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  1. There is some info on this thread - perhaps not what you are looking for but the siggested product works fine. I also bought a set and no issues:)
  2. Great story here, you sir know your stuff👍
  3. Fantastic stuff - who did your interior trimming pls? Something that I'm looking to get it done - cheers.
  4. Just caught up with this thread, you really did go to town, impressive stuff! Colour is amazing and I dread to think how much $$ has gone to the engine build- it'll have so much character though, I'm sure it'll worth it:) Ignorant question, why would you reduce the alternator speed? It's not like that car will be sitting@8k rpm all the time, would the charge be sufficient in normal driving? Also, what I found with these cars is that the gear change is not perfect when on it and at the higher end of the rev range - the box just does not want to play ball, how would things be at an even higher rev limit? Have you made any improvements on that front or is it not a concern? Finally, where did you get the cupR engine cover please? Thanks and looking forward to videos!
  5. Came back from a trip in the Alps driving the car in anger. My setup is original 2 piece rotors (from a v6 cup which was an extra on non cup models) paired with PF8 all around and SRF. Epic feel and stopping power albeit the rotors now need replacing. The wear is considerably higher but so is the braking.
  6. Pictures of the Stradale please:)
  7. I bet that flies, more pics and some videos please:)
  8. A 3 way damper offers a lot of adjustability. For a bumpy road I would ease off the low speed compression and try again - I'm sure you'll be able to find a set up that suits your needs.
  9. Bringing this thread back to life:) I had the TC issue 2 years ago and a new sensor fixed it. I simply installed the new item without adjusting as at the time I was not aware of it. However I got the TC on again today and car on limp mode (EML switched on). Got another one on order but what is the best way to adjust prior to fitting please? I read about 5-6 clicks and/or a lotus tool. @mr_wynhave you got any further issues after installing yours in the way you did? Thanks
  10. My issues were indeed battery related. I fitted an antigravity and car sounds healthy - idle is spot on and magically all issues disappear.
  11. Apparently my issue seems to be related to battery. Literally on the day and a few hours before I had the dash playing up, switched the car off and back on from the mains and problem disappeared so I thought nothing of it. Little did I know however that these 2 problems are linked, a mate with a V6 had exactly the same so I believe that my 8 year old Braille has seen better days. I'll be changing the battery shortly and report back, this might help anyone who experiences the same in the future.
  12. A weird one today - revs on idle would drop to a point that the engine would stall. Never had that before, no EMLs or faults on the dash, apart from that car would behave fine (when on move). I was stuck in light traffic but nothing crazy or something I haven't done before, ambient temp at mid 20C, coolant at 91C. Any ideas? Thanks
  13. Yeah this can't be right and I'm glad I'm not alone here. The built-in fan actually touches the cap which in theory would compromise rotation and therefore cooling. I'm not feeling very confident in this even if I leave the bulk of the cables outside the cap.
  14. Fantastic stuff Paul, using the car as intended and you are very moderate about your skills. Thoroughly enjoyed your videos. On the Alias23 front you are right, the kit unlocks so much power that a normal S is in par with a 410. My lightened V6 cup (Li battery, forged wheels, lightweight exhaust) was right behind my mate's perfomante all the way up to 4th, we of course had to back off on that stretch of a private road;) I also got a question in regards to the LED bulbs, even without the dust cap it seems that the bulb actually touches the liner. The cap on the other hand isn't tall enough to actually seal, has Philips perhaps revised the product and made it bigger? Or am I doing something completely wrong?
  15. I got a trip to the Alps soon and I'll be giving the Assymetric 6 a try - they seem to be getting great reviews and they are very reasonaly priced, most importantly they are readily available.
  16. As Paul said, but I wouldn't personally worry. Guy on question had over 35 track days and the exhaust also survived a front shunt. I don't think there are many companies, if any, who would accept responsibility for such a failure. I believe it was the way it was handled rather than the actual failure of the product.
  17. The struggle is real when it comes to sourcing cup2s these days so for road use I''ll opt for something like the assymetric 6 or PS4/5. Very good all around tyres for the road and cheaper.
  18. yeap - all the early V6s are the same. I do wonder sometimes who signs these things off....
  19. Absolutely glorious. Love it.
  20. Pics of the Stradale please. Mate has a scuderia - you cant get enough of that noise and drama.
  21. Blimey, very sorry to hear that and totally surprised that they stole it from a locked garage. Any news?
  22. That would be correct. It depends on how the product will be declared (value). I personally paid a tiny amount, others got lucky but it seems to be hit and miss.
  23. Hi Steve, Definitely sell privately, it will go in seconds, these cars don't go for sale very often. Got any pics?
  24. Second that. What on earth was lotus thinking by not having the captive nuts fixed? There is literally no space there and trying to align the bracket with the bolts was impossible, especially from the side of the heat shield. I spent 2 hours just for 4 bolts. Insane.
  25. I've dealt with Jason, bought a set of forged wheels which are awesome at a then amazing price, I believe they've gone up a bit since but they are still priced very competitively. Jason is sound, very accommodative and reactive on messages, I experienced a small shipping hic hap but things got sorted at once which speaks volumes about customer service. I can't speak of other products but the wheels are banging, right offset and style - love them.
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