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  1. I can't help you specifically, but the vacuum feed does not come from the supercharger as my NA (and any 2012 on I believe) has the valved exhaust. I suspect a little bit of shopping of newer model NA parts will solve your issue. Well worth it, the standard exhaust is near silent from my experience.
  2. TdM

    Bye Scotland!

    How far do we want to go with this rolling back of history anyway? You'll get Scottish independence, Welsh, Cornwall, Yorkshire.... Sussex, Wessex... Then we can have a king in each, because it's better to rule your own small bit with your own king. All of that went really well the first time around. Europe was also much better with a divided Spain, Holy Roman Empire etc. History absolutely shows that division is the way forward.
  3. I think we are going to see an increase in this sort of thing (despite the NFT market currently crashing). Salesforce are just launching a new version that can handle NFTs natively. This means most large/medium companies will be able to mint their own NFTs. In theory it's a money printing machine as all they need to do is select how many of each level/rarity of NFT they want to sell and off they go. You can set any number at all. Margins are potentially huge so everyone will have a crack at it.
  4. I also run on Esso Synergy Supreme+. The cost difference isn't huge as I'm not doing 10k miles+ in the car a year! I've used one tank of 'normal' fuel ever when I was in the sticks in Cornwall and the local garage (still a Shell!) didn't have the expensive stuff. Car was fine on E10, though it was only 3/4 of a tank so may not have got the full impact. On the other hand, the Abarth doesn't like running on E10 and got very lumpy on me so have switched back. I think, in theory the Evora will be fine with any petrol you can find in this country, but I'd rather keep giving it the good juice so in 5 years time when they find E10 has actually caused more harm than they were expecting to engines (the sort of screw up that happens all the time! See Diesel-gate and others), I don't have to worry about it.
  5. My issue with the strikes is that in my job (private sector) we drive for efficiency. You get onboard and you do what you can to automate and cut down on time wasted. If that means trimming out your own job, you do that and then move on to another job or try to find something else internal, which you will usually get because you just helped make efficiencies. In this particular instance it seems that workers are largely striking to keep things running inefficiently and asking for more money to do so. The rail companies can't give ever more money whilst ever less passengers are travelling on trains when ever higher percentages of workers vs passengers are required to keep them running. If you want more money, you need to let the rail companies become more efficient so that the workers who remain get paid more and the others can move on to do something that is beneficial to the economy elsewhere, which makes the whole country better off including in the long run the majority of those who have to move on. Not only that, but I believe one of the things that the train drivers are complaining about is 'cameras' in the cabin which are IR cameras to stop people falling asleep, the same systems that have been installed in the Croydon trams to remove the risk of it happening again. So not only hindering efficiency but also safety. The one area that I would support is either the train company or the government helping with upskilling and job migration as that would help all sides and the country as a whole. It's money well spent, once people see it working it will reduce the amount of strikes you have, increase efficiency and productivity and place more people in value enhancing jobs.
  6. Thanks Seb, good write-up. It's rare that someone bites the bullet and tries something different and then also comes back to tell everyone about it! I like the sound of the F1s. I might consider them in the future (or whatever is around when I need new tyres!) I am tempted to get a bit more sporty feel out of the next set!
  7. The real selling point will be if they've improved the washer jets. Should be the first thing they show on reviews!
  8. Best colour combination on any Lotus, of course
  9. True, I took my sister out in mine yesterday, she was very much enjoying waving at all the people staring at the car. The only downside of that is that you either have to be paying a lot of attention or you miss when people give you a thumbs up or a wave and you feel guilty for not acknowledging it. Every time that happens I feel I personally let down the whole community 😄
  10. I like the 60k 75k comment Jimi. I think it's actually another important skill for Lotus to have learned for commercial success. Your marketing price must mask the real price people will be paying. Next they need to advertise all over TV and radio that you can have a Emira for £22. (Small print, a day, if you ignore down payment, final balloon payment and pay over 5 years)
  11. TdM

    Formula One

    I can see him rocking up to the front lines in a big 4x4 with spinners
  12. Those tyres will measure at that point 2.4 front 2.6 rear if you were to get out and check them with a proper meter at that exact point all around. The rears usually show the same, so I think that's a slight temperature difference. Front right always shows slightly low for some reason.
  13. Note that they are fully up to temperature there. They are set to below 'recommended' in the manual and I normally run them quite close to the low pressure buzzer going off. I'm running slightly higher at the moment to see if there is a bit less tyre wall 'slew' at turn in with a bit more pressure (I feel it's a little better). Also annoying is that I can never get them all to be the same number even if I carefully check them with analogue pressure readers. I believe that the TPMS is not entirely accurate.
  14. Where was that? I saw the Ghostbusters car go past me today in Windsor. Was it related?
  15. Definitely start with the battery, if you get the same reaction after changing the battery, mine did exactly the same when the starter motor went, so that might be the next thing to check.
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