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  1. Just in case you encounter the same problem: The solution? I took the bearing to local machine shop and reduced it a little bit. The upgrade transmission is now back in order. Thanks for the help!
  2. Matt is right! Next time, while the car show in Massachusett beach show us some chowder chassis.
  3. Thanks Neil--- Here is the picture:
  4. ok guys thanks...i will wait monday and talk to him. by the way, i cant find his new website This one is not working
  5. Thanks Neal: At one time, I had his cell # but I lost it. I will see if I can ask his cell, sometimes people don't give their cell #. I will measure the original bearing if 62mm or 52mm, then I will measure what he installed in the shaft. Neal by the way, do you happen to know the bearing brand and part # of the 62mm and 52mm? Worse to worse I might be able to cross reference here in the US. OK...I measured the original Lotus bearing and you are correct 52mm. I measured what GTO gave me and its 52.04mm so where do I go from here? Neal said: Kevin supplies a new bespoke bearing for the upgrade to fit your casing. What bespoke bearing means?
  6. Thanks Chris appreciate your help. I tried to call him a few times but he is not around. He will be back on Monday. Wow! you telling me the 5th gear bearing has different sizes and perhaps he installed the wrong bearing on the shaft? If there are several options, this is a good news. I will email him today. Thanks
  7. Anyone fitted their V8 Transmission with GTO stronger shaft upgrade? I need help & question: I bought the upgrade shaft from GTO engineering. The kit came with new 1st, 2nd gear and the 5th gear bearing installed in the shaft. Everything fits except one thing. The fifth gear bearing is oversize (little bit), when I closed the transmission cover case, there is a gap and will not sit properly. The bearing sitting in race groove is bigger. I need some advice from those owners who upgraded their transmission shaft. Can I heat the transmission case cover and freeze the bearing then install the cover case hoping to decrease the tolerance? The next solution is to machine the case bearing groove ? Note: the original lotus 5th gear bearing has a circlip. The one came from GTO engineering, the bearing circlip is machined (build in the bearing not a removable circlip). I noticed this is a little wider. Maybe this guide is not sitting properly in the groove? Please help! thank you
  8. here we go, dont know if i'm brave or stupid, time will tell !! Don't worry, since the invention of internal combustion engine (1806), there is no changes. Still a combustion engine today. If you have done a rebuild before, you are still dealing the same old technology. Push-compress-power--booom! Just be careful.
  9. Clutch is not your priority. There is a big job ahead. If u have a gearbox problem, you can hope that you are just dreaming. Broke a gear and jammed, perhaps ?
  10. What's wrong with your gearbox? There are few options where to buy the twin disc clutch in the US. JAE (California) sells the twin disc over $1000 ! Michael Motorsports in Massachusetts sells two different types You can also send your worn out twin disc to "Clutchnet" and rebuild or reline (cheaper route $200.). Make sure the thickness is the same as Lotus spec 7mm. You can go over 7.5mm but no more than. I bought mine from GTO engineering(england). Kevin gave me a racing twin disc. He claimed this parts far better than the stock. You need to replace your pilot bearing, might as well change your main seals and driveshaft seal. If your clutch pressure plate is bad...that's another story. I replaced mine. I also bought the transmission upgrade (main shaft) + ATB quaife from GTO. Hope helps. Email me if you need help
  11. Re. the chargecoolers, these are not the same as the 150 quid Ebay ones. It would have cost about 1K to replace the chargecoolers vs. a couple of hundred to cut open, clean and weld/polish. When are you and Alan going to let us see some of your chargecooler work? Mike's chargecooler are not the Chinese copy. Looks like a real Spearco design. Chinese copied the spearco intercooler and dumped it here in the U.S for a penny (Ebay). I saw the copy and its identical. Same thickness and the workmanship looks fine. I think its good for consumers but bad for business. When you imfringe or hijack someones design, you should go to jail. I did not use the spearco in my chargecooler design. I used two Garrett intercoolers that came from Syclone/Typhoon. Fitting chargecooler will develop lag if not configured properly. The length of the pipes and the size of intercooler is critical. I'm lucky I choose the Garrett size. The response is instantaneous with no lag. Trial and error but got lucky this time.
  12. You will be surprised the Lotus tech will find nothing. But later, it will happen again. Its master cylinder!
  13. sorry my the saturn
  14. I know someone has 4 sets from 2001 (excellent condition like new) I will ask him tonight.
  15. "I tested the brakes only to find that the pedal went to the floor with absolutely no brake being applied. I could eventually pump the pedal up and get the passenger front brake to work" When you apply the brake, the plunger should go back because of the pressure on the brake system (Master cylinder-Slave cylinder). You could have a bad master cylinder or air in the system.
  16. hasuSan

    Need v8 ECU

    I owned so many cars (mostly Japanese) and never heard ECU burning out caused by failed coil and alternator. I wonder if the Lotus Esprit ECU has the shadow of LUCAS (the prince of darkness). Some complained about mysterious codes that shouldn't be flagging. I had a doubt from the beginning that the ecu has a bunch of bugs or bad design. Took my Toyota Mr2 turbo 4 years to throw a code because of bad oxygen sensor (which is a reg. maintenance).
  17. Yep! someone suggested to check your coolant temp sensor. Also check if any of the injectors are leaking. When the car is hot and if any of the injectors are leaking, it will dump fuel in the cylinder. It will be hard to start the car.... you have to wait. The fuel will dissapate overtime. It will be easy to start the car.
  18. I have 4 from 2001 V8 but I don't think you would like to buy in States...shipping will be the problem.
  19. (or tips) for building a reliable 500bhp V8? It can be done....but 500hp reliable? that's the problem. .... I will wait what others might advice.
  20. Mike.... I found the secondary injectors are MAP sensor controlled, the injector pulse width is in accordance with a certain manifold pressure and beyond. Mark-T is right.
  21. Mark---if its true, might as well use 330cc (as you said). You are making the system complicated by using primary and seconday system by embbeding two mappings. You can accomplish the same result or better by using say 330cc in one mapping system. I still think the secondary are just dumping fuel at WOT. However, if only dumping fuel at wot, there should be another fuel pump separate from the primary fuel pump. There is no secondary fuel pump, so I could be wrong and you are probably right. I will research and ask for more info and ask some of the gurus.
  22. So, how can this be possible? Using secondary map while the main map in action or in real time? I searched the motec and see nothing as an option for 2nd mapping. However, there is GPO (General purpose output). GPO is where you can configure other stuff like triggering the NOS, auxilliary fuel pump control, fan thermo control, intake runner control, shift light control, torque converter control and so on. Maybe the secondary injectors is triggered by the GPO.
  23. Mark very nice write up. The stock Lotus injectors you said is 235cc with supplementary secondary injectors. Let say 330cc is the best injector for Lotus without using a secondary. Injectors are set to fire in two ways: Alternating firing scheme or Simultaneous firing scheme. (lotus is alternating) The critical point is during the peak power and wide open throttle. Injectors has TOG (Time On Gama) (injector pulse width). Fuel delivery is controlled by the injectors which are cycled by the computer. The computer produces a signal to open the injectors for a certain length of time depending on engine conditions relayed by sensors. The longer that the injector is open, the more fuel is injected. As engine load and rpm are increased, the injector open times are increased to match increasing airflow. This computer output signal is called the injector pulse width. The longer the pulse width, the more fuel is injected. Now we know, injectors is not the only deciding factors. ECU plays an important role. If we will take the ECU out of the picture and talk about "just" the injector 235cc vs 330cc, here is what I know inside the injector. As current starts to flow through the injector coil circuit. When current flows through a coil winding, all of the current is used to create a magnetic field around the winding. The magnetic field is proportional to the current and the number of turns in the coil. In other words, the larger the current, the larger the magnetic field. As the magnetic field is building, the inductance offers resistance to the change in current flowing through the injector circuit. As the field builds, it moves across the coil winding and induces voltage into the coil winding. This induced voltage frees electrons, offering resistance to the change in current flowing through the coil. The analogy is this, Imagine a school hallway packed shoulder to shoulder with children running as fast as they can. Now imagine children entering the hallway from classrooms located along this hallway. The children leaving the classrooms can't change the flow of children already running down the hallway without increasing the pressure. Just like the children entering the hallway, the induced voltage (pressure) in the injector winding creates resistance to the change in current flowing through the injector circuit. This resistance is called counter electromotive force, or counter voltage. So, to go back to your 230cc vs 330cc, you are exactly right. No matter how you squeeze, 230cc will not do the job without supplementary secondary injectors. 330cc will work without secondary injectors (more powerful magnetic field due to the big coil winding) require more voltage to run than the 230cc...but here is a catch. To visit my original question to Mike: "why do you think Lotus put a secondary injectors instead of configuring the 8 injectors a bit bigger? Do you think its a cheap way to pass the federal emission (leaner)." I still believed Lotus engineers are smart to use 230cc with secondary to accomudate the federal emission, at the same time capable of delivering projected power. Imagine exporting Lotus Esprit in 50 states of United States having different emission rulling & standards? If you put 330cc or larger injectors, the car will idle lumpy and rich below 4000rpm. Most states emission test are done in the roller and run maximum of 4,000 rpm. They collect the HC, Co & NOx at this speed. Lotus will bankrupt and will not sell cars in the US if cannot meet the projected power. Things that I don't understand: if the eight 230cc injectors are controlled by the ECU in terms of opening in close during firing stage, who control the secondary injectors? If the secondary injectors at mercy of the ECU, you will not accomplish the projected power because it will close and open at the same time as the 230cc injectors. My guess: the secondary injectors (although connected to ECU) are getting a 12 volts when WOT and dump fuel as much as it can (while the butterfly is wide open) and are not subjected to pulse width we are talking. What do I know, I am not an engineer someone has to correct me !
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