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  1. Oh my word... That lettering, what a horror!
  2. I think if that's what is on sale at that price someone who wants one will buy it. You can't buy what isn't on sale and if you want an Evora, what else are you going to do? I wouldn't turn down the Silverstone cars in that price area. You also know it came from a decent dealer so have peace of mind.
  3. I've had auto cars, flappy paddle autos and single clutch 'automatics'. My personal view, even a fairly slow modernish single clutch box is fine once you learn to go with it. I haven't driven an IPS but I'm fairly certain it'll be around as quick or quicker than the old ZF 6 speed that I used to have in the Jag and that was perfectly fine. I bought a manual because I missed driving a manual (more to do!) On the other hand, automatics are really nice for just blasting along a road or track. You don't need to worry about timing the gears as much just smash those paddles up and down as you n
  4. Would want to jump to a GT if I were to change, I don't like the 400 look that much. I'm not keen on the suspension being much harder than the S1 though. What good does it do on the road? If I want a track car, I'll buy an Exige!
  5. I wouldn't even say the mileage is high to be honest. Looks like a lovely car. Always confused by low mileage on the most usable Lotus
  6. My Jag was a lot cheaper to run than my V70 that's for sure. The V70 was a very comfortable thing though and surprisingly entertaining, especially at getting away from the lights (effect may have reduced with time and modern metal being a lot quicker) and in the snow where it's long wheel base made it very good at long lazy drifts.
  7. Please post pics when done, whilst it may not be everyone's cup of tea, will be interesting to see what it looks like!
  8. I got one of these:
  9. I have Puma speedcats. They are comfy and work brilliantly in the car. I'd rather not walk a long way in them as with any driving shoe, I just find the lack of cushion terrible after a while, fine for short distances around town/in shops though and they look good. Mostly only use them in the car though!
  10. Power/acceleration chasing became pointless a few years back during the BHP wars. Whichever segment of car you go for now (including 4x4) you can find a vehicle that will propel you to silly speeds fast enough to keep up with damn near anything. You can probably outpace most things at the top end but what's the point... Far better to enjoy the car for how it feels and keep the speeds sensible... I really am getting old...
  11. Apparently it's relatively common. It's not a standard Toyota part. It's a Toyota part that is then modified by Lotus, so don't go to a Toyota dealer!
  12. To confirm that's a very different sound to mine. That is much more like what I would expect a low battery to sound like. My car just clicked once from the solenoid behind the rear passenger side seat.
  13. They had it in for a while not sure all they did with it but they checked all the wiring etc. as requested. From what I understand if it's not in stock it can take a while to order as I believe it's not a UK part for Toyota.
  14. They also wear really well so will probably last a bit longer helping with the price difference. Out of interest, where do folks get their tyres done? I'm nervous about going to the big tyre shops but they are quite a bit cheaper than Lotus garages and specialists for tyres.
  15. Right! Starter motor is getting done RHDV8 gets a winning sticker
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