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  1. It's not an official Lotus garage. I'm never 100% on publicly posting on rates etc. without the garage permission (though it's probably fine) but I will PM you the price.
  2. I've had the car in to check on the rubbing noise from the rear and a none-too-smooth braking action on very light braking application. Outcome: Needs brakes, all the brakes... I've had the front discs and pads replaced today which resolves the smoothness of the braking (they had big deposits on the inner face causing this). The rears we are going to do at the next service. Also the handbrake drums were full of dust and rust etc. so have been swept out but will also need replacing with the rears, this is what is causing the 'rubbing sounds' as I'm driving along - FYI in case anyone comes across the same noise (sounds like a metal gently glancing against metal). Fortunately, I live just down the road from Steve Williams Sports Cars and by connection, the Elise Shop so it's going to be well looked after, and Steve is a thoroughly nice chap as well, well recommended if you are in the area.
  3. I feel that this thread is going to dissuade our dear OP. Let me give you a viewpoint for your position OP. I don't know exactly what your concerns are but, if it's car longevity, I kept an old Alfa GTV outside for 12 years, it was fine. You have to do a *little* more maintenance as some things will get attacked by the weather, but it's really not that bad (possibly different if you live next to a beach!). My GTV sold way above the 'going rate' at the time because it was in flawless condition. Yes, a car parked outside! On the road no less! If you are worried about theft, the Evora is a relatively terrible car to steal. It's too showy to be easy to hide/discuise and not popular enough to be easy to shift on. Joy riders, struggle these days because security is pretty damn good. 90-odd percent of stolen cars these days are stolen via hijacking the signal of keyless entry systems from outside your house - if you don't have keyless entry, that's out of the window too! If it's a thief who really wants your type of car on order and is willing to break in to get the keys or will trailer it off, chances are they know which garage it's in, when it's in and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. Outcome... If you want the car, if you love the car, buy the car. It's YOUR car so concentrate on what you are comfortable with, not on what others do :).
  4. Maybe that's @Bibs receipt for his new Evija 🙂
  5. @Dan E you have to buy one. When I'm not driving mine I want to drive it and when I come back from a long drive, I want to drive it more. It's brilliant and highly tormenting.
  6. Damn it @Bibs you are a massive tease!
  7. I've run wider tyres on cars in the past like that, it was fine no problem at all. The only issue I've seen is if you go smaller and it looks terrible as it has a 'pinched' look
  8. TdM

    Stick or Twist?

    If you don't like the colour you could always go all YouTuber and wrap it... Just check the insurance impact first but the rest of the car is much harder to change!
  9. It's usually blown under the wing I believe to allow a more aggressive wing angle so, yes, it would be angled in the same direction as airflow over the car. Straight up would detach the airflow and probably cause low pressure behind it and therefore turbulence that will result in loss of downforce and increase drag I would think.
  10. I agree that car looks nice without the black pack, I do generally prefer the Evora with it though. The 'pinch' in the middle makes it look a lot sleeker than without it. Definitely overpriced, but if you look at what is available at the moment on PH at least, I can see where they are going with it. There's one at 30k in a probably hard to sell (even if historic) paint scheme and IPS just below it at higher miles, an all black number with cloth back seats and a recent slightly late service for £28.5k privately and then other Lotus dealer cars of which even the S at the same price is an IPS. That doesn't make it good value at £33k but from a relative standpoint a near perfect car from a Lotus dealership could be seen in context as one of the better options at this specific point in time which is exactly how cars appreciate. That position will change as soon as another car is listed at less than this with similar draw or a manual S at a similar price from a dealer (that laser blue number does put some pressure on it though, but still it's private which does make a difference to many)
  11. Do note, and I'm sure you are aware, you won't get 1k for it from WBAC even if they say that. You'll probably get another £150 knocked off that at least. They are very efficient and, in my experience not as bad as advertised, but you should definitely expect to be knocked down. I can't help you on the repair costs/effort unfortunately, you may get away with getting at it and treating it rather than replacing if it's not too bad?
  12. 1991 Peugeot 205 1.1SX (I was proud of the green seatbelts, amazing) 2002 Peugeot 206 1.4LX from brand new. Totally non descript in silver. Quicker than the 205 in every way, less interesting but a 'nice car' 2000 Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0 TS. Wonderful car. Literally wonderful. Great community, made lots of friends, invited the owner of the local Alfa garage to my wedding. Loved the comeraderie on the roads when you saw another one. 2000 Volvo V70 2.4T. ugh... Needed a big boot. 2008 Jaguar XF SV8 - Oh so very very fast. 0-60 doesn't do it justice because it can't get the power down. Rolling launch its just stupid. Nice car but limited feel. Convinced me that I don't need more power as you can get to very bad numbers very quickly so can't really enjoy it on the road. 2013 Abarth 595 Turismo (still own it) - my path back to sports cars. It's light and just so much fun you can't drive it without laughing out loud. (If you ever get one make sure it has the record Monza exhaust). Convinced me I needed something that made me laugh again with a community. 2013 Lotus Evora NA sports Racer - wanted an NA so that it was well balanced power for the road. Is exactly what I wanted and enjoying waving at other Lotus owners on the road.
  13. This resurrection does allow me to address one point that I've noted come up a few times on different threads... What's wrong with the gearbox noises? I really like them, all the mechanical noises makes it sound more like a proper car.
  14. How long do you think it took him to come up with 'I am he and it's so good to see me and here's why!'? That's the kind of line that gets you a top job in Trump's speech writing team
  15. It often makes things you wanted to read disappear as soon as you scroll past it at well. FB is truly crap. This forum is great though! Also, nice lights!
  16. Suddabym, that's beautiful! Dream garage material.
  17. I've now got an image of you at work, windows open, absolutely drenched as is throwing it down, windscreen wipers sweeping water into the car, mask on holding a speed gun to a scared looking 17 year old's head... There's definitely a sketch in there somewhere.
  18. Nicely done. Reads a lot better now. Much more enticing and the pictures look great. Good luck with the sale!
  19. I might move the part about the clutch being done to the top of the ad and replace the blurry shots. It makes you look more fastidious if the pictures are all clear. Internal pictures with a straight steering wheel. I might also tone down the all offers part a bit. Maybe it's over picky but first impressions are important when you are spending a lot of money on a car. Length of the advert is good as it shows care. As people have said you have a limited audience so you really need to grab them. It's hard if you aren't having a conversation bit you could also try some insight to change their 'requirements'. Maybe something along the lines that when buying, through research, you found a car that could provide the performance benefits of a GT line but without the higher costs. People have probably already decided to buy an Evora at this point but you can change what they are looking for in an Evora. Try to weave in the 'opportunity' as well as FOMO i.e it's unique etc. Without making it used car salesman levels of obvious. A story of your experience is good as they are buying into your lifestyle/experiences
  20. Thanks Bibs, as ever, excellent advice! Will have a gander this weekend and see what's what
  21. I've got you covered: Cheap as chips!
  22. Thanks, love the duct tape idea, the car is black and white so it might actually work stylistically I'm going to have a play with it next weekend to see if I can work out what the failure and success points are in more detail. hopefully I can make some sense out of it
  23. Thanks, whilst that was a learning at the petrol station whilst frantically googling, it didn't resolve the initial issue. Was certainly odd felt like something was blocking it but I tried putting the tether everywhere. The reason I knew it wasn't the solenoid or latch was because I could close it if I held the fuel cap in one hand. Had no problem at all the first time I filled it up!
  24. So, second time filling the Evora, i couldn't close the fuel door. It kept popping up. I tried moving the rubber tether this way and that tried pressing the release button again etc. Had an embarrassing drive home where literally everyone was trying to tell me my fuel door was open. After a lot of fiddling, I managed to close it seemingly by ensuring the 'bar' handle of the filler cap was completely parallel to the line of the car... Is this a 'thing'? Does anyone have any advice? I don't want to be stood on a forecourt for 30 minutes fighting with a fuel door with everyone watching!
  25. Lovely Scotty can't wait to hear about it out on the road!
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