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  1. Xynagy

    TLF GT430 Club

    I finally got my CoP, saying that is 1 out of 45 LHD GT430. 8 of them are Auto transmission, so I assume they mixed the winged GT430 and the 430 Sport in numbers. Can anyone tell me how many RHD have been made according to the CoP? Nevertheless I started an Excel list where I have 70 GT430 (winged) including the press cars. There might be some doubles, but 10 of them?
  2. The red GT430 from Italy dropped to less than 90000 Euro.
  3. As you know I thought it was a Hethel Edition until I got the CoP. Even was advertised as Hethel Edition by the Dealer.
  4. Xynagy

    TLF GT430 Club

    Does anyone know how many GT430 have been specced 2+2? I only know the Silver one from Monaco.
  5. Yeah some real pictures of the colours would be awesome. Does not need to be the correct car, just some close ups with different Lights would be awesome. Saves Google time.
  6. Oh, I did not mean the test vehicle from that fast cut video (no spoiler up so probably not even that fast) nearly half a year ago but an actual close to production car. No need to put it on Track, just normal countryside driving would be a sign of progress. But I know it is worth the wait and I would drive to Lotus Garage within like 200 mls just to take a look at it. Since I doubt I will see one driving around in the real world.
  7. I wonder when we will see the car go faster than me running. And I am not fast at all...
  8. Will be pretty rare I guess. Australia only and not very desirable (not that Special) in my eyes.
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