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  1. Thanks for the info Tony - I'm planning on a full suspension refurbishment so maybe this would be a good thing to do at the same time. Do you know whether Lotus has revised the part or is it the same across the V6 range?
  2. Thanks all. @TonyKL did you replace yours with original items or you went through the upgrade route? Do you track your car regularly? @Arun_D I did hear about this but luckily it seems to be isolated cases rather than a common fault - tempting fate here I know...
  3. Hi all, A had a look and couldn't find an answer - are these prone to fail like the ones on the S2s? I've seen a couple of upgrade options on the usual websites but not sure whether Lotus has already rectified this well known and serious issue on its latest applications (S3 cars). Thanks
  4. Lovely car and pics Give us a shout pls if you are planning to sell the oem wheels
  5. That price! Substantially more expensive that the AIM - do we know why?
  6. Thanks for sharing @Jack Did all Rs come with ohlins as standard or was it an extra cost? Any insight as to how they compare against the 2 way Nitrons?
  7. @kris2674 care to provide some info please?
  8. @Leo Exige not that it matters but simply out of curiosity, what was the bhp figure? Did you achieve the quoted Lotus output?
  9. I'm rather surprised that JUBU is funneling resources for developing such a niche item/upgrade for an already niche car. The target group for a Lotus is already tiny let alone an upgrade that costs 30k on whatever currency that is. How many items are they planning to sell I wonder, or is this just a experimental exercise to solidify their name around the Lotus field? I remember when I contacted Akrapovic to ask whether they were planning to release an exhaust for our cars and their reply was that there are simply not enough cars out there to justify the development - and that's just
  10. Hi Andy, Mine is the negative and earth.
  11. Hi all, I was wondering what people do to look after these body panels (roof, boot, spoiler, access panel) and what kind of products do they use to keep them in tip top condition - clearly we can't use wax so what can we use? Does anyone know whether this is a matt black paint or simply the original colour of the plastic left unpainted for weight (money) saving purposes ? If it's just the plastic what happens when a repair is needed? Replacement part I take it? Thanks
  12. Can anyone using plain engineering terminology please explain what is the radical difference(s) on the newer cars making it incompatible to the older ones?
  13. Many thanks, surprised to see the rears are so thin?
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