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  1. I've not followed this thread properly for a while. When Martin L. and I first removed our Delco scrap systems we discovered early doors mounting the vac pump in the nose was not a good idea. I mounted my Hella sourced pump in the compartment next to the other electric vac pump that powers the heater flaps etc (Also fitted heat insulation) in the rear engine compartment. I also mounted a large Audi A6 multi sphere vac tank in the nose (ensuring vacuum was available from a source very near to the servo) where the delco system used to be. I fitted non return valves in various points to ensure va
  2. Well interesting stuff as I have been told (unconfirmed) where another Essex is currently and a ltd edition number was mentioned. Cheers Mike
  3. Thanks for the info. Where can I find the Essex list? I want to find out about Essex No 27? Cheers Mike
  4. Another bit of info about the early pre production cars. I have a letter from Patrick Peal from back in 1991 where he stated MPW79V and MPW80V were also used as V8 development cars does anyone know the chassis numbers or have photos of these cars? Cheers Mike
  5. Hi Guys Its been a while since I was last on here and I cannot seem to log in?? G_Reaper Anyway just a couple of things to think about. Does anyone know anything about Essex 027? I noticed on Stuart Monument's posts he states the black active suspension car was the first Essex pre-production prototype? Surely the first Essex pre-production car was the bond car 10858 (Essex No1) REG NCL458V. I was taken to understand the first 3 including my ex car MPW71V 10860 were the first 3 and utilised chassis numbers that fell between the end of the S2 production and the start of S2.
  6. MPW never had this trim? I think that has been added later possibly when the HC bonnet was fitted. I don't believe the actual car used in the film NCL had that trim either from memory when I inspected it along side MPW.
  7. I have the same question as Stuart about the block? Matt have you had any other Esprit other than S1 & S2??
  8. Yep MPW71V was the first to be trimmed in this way and the carpet was edged in leather hide the same as the seats not vynl as per production cars, Fabian is aware of this detail. Cheers Mike
  9. The car above is NCL458V the lower photo was taken outside Cars of the Stars Keswick. Dr. Peter Nelson (proprietor of C of T S) sold it in the mid 2000s due to financial problems with his 2nd museum in Scotland failing so I was told he needed the money at that time. He kept the car that was of lower value 10930 OPW654W to maintain his Bond display at Keswick. I state again NCL458V was NEVER fitted with the FYEO stickers making it easy to tell the difference between the 2 cars. No tag was added to NCL Chassis it has an interior plaque. I know this as a fact as I had access to the car and i
  10. Going back a few pages however in answer to some questions The Copper Deezer car 10930 real reg OPW654W (Not OPW678W as it appears in display) all info backed up by photographic evidence shows this car as the spare car on set in Cortina and as not really used in filming this became the main press car after filming probably partly because it was a proper production Turbo. Essex dev 10858 NCL458V is the actual car used on screen but was only fitted with a N/A engine for reliability on snow. Strangely Essex Dev 10858 NCL (Complete with its official plaque) was the car Lotus sold off
  11. Fabian I am afraid you are well past the hobby phase in fact I think the illness is reaching its final stages.
  12. Classic Brakes used to re con Servos and I am sure other companies do also. Cheers Mike
  13. Yes they do go brittle over a very long time and exposure to heat etc. however they are very reliable as a fixing in the correct application and far better than Jacknuts at handling vibration. The Rivnuts tend to be aluminium you have corrosion issues and electrolytic reactions between the ali fixing and steel screws or bolts in the fixing so they are not deterioration free. If you are replacing Rivnuts it is best to use stainless bolts or screws and plenty of grease as previously mentioned. The Rubnuts are not for use on high stress fixings as previously mentioned but are very good
  14. The rubber gives grip on the panel straight away as it is a tight fit if the hole is drilled the correct size, then as you screw a screw or nut into the Rubnut the rubber collapses and flattens in the same way as a rivet or Jack nut's cage preventing it pulling back through the hole. Cheers Mike
  15. Thats 10930 OPW654W (Bond Standby Car)with false OPW678W reg plates before its bonnet was replaced. Note after the bonnet was replaced with an HC style bonnet the "James Bond" decal also was not replaced above the Lotus badge on the nose. Hence it is as it is now at Miami Deezer collection. Could that be 10929 OPW664W in the background with its white door mirrors? Cheers Mike
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