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    It could crash, but then someone is predicting a huge crash constantly. What I've learned is that predicting crashes/falls is the easy way to look right. You just say it's going to drop and wait, it will drop at done point because there is always a drama and then you look like you are a great sage. I basically increase in his companies. Sir on the investment, keep some cash aside. If there is a crash, buy more and wait some more. It's not rocket science but it does the trick and I don't have to go around trying to predict things.
  2. Washing the car the other day (not in the rain!), it generally takes a long time as everyone stops to discuss the car so you are interrupted every 3-4 minutes. One guy stops to say, is that a late series Elise? No I say it's an Evora "An Evisa?" "Evora" "Ebola?" "Evora" "Eleera, Eveesa..." So on I gave up in the end and just said it's a bigger more comfortable Lotus.
  3. Exactly, the 'only use premium fuel' label in the car I think is for the US where they get sludge in their pumps. I believe almost most are now 97 minimum in the UK. Used to be 95. Premium now usually 99+
  4. If it means you can take early retirement I'd take it. I love cars but, hell I'd take free time with my loved ones I've the car every time.
  5. It's about compression ratios in NA cars. A fancy modern motor with a huge specific output would retard ignition and lose power if you use normal fuel. Fortunately, the Evora doesn't have a swanky engine designed for maximum power so you can put anything available in it and you'll be fine. My main point being it's not only for FI cars.
  6. I think the news outlets need to take a long look at themselves. They have been getting worse and worse over recent years generating their own drama which stokes people up and causes issues. They don't report news anymore, they generate it. They also like to have their own agenda pushed. I understand that tabloids lab one way or another as they are largely entertainment but the BBC should be neutral and just report facts. They are totally irresponsible these days, winds me up
  7. That's a really nice car and well priced, which seems to be a trend with Will
  8. Was in Henley yesterday, there were loads of people cheering and waving union flags as I drove down the road, they had even got a marching band to follow me down the road. Might have been because I managed to accidentally find myself at the head of an organised parade through town, but I'm taking it.
  9. This year, they are around on-par, I'm not going to go into which is faster because it changes by track and is largely difficult to prove, however, there is no way that the Merc is fast enough this year to get past a Red Bull that is deliberately giving a 'crash or yield' in every situation. You cannot pass that unless you are on a straight. F1 is a funny sport but it needs rules of engagement to allow passing to happen. If you can drive like a nut case, it's actually impossible to pass unless you are pulling 3+ seconds on someone a lap.
  10. The Sausage kerb unsettled the car and meant that he was a passenger into Lewis, which he should have expected if he was out there bumping over big kerbs. My issue with the way everything Max related is handled is that Max will put his car where there will be an accident if you don't back out, whether he's in front or behind. If Lewis backs out, he's being level headed but will never be able to get passed unless he has a huge speed advantage. If he doesn't back out then they will crash and anything can happen. That's not really racing is it? That's bumper cars. Even yesterday, Lewis tried to bail out when he noticed Max wasn't going to do the sensible thing that practically every other driver has done and bail out of the move but it was a bit late and the kerb launched Verstappen into him. The stewards need to make a stand at some point and say, you can't just be a wrecking ball driving around expecting everyone else to get out of your way, you aren't the only one on track. In years gone, you would see young drivers rocking up and driving like that and after a tangle or two with an old hand who knew they couldn't back down and getting a good dressing down for breaking the car they would learn. Max doesn't learn, he knows that 6, 7 or 8 times out of 10 he'll come out on top because the other guy is less crazy and will try to avoid an accident. If they leave it as it is and if Lewis decides he's not going to back down (he's not there yet, he's firmer than he was but still sensible), the two of them are never going to finish a race, it's ludicrous.
  11. Out of interest, for the top grills, can you replace the S1 grills with the E400 set back ones? I suspect it would mean taking the whole clam off so you would want to do it when you are doing something serious like the clutch but is it just a sleeve and set back grill or is the whole clamshell different?
  12. The only part I believe that is a bit strange is that it's loud and drones on the motorway. I suppose that depends on what speed you are going but around the correct speed limit mine is quiet even with sports mode on. I completely don't believe that the valve is always open with sports button on because I can hear it opening and closing at different revs (just wind the window down, it's quite loud)
  13. I believe that the behavior mentioned by 92 spicer is correct. My Lotus unit on a 2013 NA SR (which I assume works the same) with sport button on is loud at idle/low revs quiet when pootling then you will hear it pssht at 2.5k and let loose. Quiet on the motorway. Exactly as you would want. Note, I don't know when it gets loud with Sports button off... I only use that to move away from the neighbours
  14. Is WoT the standard state and it just reports deviance from that?
  15. Just came back from a drive, chap walks past... "It's lovely isn't it, a real work of art" Special every time you go out in it.
  16. I'll IM you as it's a bit OT
  17. Went to Ashdown forest last week and parked up in a quiet carpark. Young girl and lad emerge lad says 'WOW! WOW! Lotus, WOW!' the girl says 'we love your car!' Also went to West Wittering, driving behind a family car, kids notice the car and start staring out the back. Slightly uncomfortable driving along with two faces starting at you from the car in front!
  18. I have no problem with them pushing electric cars, I think they should focus on green energy sources primarily as this is the root issue with any generation of power. I don't think they need to force everyone into electric, there will be diminishing returns as you reach less and less people, so as long as the majority have migrated (which should be possible) the minority, where it's a total PITA to own one should be left alone. 25% of people park on the road, a reasonable amount of those will be doing short journeys and/or the pavement will be big enough to accommodate a charging point for each car (nicely integrated please!) There will be a group remaining who live in little roads or are enthusiasts and just want a petrol car. They will not have a large impact at this point, you just need to get over tipping point with the majority. Synthetic fuels should be used in these instances as well to minimise impact. I do have issues with the idea of heat pumps in housing and banning gas fired boilers. Again, those in smaller houses are going to suffer. Ground source will not be possible because there is nowhere to sink it/nowhere to store the enormous tech to actually deal with the heat conversion to your house. Air to air heat recovery is alright until it gets quite cold and then it just stops working... Which is rather unfortunate for a heat source! I think some new tech is needed there.
  19. Title says it all I was on foot
  20. I took this as a challenge... But you are right, I tried my best to make it bad and ended up with a car that looked really good...
  21. I actually quite like it with the boot open, it adds some dynamism to the shot.
  22. Let us know how it goes. Just beware of the perceived effect vs real outcome. Once you've spent money you could swear you feel a difference when there isn't really one!
  23. Nice bit of history there. Hope you have many happy miles together
  24. Must admit that at the time, I decided that a bank won't give you much interest and whilst I could put it into shares, I have a decent portfolio already so might as well 'diversify'. Not saying a car is an investment in any way shape or form, but decided that if the price holds up alright it's cheaper/around the same price as buying a newer cheaper car
  25. I don't think so, unless RB keep pushing the narrative strongly. Hopefully they can move on after a bit of complaining this weekend.
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