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  1. That's just common criminals. Don't know how anyone thinks it's OK to act like that and damage other people's property. Poor bugger who owns that car is going to be fuming
  2. Anyone else going? I went the year before last and there was a an Evora GTE from Hoffman's in the show getting huge attention and a cluster of Evoras in the public parking area. Not the biggest show but a nice day out
  3. It's a glamour event so you get all sorts. The main parking is a field with same quality of parking care as a supermarket. Also the parking attendants can be hit and miss and you may be crawling up a hill in a field in a traffic jam for a long time... God only knows the mess if it rains! If you can ease that pain for a few quid I would (and did) pay
  4. Index finger, it was a confirmation, not rude. I presume they are a reserved person.
  5. I flashed (many times, over excited, my first Evora on the road) you raised an index finger in response.
  6. Stupid question @Reindeer do I need to order one box or two to do both sides?
  7. Maybe we all need to wear matching shorts so we can spot/avoid each other
  8. TdM


    Coinbase works well
  9. Booked tickets for Thursday as well, performance parking in West car park
  10. Found and drove Harry Metcalf's favourite road around his area today in the Evora. It's like being at Alton Towers, what a blast!
  11. You aren't wrong, throwing it up the inside of some at apexes and the outside of others, gotta have some stones to trust them to not turn in or drift wide. Only mitigating factor is he's going past so quickly there's less time for them to do something silly. Pretty sure most of them won't have seen him coming at those closing speeds.
  12. You'll enjoy the change to bring able to keep your foot down and enjoy the build of thrust whilst bit doing silly speeds (though you still need to be careful!) Should be easy to find one with cruise control, so if you want it/use it then I'd probably put it in the must column. Heated seats more difficult, you would need a later model as wasn't available at launch. I would say it's not that essential anyway vs. other packs. You can always retro fit a solution if you are adamant. You want the sports pack in my opinion especially if you are coming from a big V8 and your buying decision for an NA is based on stretching it's legs you'll want the extra revs. SR will be very difficult to find both in general (around 45 NA in total I think?) and at that price. It's nice to have but I would say the biggest issue with the LE vs. SR is noise which is relatively easily fixable. LE is a bit softer as well IMO and has slightly more magic carpet ride. The LE would have been up there with my Jag on ride from my experience, the SR is firmer. Still comfortable but with more bite especially on secondary ride. Don't worry too much. If you buy on condition you will get a good car at that price. They also wear miles well so don't worry too much about that either. It's a fairly easy car to buy as long as you can find one!
  13. 4C definitely a good shout otherwise you are heading for something with a 911 badge or a GTR? Ferrari 360? those should all hold value well (though the upkeep could ruin your life if you don't sell them soon enough!
  14. As you say, I think overtaking is the only real downside of the NA. It's still quick enough to blow past things quite quickly but you do fall back toward predicting gaps a little more than with a more torquey engine. The only other thing I miss is easy, no effort, power on oversteer but that's mainly because it's rear-biased weight MR rather than FR of my old car. Generally, it's plenty fast enough (unless you are being chased by a McLaren 570 like I was last weekend, but I don't think an S will fix that). I actually prefer the fact that I can drive this car properly rather than my last car which was just pick a number and tickle the throttle to reach it. Warp speed by the next corner loses it's appeal on the road quite quickly.
  15. Little kid on a bike, his jaw hit the floor as I drive past. The face he made was hilarious. Also a dog tried to chase the car today. Not sure if that counts!
  16. Both flashed. Great day for British sports car spotting as well today
  17. I would expect understeer when wet and/or cold with the Pirelli on the front, not much of an issue I would think. Think I'm running 2.2/2.4 F/R on my PS4s at the moment. Mainly because I don't want the TPMS to buzz at me. TPMS triggers at below 2.1 I believe which is annoying.
  18. Do update please, I need these too so would be interested if I can get cheaper options
  19. Well, one seems to be an undesirable that is always on sale (not sure why, it did sell eventually then came almost straight back on the market) the other, probably an outlier in price but also apparently doesn't have the premium pack
  20. Should be fine to launch an IPS. Left foot hold launch might cause some strain on the torque converter if held for too long outside of that no worries about mechanicals really. 0-60 tests were pretty vague anyway. When did Lotus test it? On what surface? You probably want a nice sunny but slightly crisp day so the tarmac is warm but the air cool enough to give max power. What tyres are you on? PS4s will give a better launch than the pirelli they will have been using, Cup 2s better again. So on... I rarely feel the NA needs more poke. Only when overtaking really. I prefer that occasional feeling to the frustration of rarely being able to deploy what it does have.
  21. That blue one won't last long at that price. Wonder if these are deliberate 'quick sale' prices of people aren't paying attention/not confident to chance the current market rate
  22. That's almost giving it away in the current market
  23. JayEmm, Harry's garage, The smoking tyre, Carfection, Hoovies Garage, Doug De Muro (although he seems to have run low on interesting content of late old stuff is better) And... Cleetus MacFarland... Because, I don't know welding huge turbos to cars in a hugely stupid fashion is childish...
  24. £50,001 C8? OK you twisted my arm but I'll take it.
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