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  1. Mine was also done with no issues at all. I wasn't aware of this being part of the service in all honesty however changing them every 2 years might be an overkill - still, it depends how much use the car get i guess.
  2. Good story - keep the updates going George. Intrigued to see the new colour, full on doubts you can top LY but I'll be very glad if I'm wrong:) Can you pls share some info on the battery tray? Never realised that the later ones are made from aluminium - I've got a Li battery with a decent 13kg weight saving, wouldn't say no to some more.
  3. @Texcan you please share some pics when fitted? Did you get the torx or normal ones and also, I take it that the purchase is subject to import taxes? Thanks
  4. Beautiful car and pics - typical Clio driver eh?:)
  5. Fantastic, now, where are the videos?:)
  6. This is quite puzzling if true. I find it very hard to believe that Lotus would offer dash support for a tiny number of FE cars sold so why they bothered fitting one in the fist place? Maybe that's why they locked it down to only have basic features in - if it breaks they simply replace.
  7. Nothing to contribute here but your driving is superb. Great footage. Car also sounds immense - you guys in the continent are very lucky with the noise levels. What exhaust have you got?
  8. Assuming they get it right, a seemless interface would win it for me - bug-less and glitch-less experience with indicators put on the right place, fuel range and warning indicator working as it should and layouts changing depending the mode you are in (I know, very gimmicky but I like that). Laptimer is great if you make use of it, otherwise it is just another option:) the FE one is also cheaper by the looks of it:) price on deroure is £1000 plus vat.
  9. Interesting, thanks Rob hadn't realised it was listed - it'd be awesome if they eventually interface it with the older cars, somehow I can't see it happening though.
  10. Any updates from Lotus as to whether they will make the FE dash available then?
  11. Intrigued to see the new colour - I don't really think that you can top a LY (mega RenautSport fan here) but yet again I appreciate that you want a change.
  12. Thanks Mark. So how is the cooling achieved on the OEM application then? Just air from the side vents? To the untrained eye (like mine) there are substancial differences when comparing a 410/430 to a 350/380 EX460 kit. The former is a big square box like the Harrop unit (I suppose the cooling bit is incorportated with the SC) and the latter has the supercharger sitting on the cooler. Any benefits/drawbacks of each? I think I read somewhere - don't quote me on this of course - that the stock SC is already on the edge of its performance on our cars - I take it that with the chargecooler the stresses are less as it operates at lower temps? Thanks
  13. Nice project this - by now you must have done every single upgrade to the car! It might have been mentioned but I take it that you have also upgraded the clutch to cater for the extra torque/power? Mainly for educational purposes, what is the difference between the Komotec solution (chargecooling on the base of the existing SC unit) and the 410/430 in regards to the supercharger application? Thanks
  14. Awesome write up, thanks for taking the time to do this👍
  15. Not a 410 but the rear box of my v6 cup (same as 350) is 16 kgs.
  16. Is the issue you described particularly for the Lotus application @Tex? I had Rc6, rc8, pf08, ds1.11 and quite a few more on my clio but never had any noise issues as such, brembo caliper.
  17. Thanks Paul. I've heard nothing but praise through the years for the RS29s on various platforms and forums - the reason I haven't tried them yet is purely the cost and the fact that the PF08 and RC6 are both brilliant. I might have to take the plunge when my DS2500 run out just to satisfy my curiosity, given of course that I can persuade myself that a 30% more expensive pad can be considerably better that the aforementioned solutions.
  18. Has anyone tried the pagid RS29 compound?
  19. Legend @Bibs Would it be possible to make an inquiry and pm me the price if this is not too much to ask? Many thanks:)
  20. Resurrecting an old thread rather than starting a new one, best place to buy a set of OEM forged wheels these days then please? I gave up trying to source a used set.. Thanks.
  21. Might be a silly question but can't seem to be able to find the answer. I know that the dash comes with the clocked mileage preset but given its price I'd be looking to sell separately if/when decide to sell the car. Would the potential buyer be able to change the mileage and most importantly, would I be able to change the mileage on the original dash? Thanks
  22. The state of those springs! Good story, naturally the car would now understeer unless you soften the front out both ways - but you must know that already:)
  23. Best macca of the range, only downside is the soundtrack but the car is truly amazing - very well done!
  24. AIM's data logger seems to be a good feature for the TD enthusiast but it is not great for the committed/racer - this is why it falls into the "nice to have" category. The latter group of people would naturally go to vbox. From what I can judge - and I'll stand corrected if I speak non sense - the vast majority buy this mainly for its interface...going "digital" with a plug and play solution. I certainly belong to this category but problem here is that this part (which is the main reason for purchasing I repeat) carries quite a few bugs yet to be ironed out. It'd be interesting to see how the "approved" version will compare, waiting with anticipation:)
  25. Same here to be honest. The current item has too many bugs for my liking, especially when you pay top dollar for it. If the "Road approved" dash is faultless then it'd be a much more promising solution, albeit without the lap timer - hopefully lotus will be offering this option as an upgrade.
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