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  1. I actually quite like it with the boot open, it adds some dynamism to the shot.
  2. Let us know how it goes. Just beware of the perceived effect vs real outcome. Once you've spent money you could swear you feel a difference when there isn't really one!
  3. Nice bit of history there. Hope you have many happy miles together
  4. Must admit that at the time, I decided that a bank won't give you much interest and whilst I could put it into shares, I have a decent portfolio already so might as well 'diversify'. Not saying a car is an investment in any way shape or form, but decided that if the price holds up alright it's cheaper/around the same price as buying a newer cheaper car
  5. I don't think so, unless RB keep pushing the narrative strongly. Hopefully they can move on after a bit of complaining this weekend.
  6. Max has an awful lot to say about it for someone who wanted to stay out of it though: Honestly hope this is just thrown out. What a waste of time. Racing incident through and through
  7. Welcome, I look forward to seeing your car. A good choice if I do say so myself
  8. That's hilarious. When the fuel gets too low, all the indicators point at the fuel warning light.
  9. Out of interest does the cost of a lawyer come out of RBR's budget cap?
  10. What I do find a little worrying in my experience is quite a lot of drivers coming in the opposite direction tend to drift towards the Evora. I presume that this is because they are staring and your hands tend to take you where you are looking. It happens quite a bit though and it's quite disconcerting.
  11. I believe 60l is true. I trust you have the long ratio gear box. On a run, I think I can get into the mid 30s, I've seen some on here have returned over 40mpg at times but I'm relatively certain it's impossible with the short ratio box.
  12. What's it like on the road with that negative camber dialed in? Do you find it tugging and wandering a lot?
  13. I agree C8. Racing incident. Both could have avoided, I think it was important for Lewis not to yield here though. As per the end of the video you posted, he has, time and again yielded to Max to avoid accidents as the more mature driver. Unfortunately, you can't do that and fight a World Championship from behind, especially against someone who will just assume you are going to yield. You need to set a marker down and say, if you do that, there will be contact. Hamilton was alongside as they approached the corner. The folks who say it was front to rear wheel contact proves it was Hamilton's fault don't realise that a driver trying to be more sensible and slowing down is the one who will end up looking more at fault. Max obviously saw Hamilton, waited for him to lift (which he did slightly) and then tried to chop across to make him lift more/brake and give himself space, it didn't work. Live by the sword etc..
  14. Hope you've got it in gear! The handbrake gives me the jitters
  15. It's funny, I've had leather dashes on old cars before and never had an issue leaving it out in the sun. This suggests to me that it's the particular leather that they are using that is the problem (or the way they are fitting it). It must be sortable fairly easily by a retrimmer
  16. Sorry, don't know the exact location! Both waved.
  17. All my in-laws are Japanese and so are a lot of my friends. I have that problem all the time but it's accidental.
  18. Can you not get it retrimmed by someone into something less affected by the sun? Better quality leather must be fine as other cars don't have this issue. If I was retrimming the whole dash, I'd just upgrade it at the same time... Although it'll cost a bit more than the current quoted price.
  19. This could actually be quite an interesting question, there is obviously an attraction for car enthusiasts in Japan for British sportscars. The thing that will be interesting though is the size. The Exige and Elise would have been quite popular because they are small and light which works well in Japan. I've seen a few around myself in various cities. The Emira is not so small. I'm sure this has been taken into account in the marketing and scoping but will be interesting to see the change in sales mix due to this. Those streets in Japan can be super narrow and you need somewhere to park to even buy a car which can also be space limited, they even have police come to measure the space to make sure your car will fit!
  20. It's just a map, so why not? Your problem is that you would need someone to crack the Lotus encryption first and I don't think anyone has yet and the numbers aren't there to bother trying
  21. You can definitely ignore those type of comments. Being at GFOS it was astounded at the lack of knowledge by the general populace on almost every car but at the Lotus stand people didn't seem to have a clue what was what. Someone even said "I didn't know they still made cars". What really astounded me was that a lot of these were 'lads' who you would expect to have had some interest in quick cars... The moral of the story, Lotus, at least for the moment, are for connoisseurs.
  22. On the two points active here: Speed, I agree, it's more fun having a bit less speed on the road. You can be going seriously quickly in a short space of time if you aren't careful and that means you feel you are holding back all the time which can get in the way in my opinion. Safety tech, I'm a little biased here but you can be affected by problems such as sleep apnea that you may not at all be aware of and can trigger micro-sleeps that you also won't notice even if you aren't feeling drowsy. These can mean that you lose control or miss something in an instant. The newest and best systems can instantly detect these and save your life. Also will help you in case of incapacitation due to any number of other medical issues - The Emira won't have this full avoidance system (you need electric steering) but, honestly, the more cars that have it on the road the better. You may even learn of medical conditions that you have that you didn't know about that makes your life a whole lot better and that can't be a bad thing.
  23. Nope, check your parking slip, it specifically says supercar! There were some nice cars in there though. Most were. I think it's worth paying a little for safer parking and easy access to the car as it's basically part of the event.
  24. I'll take AEB and eye tracking DMS if they are on offer. They have zero impact on my day to day life except for if something goes wrong, in which case they might just save it. Lane departure, coffee cup warnings and the like can go swivel though.
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