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  1. To be fair (sorry this is obviously from the Tuesday point) whilst I must be clear that I don't subscribe to this theory, IF China had deployed this as a weapon, it's relatively smart, though not for the reasons mentioned already. Why? You wouldn't design it as a weapon in the traditional sense, it's more like an economic weapon. If you had a vaccination already, you would release it at home in a certain area, suppress (most of) the news, allow it to spread to other countries then start mentioning it's a big problem. Now your people have had it it looks less like you did it deliber
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    Silver is a good shout as is copper and lithium
  3. TdM


    I think some care is needed this year. Valuations are high especially in the US and quite disconnected from reality in places. Lots of froth so it's quite dangerous ATM. still done value out there but definitely be mindful and don't get carried away!
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    My seeing machines shares have been flying of late. Very promising company.
  5. I feel that we are getting very much into the point where you need to grab your favourite flavour of sports car and hold onto it because they are about to get rarer quite quickly. I think cars like the MX5 will be a big loss because power is so effortless in electric cars that you won't have a car you can wring out whilst doing no miles an hour and have fun with it. Every car doing 60 in 3.x is just so pointless.
  6. PS4S work in nearly all conditions in my experience. Certainly aren't giving up much before <5 degrees. I'll be switching to them in spring and running them all year round after that. Winters are very grippy in all conditions really but I'm just not convinced that it gives enough of the right feel. This is on TS-860P.
  7. The winters are great in the cold they really do hold on well. I think you lose some granularity in the steering feedback though. I think 'coming alive' feeling comes easier at slower speeds in a FR than a MR. It will move around under power mid corner more readily at any speed which gives you easy fun especially if it's got a bit of torque.
  8. It's off today so I think it's probably a normal thing. Worth recording here though if anyone else has a worry. Don't panic whoever is searching for this problem next!
  9. Interesting, is that not a US spec car? Reflectors on the wheel arches...
  10. You'll be back Barry. Probably in a GT4xx. I give you a year.
  11. I did some experiments @Cdm2018 as the conditions are good for it. Fastest way to get going with a misted windscreen in the Evora: 1. Turn on air con 2. Set it to lowest possible temp and fans to full blast 3. Wait a minute, screen will start to clear quickly You can then turn the temperature up a bit and your screen will be clear. It's really fast, much more effective than pressing the 'demist' button which just cranks the fans to full. Won't work on ice obviously!
  12. I locked my car this evening and looked inside, the alarm tell tale was flashing correctly but the 'door lock' button on the dash was also illuminated. I checked all the doors and boot and it's all locked. Waited around for a little while and it stayed illuminated, unlocked, locked etc. Still illuminated. I'm not sure if it's always done that and I've just not noticed? Does anyone know if that's normal and if not why it would be doing that?
  13. I don't think this is engine failures ramjet. Not sure what the first engine problem was but it sounds like the second was an attempt to go fast and furious and do the internals to up the power. The problem being that nobody at the garage could get the mapping sorted? So they switched back to a 'stock engine'. That's how I read it anyway. When they switched the engine back, did they also switch the ECU/map or are you running some weird map or custom ECU for the modded engine that it's now horrifically confused about?
  14. Not sure, about 2.5-3k maybe? It generally pulls pretty smoothly throughout, not like my old Alfa Twinspark that had two good hard kicks at different rev levels.
  15. Yes, but it's just above a Noble!?!?
  16. Do go and look at Barry's car. For that price it's a great buy. The market has been slow this year, probably for obvious reasons! There hasn't been that many options around, I believe a lot of cars change hands off market as well. My car never listed anywhere, I bought it 'from the forum'
  17. Just one of those things when you buy a used car. I'm sure it'll be fine once you've got the niggles out of the way and then you know you've done all that and won't need to do it again!
  18. Sounds like belt noise. Might need a new aux belt? Probably sounds worse because it's cold.
  19. And if you then haven't let the heater get at least a bit of temperature in it you'll drive 3ft and it will mist up again... If you leave the fans low for a minute and then turn them up it helps the heater warm up quicker, but it's never going to be super fast.
  20. Vantage is a good shout. Should appreciate at some point it has to be rock bottom by now. Clutch even more expensive than the Evora so watch out for that but they are otherwise very solid. It was an option when I was looking, I know someone with one and the noise... Oh the noise.
  21. TdM


    Thing is, if the BBC and the rest of them just carried on as usual there would be no panic buying. But they have to roll out the panic buying food shortage line to generate some more headlines and drama.
  22. T5R great car, especially for lairy oversteer in the snow but you'll find it a bit of a clumsy boat after the Evora. Something Japanese is a good shout though, a bit different. Quite like the R34 myself, it looks incredible... Also GranTurismo... What are you going to do, it's burned into my brain.
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    Looking what happens in the towns and cities I don't think it really matters what the government say or do, the majority all feel entitled to do what they like so they will. I'm afraid it's our own culture biting us on the arse.
  24. Lovely car! Tip from someone who has had Oyster leather before; Don't wear brand new blue jeans in there!
  25. Mine is doing fine outside, no problems at all so far. Just make sure you cover the dash and you'll be OK. Might want to leave the handbrake off if you are leaving it for a while and it's rainy, you can always leave it in gear and/or chock the wheels.
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