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  1. For the reservoirs, they need to start making them subterranean. Other countries have huge underground reservoirs, have a guess what happens when it's sunny and bloody hot... That's right, nothing. The water is underground so it's still there and doesn't just evaporate like ours.
  2. Having had mine a couple of years now I know roughly how mine works. It's definitely direct sunlight that does the damage, if you put a cover over the dash it's fine. I have a material cover my wife patterned and sewed for me that covers the dash and folds down to near pocket size when not in use and it does the trick perfectly. The cover 'breathes' slightly depending on ambient temperature for sure, but I find that it actually contracts slightly when cold and flattens more when warm. It's not much of a movement but an interesting observation. Anyway, any cover for the dash should keep you safe.
  3. You seem to have a fault with your brake lights in that first picture, they are on. 😉
  4. I have to say that I love modern dark paints with colour sparkles. They look seriously expensive in sunlight, I admit that of a normal year (this one excluded) in the UK it's a rare day that you get to enjoy the light glinting off it but it makes it even more special when you occasionally do get the full effect. On the other hand, I'd get a silly colour because I've always wanted a bright green or yellow car, which I have somehow never achieved.
  5. I believe, from having bought and sold through dealers, they are responsible if something goes wrong. They sold it, no matter what the paperwork said. Both garages I dealt with said the same thing.
  6. And yes, increased unemployment is better than inflation. Inflation is hard to deal with, unemployment and recession is relatively easy to tackle, although it would be preferable to avoid Interest rates and doom mongering from the central bank tries to reduce borrowing and spending to minimise inflation and guide people to put money away. It is arguably how much effect it has when energy prices are rampant but it will have some effect at least.
  7. That would be because producers sell their electricity at global market rates for a kWh. Doesn't matter how you made it or what it cost to produce it gets sold at the same rate therefore, global rates up? We all pay more.
  8. Optimistic? Not too many of these Aspen white sports racer NAs around though... I reckon it's peak Evora (although someone has been fiddling with this one a bit)
  9. Ultimately, it probably also depends on how old your TPMS sensors are. They are, after all, battery operated so fresh batteries are probably more accurate than older ones. It's usually the case with most sensors so wouldn't be surprised if older sensors start to diverge from reality slightly.
  10. He's still got the Evora. The focus is a project he's doing on YouTube but the Evora is in a lot of the videos alongside it.
  11. I have a couple of analogue gauges that also don't agree entirely with TPMS. They aren't calibrated but the also agree with each other but not the car. Not a long way off but I suspect that the TPMS is not a finely honed tool for the perfect tweaking of pressures, more of an indicator of anything amiss.
  12. The police appear to be trying to engage with the 'car scene' with their Evora.
  13. I'm not against the purple and orange colour scheme. The stripes look pretty good, they should have left the wheels alone though.
  14. Having been let down by my usual valet company and receiving poor customer service when I complained, I'm looking for new options. I thought I might have a change in strategy. I could do with some new PPF (as it's gone yellow) and it would be good to give the car a nice treat and a spruce up at the same time. I would then look at getting a maintenance detail every 6 months to try to keep things up to scratch (poor word for this!). Now, my issue is this. I need someone with a studio as I can't provide space for this. I'm sure the best ones have studios anyway. Elite car care appears to have got good reviews in the past but they request you mail them as they don't have a call handler and I've been trying for the last 2 weeks and they haven't answered me, which doesn't fill me with confidence! Has anyone used a company in the area or have any recommendations? My experience recently is that nobody seems to want to do any work even if you are offering them money so my confidence is rather knocked for the industry!
  15. You aren't wrong Barry. If there were some way of getting politicians to work together instead of trying to score points the country would be a better place. Of course, behind closed doors they might work together more than we know... I've never had the honour of seeing behind said doors but it certainly doesn't look like it!
  16. Ignoring tone for a second, I agree with @C8RKH the headlines are very much designed to stoke hate filled fury without actually addressing the detail. Centrica (owner of BG) made a big profit, NOT from the bills of British Gas customers directly BG profits were down. O&G exploration made a lot of money for Centrica but that's not all UK based and as mentioned, they don't control the market price of that O&G. Nobody is queuing up to give them money when the market swings against them, which it does at times. People tend to blame the shareholders and complain that they are getting profit out of this. Well yes, but the people complaining about the shareholders are probably shareholders, often unknowingly. If they didn't get a distribution of that profit, they will then complain that the pensioners are not getting their pension and also they will complain when they get to their pensionable age that there is nothing in the kitty for them to retire on. The latest one is to bash BT for 'making millions in profit' which is less millions than they made before, even after an increase in revenue from price rises and cost cutting exercises. If they pay everyone a huge payrise and give up on cost cutting, they will make a huge loss, they will be forced to make more lay-offs and they won't be able to pay down their pension deficit which means anyone on a BT pension gets screwed. The system is extremely complex with many affected nodes, the complaints tend to focus on the black and white extremely straight forward view without the complexities and therefore just blame 'the big guy'. A lot of that is because instead of education, the press are only interested in getting fiery headlines that get everyone worked up.
  17. It tends to matter less as cars get older. The majority get into higher mileages just due to general use with the passage of time and they start being a bit like trigger's broom at some point anyway!
  18. Aaaaahhh the Metaverse... A system for making your interaction with the internet measurably worse and incorporating all the problems of the physical world without any of the advantages. A masterpiece of pointless West coast tech bollocks.
  19. Would it be a good idea for Lotus to join Volvo in their rental system? Something like a Geely group scheme (probably wouldn't want to frame it like that but still). Volvo people who may have fancied a Lotus but were a bit scared of jumping in can try it out. Lotus drivers can have access to the Volvo range when they need a new fence or something 😜. It also works to lure people away from other brands. Suddenly they have a broad and interesting offer and can switch cars fairly regularly. They can try out Lotus without risk and still have access to Volvo cars. The thing that puts most off of Lotus is they are status of practicality and reliability. Not that reliability is an issue but this scheme would eliminate both those issues instantly. Could be really good for Lotus and the group as a whole.
  20. Just saw that new Daytona... To me, it looks like a cruiser that's been torpedoed and it's back broke. The front doesn't seem to be connected to the back and it looks warped... Not a fan of that at all
  21. NFTs are a little bit of a solution looking for a problem. There are potential uses for NFTs but they aren't particularly pressing at the moment and your key can still be stolen (as with keys for Crypto can). It's impossible to know if they will have any value in the future, there is nothing tangible to them, if you are looking at artwork, I have signed art and signed posters in my house, but they are in my house physically. I can look at them and they have signatures on them right there in front of you. I don't want to own a GIF that everyone has so that I can say, yes, but I have a key that says I own a special nothingness that says that I am special. Not to mention that you can just mint multiple levels of NFT for the same thing, you can have 1000 NFTs for one GIF if you like. Now, the one thing to note is that both the art world and the... Ugh... Youth investor world are really really dumb and based upon bandwagons and hype, the art world has been doing bandwagons and hype since the dawn of time so there is a chance that they can just keep peddling this crap to eternity. But it IS stupid.
  22. Don't know how this one is still available. It's a bargain at that price TBH. I reckon you could buy that stick some SR wheels on it and sell it for a decent profit (not that I would warrant such an activity!)
  23. I think it depends on the part of the market to be fair as AK70 says, I also think that a lot of people will move to new cars with EV who didn't buy new before. For example, for my wife's car, when we come to change it at some point, we may consider an EV because largely, she drives to work and back where there will be chargers. She can get the car on a salary sacrifice so it's not that expensive and we can just ditch it after 3 years instead of having to worry about used prices. Would I buy a used EV? Probably not! At the bottom end of the market, it's likely that ICE will stay around a long while because it's cheap to buy. Second hand ICE cars are a known entity, don't cost too much (even at the moment!) and aren't going to drop a 10k+ bill (unless you have a silly car) In the sports car market, I think there's going to be a market for rare noisy cars forever. They will get rarer and they will get more expensive. They are practically into classic status in the next 5-10 years as they just won't be available to buy any more and no matter how good EVs are, face melting acceleration isn't enough to compensate for noise, vibration and visceral feel... Have a guess which cars are good at that sort of stuff? Look how rare the Evora is already!
  24. Very nice. I totally hear you on the steering wheel spacer. It just needs a little bit more telescopic ability for the taller driver. I would probably want the gear stick a little further back to go along with it but not much you can do about that!
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