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  1. Airbag warning light, check engine light, not sure about the gear one without checking. It probably just needs an OBD plugged in and a reset. A dealer should be able to do a reset for you or you can buy and OBD reader from Amazon. May be worth running it by a dealer just in case though.
  2. Even the stock NA has a mad suction sound from the intake (with the window down) so I'm sure an aftermarket number sounds fairly manic
  3. I also quite like that. Quite cheap too. The wheels might be divisive, I think they look alright though. I'm sure it'll find a buyer soon.
  4. Not to sound stupid, but as far as I'm aware, Lotus don't modify the head, therefore any of the V6 exhausts no matter the bore 'in theory' would fit the head. Whether the rest of it fits is another question but if one type fits, it's likely another does I would have thought? Very uninformed thinking there so don't put any money on it but would be interesting to know if someone knows differently perhaps @Hangar 111?
  5. Noco starters are great. A Noco GB-40 will do the job for you, small, fairly light and instant start. The main concern is if the battery has gone so dead that it doesn't want to unlock the boot. I suspect that's the one that you were most worried about? You then need to use the handle inside the car to manually trigger the release and hope it works. It's probably only something to worry about if you are leaving the car for a long time (especially in the cold), there's usually enough charge to open the car up even if it's near flat.
  6. The clean break approach is definitely the least painful. I'll probably have a mooch down there at the weekend if it's out front, not in the market but always nice to see a nice special edition.
  7. The Emira will be reliable, the Evora is and it's largely the same but built by more modern processes. You always get some teething problems with cars, but you don't really find truly unreliable cars anymore. It's likely the launch Emira will be a little slower than the top Evora's, but... Who cares? It won't be by much and I'm sure a hot version will be along to be quicker. As for prices, the Evora has back seats and a very different look + less tech which very well might attract a different buyer. There are also not many of them which should keep prices firm. The Emira will have lane keeping and auto braking and everything else you need these days, some people just don't want that. Hopefully it will avoid the speed limiter requirement. I think it has 'launched' in time to avoid it.
  8. That one was cheap as chips. The advert was terrible, but no idea what they were thinking listing it at that price.
  9. It does go fairly bright on mine but it's annoying that you have to have the instruments on 'Blackpool illuminations' mode to get the buttons and heater controls to a good light level.
  10. Based only on a drive on the track though. Having watched Harry's review of the new GT3, it seems it's a PITA on the road and is overly track focused. Essentially, they've chased Nurburgring times and ended up with a car that can't drive in a straight line along a road.
  11. If you've ever driven down a backstreet in Japan, the Cube makes sense (the flatter the extremities of the car the better!). Just not sure why they made it over here.
  12. But late, but Merry Christmas to you all. Hope you're having a great day.
  13. Good heel and toe shoes those for the more spacious footwells out there. Excellent coverage for widely spaced pedals.
  14. I agree, I've never bought a car on finance, but having browsed out of interest, it always seemed that the German cars finance packages were light years ahead of anybody else's. This goes to show why they are so successful. Unfortunately, I think that also is why they can offer them. The more successful you are the easier it is to offer easy money. So on, so forth.
  15. A touch off topic, but... It's a wing not a spoiler. A spoiler would be more like a wall stopping airflow. The wing will produce an effect at any speed, it just won't make much difference at slow speeds. That wing alone produces about 150kg of downforce at 190mph so at 95 it produces 37.5kg (approx.). If we say the mass of a GT430 wet is 1350kg, 60% over the rear wheels... 540kg? So you are adding about 7% more grip at the rear at 95 mph purely for the rear wing. That's VERY rough and simplified and this will probably give a greater benefit than stated. Now it's far from out of the question that you would be taking a sweeper at 95mph and the above suggests that even playing it safe you would still be gaining a benefit at 60. It's not huge but it's not negligible. Working with the rest of the aero you get an even greater benefit. Therefore it's a useable benefit, even at road speeds.
  16. Depends how quickly you intend to go around a corner surely?
  17. I really like the colour combo on the green one... Maybe it's just me. That one probably isn't that bad. You could also get a number of the things sorted by the dealer, at least the wheels and such I would think. Leather, there are products to clean that up that's cheaper than re-upholstering. Would be looking carefully though to make sure there's nothing else going on that isn't called out.
  18. Continuing the theme. Merry Christmas all!
  19. Sounds a little bit like you want to justify a 400 😄 I think these are pretty personal decisions to make. As mentioned, your best bet is to buy one that's been looked after. Nothing wrong with needing to replace a clutch etc. if you are going in eyes open but if it's a long list then questions might start to build as to the history of the car and how well it's been maintained? Good ones will come up you just need to be patient. The 400 vs S1 really is very very personal. I don't like the 400 (interior or exterior really) and wouldn't buy one TBH, that's my personal choice. I would consider one of the GT4xx cars, but, again, I personally would feel that it's probably too capable on the road (they sound wonderful though!). I prefer less poke and more fun. I would even agree with @jep that the smaller wheels are a bit more lively (I've got the larger on mine but have driven both). Anyway, I would advise you go and look at the options in person and drive an S1 and a 400 and see which you prefer. Literally, everyone has a different opinion, they are all great cars and it depends on what you want.
  20. TdM


    Yeah, it's a nice time to buy. Just top up during the dips. I'm sure there will be more.
  21. EVs are in silly mode. 2.x 0-62 times... Why? I know that everyone is terribly excited by the instant torque and snapping acceleration and that's nice and all, but after one or two launches it turns into a 'nice to know it's there' which is fine on a big cruiser but a bit boring on a sports car because you can never actually really use it. I literally wanted a car that I could actually push on in on the public road without it getting into silly numbers, the NA does that perfectly. I've done "pick a number and flex your toe to that amount" type of car and whilst it can give you some satisfaction, most of the time you just drive around wishing you could find somewhere that you could actually wind it out, which is basically only a slip road.
  22. Quite, when I was looking and had a conversation with the chaps at Silverstone Lotus, they said that they bring it up to showroom standard which means the margins can be thin unless they get the car in in excellent condition.
  23. You flashed your hazards as I was behind you, then had a small chase around Maidenhead. Then I got stuck behind a bike 🤣
  24. TdM

    Formula One

    I'm sorry... I'm still going. I'm really annoyed by large chunks of the F1 press right now and also some fans. A lot of press are saying that it's good for the sport that Mercedes dropped the case, some saying that they were being bad sports. I'm sorry, but there is no way on Earth you can justify what happened on Sunday. It was dirty as hell and the press are trying to flip it on Mercedes and Toto/Lewis as being bad sports for not accepting that it happened. I think the whole structure of F1 top to bottom is exposing itself as rotten to the core. They are a dirty dictatorship and everyone even remotely reliant on F1 for a paycheck is afraid of the FIA. Now, I can't believe I'm going to say this, but take football as a good example of how a community reacts to injustice. They see corruption or wrong doing and they realise it's a threat to the sport and force the establishment into climb downs, the press cover it, the fans protest. In F1 the press are scared, half the fans don't seem to care if the system is broken as long as they get a different champion and nothing will change. I've cancelled my subscriptions to anything related to F1 and I really want to move on but I've been following this, what I thought was a sport, for decades and I've seen some dirty crap in my time doing so, trust me. But I just can't believe the awful response from the FIA, journalists and large members of the community to this utter disregard of sporting values. Apologies for the rant, I needed an outlet and this is the place least likely to have someone wind me up even more with an inane response.
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