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    Lotus Emira Instrument binnacle. Flappy paddles on display...
  2. Think it was a good result for Hamilton in the end really. He was looking at being 14 points down realistically after this race. The pit stop screwed his chances of getting more than 3rd and even if that hadn't happened, it was probably 2nd behind Verstappen. He emerges from the race only a few points down and off the back of a couple of bad tracks and multitude of errors from the whole team. Can't complain too much!
  3. TdM

    Stonor Supercar Sunday

    I'll keep an eye out for it!
  4. I followed for a while (totally not a stalker) then both gave a wave as we parted ways.
  5. It is interesting, all of the specialists and brokers give me sky high quotes, the 'big names' are cheaper for me and LV is the cheapest this year. I think they just flip a coin.
  6. It does appear that they don't bother trying to make concessions for the second driver's style and just say 'drive the car like Max or leave'. It's not smart. The fact that they keep going through drivers at a rate of knots and apparently none of these promising drivers are good enough in their car (whilst being nagged incessantly on the radio) suggests that maybe, just maybe, it's not the drivers that are the problem...
  7. It was seen fairly recently (March) at Steve Williams if that's really the only one in the UK. If it's been looked after there then it's been well serviced.
  8. Thought someone had put a mirror up for a second. White Evora in traffic heading down the hill into Henley. I was heading up the hill. Both flashed and thumbs up. Good to see you whoever you may be!
  9. You could probably lose the doors as well. Shouldn't do these things half heartedly!
  10. A little girl crashed her bike because she was busy staring at the car today. 'were you looking at the car?' said her dad ' we always admire that car' says her sister. Cue long discussion about the car. Love the interaction this car brings it's nice to propagate some car passion in others.
  11. It's almost certainly going to be possible to unencrypt the ECU. The question is, has anyone invested the time effort and expertise to do so on a car that is not going to have many people rushing to your door to chip it for 10 bhp or so. Unlikely IMO
  12. Those 'fresh from the garage cars' aren't worth paying more for unless you are going to put it in a collection in my opinion. You instantly worry about putting miles on it for risk of ruining it's USP. Better to buy a high miler and enjoy it all the time.
  13. Just drove into the vaccine centre, my welcome? 'Beautiful car!'
  14. I think it can take a while to work it's way through the drain holes in the boot as well, especially when there might be a few leaves or something down there...
  15. Happy birthday and congratulations!
  16. TdM

    Stonor Supercar Sunday

    Shame that the Esprit isn't coming but happy to say hi if opportunity presents
  17. My car doesn't do hibernation... What it does need after all this rain is a good wash...
  18. Could be. Infotainment is bought in. Emira is at the lower end of the volume scale do probably either low priority vs. larger manufacturers or all manufacturers have allocation cut on a %age basis. Could/probably will slow down deliveries but it's the same for everyone at the moment.
  19. That's just common criminals. Don't know how anyone thinks it's OK to act like that and damage other people's property. Poor bugger who owns that car is going to be fuming
  20. Anyone else going? I went the year before last and there was a an Evora GTE from Hoffman's in the show getting huge attention and a cluster of Evoras in the public parking area. Not the biggest show but a nice day out
  21. It's a glamour event so you get all sorts. The main parking is a field with same quality of parking care as a supermarket. Also the parking attendants can be hit and miss and you may be crawling up a hill in a field in a traffic jam for a long time... God only knows the mess if it rains! If you can ease that pain for a few quid I would (and did) pay
  22. Index finger, it was a confirmation, not rude. I presume they are a reserved person.
  23. I flashed (many times, over excited, my first Evora on the road) you raised an index finger in response.
  24. Stupid question @Reindeer do I need to order one box or two to do both sides?
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