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  1. Dr. Peter Nelson Owner of Cars of the Stars First bought The Hero Car NCL458V 10858 in the late 80s privately from a guy in Leeds. He bought OPW654W 10930 from the Lotus Heritage Auction in the late 90s. He bought OPW664W 10929 I am not sure when or where but I believe this was the last of the Bond cars he purchased. He opened up a second site (in the Borders I believe) of "Cars of the Stars" as his Keswick site was at capacity and he had cars in storage. This venture appeared to be not financially viable in the noughties. By this time the original Hero car's value had rocketed so it was auctioned off first before selling the remaining collection to Deezer. I believe Peter now resides in the USA. See Pg 14 of this thread for full details
  2. That could be true but 10930 was pictured wearing its 654 Reg required for running on public roads so it must have been transferred after it had finished its public duties were over around the film launch. Transferring registrations back then was a lengthy process and 654 had work to do.
  3. Please also note non of the cars either used in the film or associated with promotional work were ever registered as OPW678W. Any Copper Fire car wearing the OPW678W is wearing false plates. The car registered with OPW678W is a Blue S3 non Turbo that was I think Don Macs company car for a while if my memory serves me correctly.
  4. The Hero car never had the 007 stickers on it. The HC bonnet was fitted after the early promo work directly following filming had been completed. (It was originally built with the earlier type of bonnet). The photo is the promo car doing what it said on the tin "promo work" As it is on a race track not a public road it can wear false OPW678W plates. Earlier in this thread it can be seen with its UK legal Reg OPW654W which it had to display as it was being driven in Norfolk on a public road. The 2 cars can also be differentiated by the fact the HERO car had the Styled by G badges. The promo car and MPW71V never had the Styled by G badges when in Copper Fire trim. The car in Q's Lab doesn't have the styled by G badges and also doesn't have any Ski racks. MPW71V when I owned it directly from the factory did not have any signs of ever having had ski racks fitted.
  5. G_Reaper

    JPS Info

    Thanks Roo. I have had a look and its a good website 🙂 Quick question does anyone know why the Motor show cars are randomly re-numbered? Cheers Mike
  6. G_Reaper

    JPS Info

    JPS 092 will be returning to the road soon after 20+ years 🙂 From NEW 092 did not have "World Champion" on the doors
  7. G_Reaper

    JPS Info

    Thanks Guys. Bibs FYI JPS No 092 is owned by my friend Jim Richardson he has owned it for approx 35+years
  8. G_Reaper

    JPS Info

    Its been a while since I was last on this forum so forgive me if I am asking questions that have been dealt with before. Is there a list like the "Dry Sump Register" for the JPS Ltd Eds? Are the JPS Decals readily available to buy? Regards Mike
  9. I've not followed this thread properly for a while. When Martin L. and I first removed our Delco scrap systems we discovered early doors mounting the vac pump in the nose was not a good idea. I mounted my Hella sourced pump in the compartment next to the other electric vac pump that powers the heater flaps etc (Also fitted heat insulation) in the rear engine compartment. I also mounted a large Audi A6 multi sphere vac tank in the nose (ensuring vacuum was available from a source very near to the servo) where the delco system used to be. I fitted non return valves in various points to ensure vac was always available and minimising pump run time. We even included a take off from the inlet manifold (with non return valve) which added vac when the engine was not under boost as a further fail safe. I am not sure exactly the components or recommended fitting positions of this kit. I just thought I would share my experience of Delco deletion from over 10 years ago. Non Delco brakes are superb. Cheers Mike
  10. Well interesting stuff as I have been told (unconfirmed) where another Essex is currently and a ltd edition number was mentioned. Cheers Mike
  11. Thanks for the info. Where can I find the Essex list? I want to find out about Essex No 27? Cheers Mike
  12. Another bit of info about the early pre production cars. I have a letter from Patrick Peal from back in 1991 where he stated MPW79V and MPW80V were also used as V8 development cars does anyone know the chassis numbers or have photos of these cars? Cheers Mike
  13. Hi Guys Its been a while since I was last on here and I cannot seem to log in?? G_Reaper Anyway just a couple of things to think about. Does anyone know anything about Essex 027? I noticed on Stuart Monument's posts he states the black active suspension car was the first Essex pre-production prototype? Surely the first Essex pre-production car was the bond car 10858 (Essex No1) REG NCL458V. I was taken to understand the first 3 including my ex car MPW71V 10860 were the first 3 and utilised chassis numbers that fell between the end of the S2 production and the start of S2.2 production. The distinction over the years as not counting the pre-production cars as as part of the Essex cars seems to have been now blurred by the fact 10858 was clearly photographed wearing the Essex wreath with No1 in it while doing its prototype work. All very interesting. Cheers Mike
  14. MPW never had this trim? I think that has been added later possibly when the HC bonnet was fitted. I don't believe the actual car used in the film NCL had that trim either from memory when I inspected it along side MPW.
  15. I have the same question as Stuart about the block? Matt have you had any other Esprit other than S1 & S2??
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