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  1. Thanks Mark. So how is the cooling achieved on the OEM application then? Just air from the side vents? To the untrained eye (like mine) there are substancial differences when comparing a 410/430 to a 350/380 EX460 kit. The former is a big square box like the Harrop unit (I suppose the cooling bit is incorportated with the SC) and the latter has the supercharger sitting on the cooler. Any benefits/drawbacks of each? I think I read somewhere - don't quote me on this of course - that the stock SC is already on the edge of its performance on our cars - I take it that with the chargecooler the stresses are less as it operates at lower temps? Thanks
  2. Nice project this - by now you must have done every single upgrade to the car! It might have been mentioned but I take it that you have also upgraded the clutch to cater for the extra torque/power? Mainly for educational purposes, what is the difference between the Komotec solution (chargecooling on the base of the existing SC unit) and the 410/430 in regards to the supercharger application? Thanks
  3. Awesome write up, thanks for taking the time to do this👍
  4. Not a 410 but the rear box of my v6 cup (same as 350) is 16 kgs.
  5. Is the issue you described particularly for the Lotus application @Tex? I had Rc6, rc8, pf08, ds1.11 and quite a few more on my clio but never had any noise issues as such, brembo caliper.
  6. Thanks Paul. I've heard nothing but praise through the years for the RS29s on various platforms and forums - the reason I haven't tried them yet is purely the cost and the fact that the PF08 and RC6 are both brilliant. I might have to take the plunge when my DS2500 run out just to satisfy my curiosity, given of course that I can persuade myself that a 30% more expensive pad can be considerably better that the aforementioned solutions.
  7. Has anyone tried the pagid RS29 compound?
  8. Legend @Bibs Would it be possible to make an inquiry and pm me the price if this is not too much to ask? Many thanks:)
  9. Resurrecting an old thread rather than starting a new one, best place to buy a set of OEM forged wheels these days then please? I gave up trying to source a used set.. Thanks.
  10. Might be a silly question but can't seem to be able to find the answer. I know that the dash comes with the clocked mileage preset but given its price I'd be looking to sell separately if/when decide to sell the car. Would the potential buyer be able to change the mileage and most importantly, would I be able to change the mileage on the original dash? Thanks
  11. The state of those springs! Good story, naturally the car would now understeer unless you soften the front out both ways - but you must know that already:)
  12. Best macca of the range, only downside is the soundtrack but the car is truly amazing - very well done!
  13. AIM's data logger seems to be a good feature for the TD enthusiast but it is not great for the committed/racer - this is why it falls into the "nice to have" category. The latter group of people would naturally go to vbox. From what I can judge - and I'll stand corrected if I speak non sense - the vast majority buy this mainly for its interface...going "digital" with a plug and play solution. I certainly belong to this category but problem here is that this part (which is the main reason for purchasing I repeat) carries quite a few bugs yet to be ironed out. It'd be interesting to see how the "approved" version will compare, waiting with anticipation:)
  14. Same here to be honest. The current item has too many bugs for my liking, especially when you pay top dollar for it. If the "Road approved" dash is faultless then it'd be a much more promising solution, albeit without the lap timer - hopefully lotus will be offering this option as an upgrade.
  15. Problem is that the price difference (labour and kit Vs moroso unit) is quite substantial, especially when you consider that you'd also have to pay labour for switching the sumps over. If it doesn't leak then why bother?
  16. @Jcx compression changes will not solve the issue you are experiencing but dropping the rebound at the rear a couple of clicks might help. As mentioned above, less of a rebound will make the damper return to its original state quicker, you don't want to drop it much though because it'd start feeling that the rear is only on springs. You are right by saying that stiffening the front resulted to the rear not wanting to rotate easily. Stiffening the front axle removes the grip from there, you end up having more grip at the rear so more difficult to rotate. Same principle for the rear, stiffening the rear and softening the front a bit makes it a treat for the track. Increase the front rebound and you also tune out understeer on exit. Too much and you have understeer on entry so again, you need to find the gold spot:)
  17. Not wanting to hijack the FE thread but people might find this info useful. Mine is 6 and a half years old and it had the gates changed 2 times, one in 2016 (date was also written on the sump) and one now under my possession. I need to check my records and see which garage did the first change, worth mentioning that the other garages (one was a lotus dealership) didn't bother, maybe because they were concerned of a possible future leak or maybe because the previous owner didn't give the go ahead. I had mine done at Rapid mechanical services and Andy reassured me that if done properly there is nothing to worry about. Apparently he's done it on a few sumps now with no issues and I'm sure there are many capable people out there to do a good job. Imo, if lotus says 2 years then 2 years it is unless the car sees no use at all so you might want to consider an interval stretch. Added bonus, a keyring with a lotus rubber gate;) 400 miles since the last service and the sump is bone dry as always which is good news:)
  18. If I understand this correctly, do the rears lose contact with the road when this happens? Maybe this is due to the fact that there is a limited droop travel on these cars? General rule with the rebound is that the more you give, the slower the damper reacts. So in your case you want it to react quicker which means you need to make it "softer" if that makes sense (adjust towards -). That however will not solve anything if there is not enough droop to achieve contact and damper is already fully decompressed. Apologies if I didn't really get what you meant.
  19. IMO, the baffled sump is an upgrade only if you visit the track regularly and you are a quick driver (to warrant the benefits of having one) - otherwise is a pain in the ass. Something I found out after I bought my car was that the rubber gates inside the sump need to be replaced every 2 years. Which means extra labour for dropping the sump (with risk of leaking in the future if not done properly) plus the kit.
  20. AIM dash on the final edition cars looks good and it should be free of any bugs. Clearly they went to the extend of redesigning the skins and linking DPM switch with them which is a very nice touch, however that 9k range is still there. I understand why it was there in the first place but the FE models are not high revving - people keep asking about this, it'd be nice if AIM/Lotus had accommodated this request. It'd be interesting to see whether Lotus will supply this version going forwards or just keep the existing AIM dash for the retro fitters.
  21. Tyre selection is definitely a personal choice and it depends on many variables. I'd personally stay away from the latest AD08 compound as it's not as good as the R (previous one, unless of course you can find the AD08R). CUP2s if the car would see the track and driven mostly on dry days and PS4s if the car is used all through the year. Exceptional wet grip and more than sufficient dry grip for the road. But let's face it, we live in the UK, it rains most of the time:) Drawback is the softer sidewalls, it dilutes the turn in a bit even though it adds to the comfort (is that really a thing we are after?). All the above is a personal taste of course and based on tyres I tried on different cars but not the Lotus. I bought mine on CUP2s which are not impressive on a wet and cold day I have to say. Superb on track if pressures are looked after.
  22. Exactly the same experience @Tex including this "whooshing" when the damper is compressed. I won't be removing them myself mainly because I am not confident enough to do so. I'll drop my car to Andy at Rapid Mechanical Services in Romford (he is an exceptional guy and massively helpful) who is more than willing to do it for me and leave the car on axle stands, safely stored in his workshop. I bet - and from my experience in tricky dampers" that these bad boys are low on Nitrogen hence the knocking but either way they have to be done properly. I'm kind of a suspension freak and need to make sure that they always operate at their best but it's crazy when you think that we need to budget around £750 plus labour (if you are not removing them yourself) every 2 years just for the dampers alone! Oh well, the joys right? Interesting thing is that [email protected] - and when was asked about various dampers and upgrading routes as I am torn between upgrading to 3 way or going Ohlins - rated the 3 way Nitrons higher than the 2 way TTX 32s mainly for the independence of adjustability and linearity. That is from someone who can service and supply both brands and has allegedly put every single damper under his dyno. Interesting fact worth mentioning I believe without wanting to start a "which one is better" debate of course:)
  23. Another fellow RenaultSport owner, nice one! And it seems that you've got one from the end of the run of the best Megane ever made, mk3 that is:) Colour? I don't personally rate the KWs, Clubsports is an overpriced V3 with top mounts, overdamped twin tube setup with a million clicks but no linearity. The fixed damping bilstein inverted monotube dampers that the clio racer cars use have the same service schedule (not sure about the rest of the premium range), unless of course you are racing so in that case you do it annually:)
  24. Haven't yet attempted it on the lotus but I fitted HIDs on my other car. How i attacked it was to buy a set or rubber dust caps like these bad boys so as to leave the oem intact, Various sizes available so I'm guessing it'll be something out there for our cars as well. I cut a round hole and used a rubber wire grommet (not blank) to pass the cables through. When all was in place I sealed it with silicon. It's been like that for years now and no signs of condensation in the units:)
  25. @MrP_that sir was a good shout. I did contact Simon this afternoon who sounded like a top bloke who knew his stuff. We spoke at length about it including upgrading to 3 way which makes total sense when rebuilding a 2 way kit, turnaround is 2 weeks and price is exactly the same as Nitron. Apparently he is the only approved Nitron repairer with a dyno, I wouldn't service shocks to anyone without a dyno anyway. I'm definitely leaning towards his direction, again, many thanks for the info. @rmaurerMain thing to remember with these shocks mate is that it's not a fit and forget item. Manufacturer recommends a 2 year service or 10-12k miles. Mine were done back in 2017 from the previous owner and only have 7k miles on but one of the rears started knocking a bit. No leaks as such and the car behaves just fine (might just be low on gas) but bottom line is that they need attention if you want them to perform as intended. I have a 2 way AST kit (handmade item made in Holland) on my Clio which is awesome but again, it needs service every 10k miles to keep it up there so Nitron schedule doesn't come as a surprise. Cost is £149 plus VAT per damper and that doesn't include any issues that the damper might have apart from the usual wear and tear (stripping down, clean, change of oil, seals, regas, dyno testing before and after, matching shocks on dyno). Add some labour to that unless you have space and you are handy with the spanner and you are there. Not cheap for sure.
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