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  1. The struggle is real when it comes to sourcing cup2s these days so for road use I''ll opt for something like the assymetric 6 or PS4/5. Very good all around tyres for the road and cheaper.
  2. yeap - all the early V6s are the same. I do wonder sometimes who signs these things off....
  3. Absolutely glorious. Love it.
  4. Pics of the Stradale please. Mate has a scuderia - you cant get enough of that noise and drama.
  5. Blimey, very sorry to hear that and totally surprised that they stole it from a locked garage. Any news?
  6. That would be correct. It depends on how the product will be declared (value). I personally paid a tiny amount, others got lucky but it seems to be hit and miss.
  7. Hi Steve, Definitely sell privately, it will go in seconds, these cars don't go for sale very often. Got any pics?
  8. Second that. What on earth was lotus thinking by not having the captive nuts fixed? There is literally no space there and trying to align the bracket with the bolts was impossible, especially from the side of the heat shield. I spent 2 hours just for 4 bolts. Insane.
  9. I've dealt with Jason, bought a set of forged wheels which are awesome at a then amazing price, I believe they've gone up a bit since but they are still priced very competitively. Jason is sound, very accommodative and reactive on messages, I experienced a small shipping hic hap but things got sorted at once which speaks volumes about customer service. I can't speak of other products but the wheels are banging, right offset and style - love them.
  10. So did they fit a 285 tyre without consulting with you first? I presume that you got a set of after market forged wheels with the right offset if you don't experience any rubbing. Personally I wouldn't like to increase the rear contact patch in isolation. You are adding more grip to the rear which would in return enhance understeer.
  11. Thanks @Paul_D. So it is an allen key in the end, wasn't sure because it's actually tiny so I couldn't tell. Shame I haven't got such a small size Allen, I guess I'll have a order one. Many thanks again for your help.
  12. Hi Paul, what tool did you use to change the orientation of the bulb please? Thanks
  13. Hmm, interesting. What makes you say that it should be compatible with 350 onwards and not on earlier cars please mate? Mine is a 2014 with all modes (tour, sport, race), I would imagine that if it works with a 350 it would also work with any earlier cars. All based on assumptions from my end of course. @Paul_D absolutely on a same boat as you in regards to the camera. Way too pricey for just having the convinience of a single package - it's all down to the individual and what they want I suppose.
  14. Thanks guys - it does sound that it is quite an involving job. I was only going with what my experience is on removing the back box - with the right tools (ramps, electric rachet for the million diffuser bolts etc) it takes me about 40 minutes but I understand that manifold removal is a completely different task altogether. Mind you it took me 2 hours the first time I did it but I now know my way around which helps.
  15. Bringing this up to life, can someone with more technical knowledge than me please explain why it would take so long to change the manifolds? I would think - incorrectly so it seems - that with a proper ramp, tools, knowledge and people it wouldn't be a long task. Car up, drop undertray/diffuser and assuming there is access underneath, remove. Clearly I'm missing something here so I would appreciate if someone could educate me:)
  16. I have a prodit and fitted a quad lock mount on it, the smallest one they do. I personally think it's a very neat solution.
  17. Question is, can the FE dash be bought and retrofitted on older models offering OEM functionality (driving modes/changing layouts etc)? If the answer to the above is yes then we are up to a win. It'd be awesome if a FE car owner could make a video showing off the dash:)
  18. Splendid news! So if I got it right you made the FE dash work with track GPS? Where is the group buy then?:)
  19. Thanks Kristof, as mentioned i wanted to double check prior to starting ordering parts. As per my comment and for info for future members, early cup car owners would also need the tow strap bracket so it's 3 parts in total, one rarer than the other it seems..
  20. Just to update this, it seems that the early CUP cars would also need a different bracket for the toe strap. That is because the strap is vertical on the V6 CUP but orizontal on the later ones. Still not sure whether the mounting holes are the same, I assume they are. Deroure has no price currently but says 'contact us'. Also, can anyone please confirm whether the 380 CUP diffuser is the same as the 430 CUP? Going from the pics in original post, the 380 CUP setup looks better than 430 to my eyes, the honeycomb grille is smaller and matches the rest of my car whilst the actual diffuser is pointing slightly upwards.
  21. Bringing this back to life:) Can I pls double check that only the rear diffuser assemply and grille are required to do the swap over and not the diffuser finisher? As it stands, the diffuser assemply on early cars is attached to the grille, am i right to think that the 410/430 grille can be attached to the existing early finisher and from there i can use the existing fittings to fit the late difusser assemply? Later prices are £113.97 for the grille and £405.81 for the diffuser, £624 all in. Which is not terrible. Thanks and happy new Year:)
  22. This must be the brake switch, common fault, very easy and cheap to replace.
  23. These wheels are truly amazing, I personally can not digest the price but the detail and style are spot on. Wonderful items.
  24. Mine was also done with no issues at all. I wasn't aware of this being part of the service in all honesty however changing them every 2 years might be an overkill - still, it depends how much use the car get i guess.
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