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  1. Since I lost a lot of the weight, the carbon seats are okay for me, but needed the other brackets from Australia to make them less upright. My wife always found them fine however. 

    My favourite seats are the standard Sport seats from late Elise and the Exige V6. They have been an Option since the early Toyota times. Had them in the 2-11.

  2. I would have considered a 2+2 Emira but that niche has been left open unfortunately. 

    Unless a Carbon-filled GT Special Edition is released the Emira really is a step down for GT430 owners.

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  3. The question for me would be what a possible replacement would look like.

    You know every bit of the car, it is well protected with Xpel from the Start so will look great in 5 years as well.

    Is there a car you lust for and need the money, then sell it. Otherwise just keep it or call for a way off price where you make lots of money.

    But be aware you will Never get a similar GT430 again.

    Or of you are bored with it get a 475 upgrade, Leitspeed wheels and KomoTec brakes, that is what I would like to do. 

    Fun fact: For LHD market the GT430 is the most common Version of the Evora you can get. So no Chance of a Price increase for my car.

  4. I finally got my CoP, saying that is 1 out of 45 LHD GT430. 8 of them are Auto transmission, so I assume they mixed the winged GT430 and the 430 Sport in numbers. 

    Can anyone tell me how many RHD have been made according to the CoP?

    Nevertheless I started an Excel list where I have 70 GT430 (winged) including the press cars. There might be some doubles, but 10 of them?

  5. Oh, I did not mean the test vehicle from that fast cut video (no spoiler up so probably not even that fast) nearly half a year ago but an actual close to production car. No need to put it on Track, just normal countryside driving would be a sign of progress.

    But I know it is worth the wait and I would drive to Lotus Garage within like 200 mls just to take a look at it. Since I doubt I will see one driving around in the real world. 

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