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  1. Thanks ^^ that makes sense then. I suppose calipers will also need spacers?
  2. PF8 or RC6 is next for me - I can't live with the poor initial bite of the DS2500. Yes more noise and rotor wear but given the annual mileage and limited number of TDs I should be fine. Correct me if I'm wrong but I've seen 2 different diameters for rotors, 332mm and 343mm. Am i right to think that the contact patch is actually the same? And if so, how can the bigger disc fitted to the OEM bell?
  3. Hello all, An installation question to all if I may. This kit was fitted on my car by the previous owner and I noticed that the solenoid was cable tied with the rest of the pipework/hoses without that causing any harm. As I wanted to double check I asked Imran to send me the instructions (thanks Imran) so some drilling and a premium bolt from racebolt after saw the solenoid mounted to the engine. Now my question is - since the solenoid is now in direct contact with the engine is getting dead hot as opposed to earlier which made me think that Lotus dealership (the ones who fitted the
  4. Same here - I didn't want anything on the windscreen to obstruct the view - it's tiny as it is. I can post a pic tomorrow but I've got a Prodit item and use a quadlock mount which is this bad boy Prodit can be found here It works for me as it's out of the way but still offers very good visibility - especially these days with big screen devices.
  5. MrD

    New 430 cup

    The colour is absolutely a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Fantastic stuff - enjoy!
  6. Mine started rocking in Snetterton yesterday - 14 plate car. Admittedly I wasn't aware of this issue up until I started looking for it - genuinely surprised to see that it's such a big and widely documented problem. Shame really because even though a Lotus owner should never care about quality of plastics, rattles, noise, rusted bolts {put whatever you fancy in here - list is big} one thing to care is absolute driving experience. And a rocking seat on a driver's car is disappointing. In my opinion - and given that Lotus was aware of the problem - it would be way better if they just bolt t
  7. Many thanks for the info mate, will do
  8. @RedViper how does your 2bular track system compare to OEM exhaust please? Is it louder or just different? The exhaust chapter on these cars is a real headache. I would certainly like to invest on noise but I do take my car on track. OEM exhaust is just about right for track and truth is that I wouldn't like to part with my hard earned and go with the track option exhaust if the sound difference is not substantial - might as well stay OEM. Unless of course track 2bular is a real winner apart from the fact that it's lighter. 380 option is an absolute no no given the db levels and to t
  9. I also had that dilemma (250 CUP Vs V6 that was) but driving them back to back cleared up the picture. The Elise is hands down an awesome car but 3 were the main issues for me. It didn't seem particularly quick, the new engine lacked drama and the price...oh the price. You see, when S2 Elises/Exiges were on the mid 30s carrying a supercharged high rev engine then it was no brainer, 250 cups are now flirting with £50k spec dependent. This is a different territory altogether and a beefed up similar platform to the S2s with fancy aero would not justify the extra outlay for me. I had driven m
  10. Always a good opportunity for a pic:) Here is my Cup in Solar Yellow; DSC02387 by Yiannis Deligiannis, on Flickr DSC02393 by Yiannis Deligiannis, on Flickr DSC02402 by Yiannis Deligiannis, on Flickr DSC02408 by Yiannis Deligiannis, on Flickr DSC02419 by Yiannis Deligiannis, on Flickr DSC02425 by Yiannis Deligiannis, on Flickr DSC02413 by Yiannis Deligiannis, on Flickr
  11. Awesome pic:) Quaiffe are not great when it comes to rectifying a potential issue with their product as they will always try and blame something else, ask me how I know;) With that said, if the diff does not lock when both wheels are on the ground then the item has gone belly up and they won't have any excuses. In regards to the 'gear popping out' issue I would also check the cables as a first move to make sure everything is fine - especially as you have upgraded to the revised linkage. I might be wrong but I understand that fitting this to older cars is not a easy and widely done
  12. Mega project this - not so sure on the colour choice but top marks for going wild. The box issue is an interesting development. When you say the diff doesn't work I assume that it doesn't lock any more? Did it gradually deteriorate or one day it just decided not to lock and function as an open diff? Not a fan of ATB diffs myself but they are usually pretty bulletproof and fit and forget items. Gear popping out doesn't have to be worn syncros (especially if you can effortlessly select gears and experience no crunching) but sometimes worn mounts can cause this particularly if the extr
  13. Lovely shots! Whilst I appreciate that the plastic/CF boot is functional (keeping temps down) and purposeful (low weight) I do also agree with the above posts. The glass boot is class and if the engine bay is tidy then it's something to show off;) Enhanced rear visibility is also a bonus:)
  14. The guy with the blue changed his mind and he retracted the advert and the guy with the yellow sold it to me:) I emailed both within the first 30 minutes the adverts went live (yes, you can probably tell that I was looking for a CUP:)) and the seller of the latter told me - when I eventually went to view the car - that he had more than 50 emails in a week! Not sure why that 360 doesn't go though - it certainly looks the business - but I think that it might have to do with the price. There is another low mileage V6 CUP flirting with £50k and it's been sitting there for ages. Price or
  15. Superb Gary - please let me know how you get on! I found this product from HID4U; But again - no real feedback.
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