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  1. It should be open at idle. It'll close when the rise a little for quiet cruising but definitely open at idle
  2. ^^ this... There is no law against photographing a car. The only other reason is you want to sell the spy shots, which you probably can!
  3. Another new Youtuber member, hello @BoostedTrav, some nice content you've made
  4. He'll be out of his training pants soon at this rate!
  5. I would actually quite appreciate swan wing doors ala Aston Martin. They are a God-send when parking next to a kerb especially on a cambered road and don't look stupid like scissor doors. Don't know why more manufacturers don't develop these
  6. It can be described as cosy and intimate... You just need to ask an estate agent.
  7. TdM

    Lotus Emira Instrument binnacle. Flappy paddles on display...
  8. Think it was a good result for Hamilton in the end really. He was looking at being 14 points down realistically after this race. The pit stop screwed his chances of getting more than 3rd and even if that hadn't happened, it was probably 2nd behind Verstappen. He emerges from the race only a few points down and off the back of a couple of bad tracks and multitude of errors from the whole team. Can't complain too much!
  9. TdM

    Stonor Supercar Sunday

    I'll keep an eye out for it!
  10. I followed for a while (totally not a stalker) then both gave a wave as we parted ways.
  11. It is interesting, all of the specialists and brokers give me sky high quotes, the 'big names' are cheaper for me and LV is the cheapest this year. I think they just flip a coin.
  12. It does appear that they don't bother trying to make concessions for the second driver's style and just say 'drive the car like Max or leave'. It's not smart. The fact that they keep going through drivers at a rate of knots and apparently none of these promising drivers are good enough in their car (whilst being nagged incessantly on the radio) suggests that maybe, just maybe, it's not the drivers that are the problem...
  13. It was seen fairly recently (March) at Steve Williams if that's really the only one in the UK. If it's been looked after there then it's been well serviced.
  14. Thought someone had put a mirror up for a second. White Evora in traffic heading down the hill into Henley. I was heading up the hill. Both flashed and thumbs up. Good to see you whoever you may be!
  15. You could probably lose the doors as well. Shouldn't do these things half heartedly!
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