin the mystique of special editions!? But, basically, you are correct. They are the same as the 2012+ with all options, but you'll be lucky to find a non sports racer in that spec, they didn't sell many because the SR pack was a cheaper way to do it.
  8. Sports racers are the best ones @Unicorn because they are both sporty and um... Racery? Anyway, they are the best ones, you did well to choose it over a 400.
  9. Verstappen a clear favourite for the championship with the FIA though.
  10. That's usually a slam dunk if they have called him in. Pretty clear if he slowed down or not
  11. Don't worry everyone, the stewards have cleared it up! They are inconsistent and have no intention of worrying about it.
  12. I can near guarantee you that someone else will try the same trick and get a penalty for it now. Consistently, since Max joined, he has been doing things that other drivers consider outside of the laws and dangerous and not been punished. Max and his fans consider this to be what makes him a great driver, by that token, the San Marino football team can adopt Vinnie Jones and some extremely sharp studs and win the world cup (OK that might be stretching reality a little but you get the point).
  13. I wouldn't count on that... RB have now challenged Mercedes rear wing and asked for a review, so I think the lawyers are back
  14. I agree somewhat with Paul though. It's factual that tech regulations are generally cut and dry and result in race affecting penalties, however, if a driver were to walk over and actively fiddle with a competitors car par that then fails scrutineering, they should be disqualified not given a fine/grid penalty. I'm not saying that's what happened here, I don't think Max did more that touch the wing but I think it's incorrect to see a sporting regulation as less important than technical directives. An analogy would be, a 100m sprint is run, the second place runner goes over in front of cameras, takes the winners shoes, shoves springs into the soles and then points the officials to the offending shoes. Should the officials disqualify the winner immediately and fine the second place guy some of his pocket money for fiddling with said shoes OR question what state the shoes were in before they were fiddled with and investigate the second place guy before banning him from competition for cheating (which is exactly what the IOC would do). Again, that's not what happened in Brazil but I'm trying to demonstrate that sportsmanship should be the core in sport. I think the seed of doubt planted by Max's investigation, at least needed to be acknowledged and counted publicly as that's exactly what the rule is there for.
  15. Only reported in slightly untrustworthy places at the moment, but would be interesting
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