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  1. To be fair, modern languages make writing code a lot easier with shortcuts built in for complex problems. This means that you can build on other's past experiences and work and make more powerful code in an ever growing way. Which is nice. The compiler will make it more efficient, admittedly you are correct that it results in some serious storage bloat Vs the days of making impressive music videos on a couple of kB. But one is impressive because of the skill used to achieve it, the other is impressive because it makes everyone's lives better. Which forum are we on by the way?
  2. Yes, it was in that area so quite possible.
  3. If there was one thing I would carry over from my old car, heated windscreen would be it. Followed by the heater. Jump in, turn on, 2 seconds window was clear even if it had snow on it. And 3 second later the cabin was warm. The Evora, not so much...
  4. I liked electric seats on my big cruiser. When you were going a long way it was nice to be able to tweak your driving position safely from time to time to keep the aches away. Can't really soft back or forward slightly while on the move on a manual system. Not safely anyway.
  5. I believe the button inside the car was not actually standard on the base model mik so that's fair enough. I'm no expert but isn't there a reset on the window as well if it starts playing up before you try replacing the regulator? The Wizard has had another mishap on one of Hoovies cars (Mercedes SLS) as well when he put the transmission fluid in the wrong hole... They are used to simpler cars in the USA.
  6. This is why I bought an Evora. I went from an old Alfa GTV to a newer Jag. It was ruddy quick but didn't have the connection and I missed that. I considered a Cayman but it wasn't as directly connected as I wanted.
  7. Of topic a bit but those Yaris look tasty, wouldn't mind a go in one of those see if it can have the same fun spirit as the Abarth.
  8. I waved, you nodded. One day, I will find someone who checks on here
  9. You were just coming out of the stupid roadworks section on the A4130. I was tucked up in the queue in the Evora, not sure if you saw me, I did wave at the last second!
  10. I'm going to keep this thread alive... At the petrol station today chap comes out, glances, glances again... "What car is that mate?" "Lotus Evora" "Wow!"...
  11. I hope it wasn't Lotus supplying that super tatty 2012 S... Look at that airbag cover!
  12. Looks good in the cold (and you can enjoy the interior while you wait for the heater to defrost the window). Very nice colour. Congrats!
  13. Out of interest, do you need to turn the engine on 5 times it is it just 'electrics on' 5 times?
  14. TdM


    I've dipped my toe into BP as well, to be fair it's a little bit of a gamble as the future is not massively in their hands but the price is good, divi is solid and it's a decent risk/reward at the moment. I'm also loading up as much as I can on Seeing Machines (SEE) they are just getting into production vehicles now and will be the future of collaborative driving as well as in car entertainment/haulage/trains/planes and everything else you can think of. Good news flow recently and right on inflection point IMHO.
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