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  1. I've not followed this thread properly for a while. When Martin L. and I first removed our Delco scrap systems we discovered early doors mounting the vac pump in the nose was not a good idea. I mounted my Hella sourced pump in the compartment next to the other electric vac pump that powers the heater flaps etc (Also fitted heat insulation) in the rear engine compartment. I also mounted a large Audi A6 multi sphere vac tank in the nose (ensuring vacuum was available from a source very near to the servo) where the delco system used to be. I fitted non return valves in various points to ensure vac was always available and minimising pump run time. We even included a take off from the inlet manifold (with non return valve) which added vac when the engine was not under boost as a further fail safe. I am not sure exactly the components or recommended fitting positions of this kit. I just thought I would share my experience of Delco deletion from over 10 years ago. Non Delco brakes are superb. Cheers Mike
  2. Well interesting stuff as I have been told (unconfirmed) where another Essex is currently and a ltd edition number was mentioned. Cheers Mike
  3. Thanks for the info. Where can I find the Essex list? I want to find out about Essex No 27? Cheers Mike
  4. Another bit of info about the early pre production cars. I have a letter from Patrick Peal from back in 1991 where he stated MPW79V and MPW80V were also used as V8 development cars does anyone know the chassis numbers or have photos of these cars? Cheers Mike
  5. Hi Guys Its been a while since I was last on here and I cannot seem to log in?? G_Reaper Anyway just a couple of things to think about. Does anyone know anything about Essex 027? I noticed on Stuart Monument's posts he states the black active suspension car was the first Essex pre-production prototype? Surely the first Essex pre-production car was the bond car 10858 (Essex No1) REG NCL458V. I was taken to understand the first 3 including my ex car MPW71V 10860 were the first 3 and utilised chassis numbers that fell between the end of the S2 production and the start of S2.2 production. The distinction over the years as not counting the pre-production cars as as part of the Essex cars seems to have been now blurred by the fact 10858 was clearly photographed wearing the Essex wreath with No1 in it while doing its prototype work. All very interesting. Cheers Mike
  6. MPW never had this trim? I think that has been added later possibly when the HC bonnet was fitted. I don't believe the actual car used in the film NCL had that trim either from memory when I inspected it along side MPW.
  7. I have the same question as Stuart about the block? Matt have you had any other Esprit other than S1 & S2??
  8. Yep MPW71V was the first to be trimmed in this way and the carpet was edged in leather hide the same as the seats not vynl as per production cars, Fabian is aware of this detail. Cheers Mike
  9. The car above is NCL458V the lower photo was taken outside Cars of the Stars Keswick. Dr. Peter Nelson (proprietor of C of T S) sold it in the mid 2000s due to financial problems with his 2nd museum in Scotland failing so I was told he needed the money at that time. He kept the car that was of lower value 10930 OPW654W to maintain his Bond display at Keswick. I state again NCL458V was NEVER fitted with the FYEO stickers making it easy to tell the difference between the 2 cars. No tag was added to NCL Chassis it has an interior plaque. I know this as a fact as I had access to the car and inspected it in the early 90s when I owned MPW71V and was researching MPW's connection to the film. Peter Nelson was also very interested in MPW and its history. Cheers Mike
  10. Going back a few pages however in answer to some questions The Copper Deezer car 10930 real reg OPW654W (Not OPW678W as it appears in display) all info backed up by photographic evidence shows this car as the spare car on set in Cortina and as not really used in filming this became the main press car after filming probably partly because it was a proper production Turbo. Essex dev 10858 NCL458V is the actual car used on screen but was only fitted with a N/A engine for reliability on snow. Strangely Essex Dev 10858 NCL (Complete with its official plaque) was the car Lotus sold off first to an employee in the mid 80s while Lotus retained the Deezer car in their collection until the Lotus collection selling of the heritage auction in the late 90s at this point Peter Nelson bought the now Deezer car for his collection at Cars Of The Stars.He by this point was already the owner of NCL 10858 and had been for nearly a decade he bought it from a private owner in Leeds in the late 80s. Please visit other posts regarding Roger Becker and Don Mac's comments about Lotus only ever recognising 1 car for each film as being the actual car used. See my previous post below and please bare in mind I have been researching this since the early 90s when I owned MPW71V. Here is the information I have uncovered which was too late to be included in the book. The info is a little different to Brian’s info but makes complete sense and also ties into Jeremy Walton’s info written around the time of Filming and includes the info Lotus employee’s told me first hand in the late 80s early 90s. ================================================================== White Cars:- NCL458V Dev 1 Essex 10858 On Location Corfu OPW654W Ex White Press Car 10930 On Location Corfu Copper Fire Cars:- NCL458V Dev 1 Essex 10858 On location Cortina OPW654W Ex White Press Car repainted Copper Fire 10930 On location Cortina MPW71V Dev 3 Essex 10960 Q’s Lab Pinewood Studio Film Promo Car Only OPW664W Ex White press Demo Car 10929 Film Launch Promo Tool I also suspect this car only has a normally aspirated engine fitted and is the car known to be sold a few years after the film launch by an official Lotus dealer proclaiming its Bond film connection. OPW654W 10930 is on the DVLA data base as Bronze coloured and photographed in Norwich in the 80s on the road using its correct actual road legal registration (as seen earlier on this thread in Copper Fire bronze SEE BELOW). This car can be clearly identified after the filming as the Copper Fire car that had the “For Your Eyes Only” decals applied to it. NCL458V 10858 never had these decals. OPW654W 10930 is well known as a Lotus press demo car first then later used as the white car in the early part of the Bond film. Hence all this information ties in with Jeremy Walton’s book info of this period stating the 2 cars used being white then returned to the factory to be re-trimmed and re-painted Copper Fire for the second part of the film. ================================================================== The White Car OPW664W 10929 Promo Tool As both cars used in the on location filming ended their Bond careers painted Copper Fire there was no White car for post filming press engagements so enter OPW664W 10929. See the below early1980 period photograph with OPW654W 10930 covered in post filming decals and wearing false OPW678W plates this photo is also from earlier on this thread. The DVLA data base has this car OPW664W 10929 last taxed April 1996 which ties into the time Peter Nelson “Cars of The Stars Keswick” purchased the car for his museum collection. He discovered the cars Bond film promotional use hence making it a minor display item connecting it to the Bond film and also why it is on display at the Dezer collection. Peter Nelson (Cars of the Stars Keswick) only had NCL458V in his collection at the time we met and we compared our cars MPW71V 10860 and NCL458V 10858 back in the early 90s. He acquired OPW654W 10930 from the Lotus sell off in the late 90s. I am unaware of from where he bought OPW664W 10929. ================================================================== NOTE Reg No. OPW678W was never a registration number registered to an actual car used in connection with the film. ================================================================== MPW71V Dev 3 Essex I have documentary proof from Lotus MPW71V was the first Esprit ever to be trimmed in Copper Fire / biscuit hide and to have Lotus embossed in the rear bumper. This was carried out to screen test the colour scheme to make the Esprit stand out against the snow in the second part of the film and maximise brand exposure. In my correspondence with Patrick Peal in the late 80s early 90s he stated the car was hauled out of the car park and repainted and then re-trimmed by Connelly during the summer shut down for screen testing for the Bond film. The Bond cars have minimal screen time in the film which can be broken down to 3 distinct specifications. 1) Start of the film on location in Corfu white cars used with tobacco leather 2) First appearance of the Copper Fire paint scheme in “Qs” Lab note:- No ski racks fitted no “Styled by G” badges. 3) Copper Fire car with ski racks also has “Styled by G” badges on location in Cortina. I believe MPW71V 10860 was the car in “Qs lab”. As it was the first car produced in this specification and would have been screen tested at Pinewood studios. After it passed the screen test it makes sense that this car would be used for the scene at Pinewood showing the car without ski racks and no styled by G badges. When I bought MPW71V 10860 fresh from Lotus it had no signs of any Ski racks ever being fitted and no sign of “styled by G” badges having been fitted. I surmise MPW71V 10860 would have been used at Pinewood Studios while the two white cars were back at Lotus being re-trimmed to match MPW71V 10860 and having the ski racks produced and fitted. It also would explain why the car in the lab scene is only glimpsed fleetingly to help continuity just in case the 2 other cars being re trimmed and re painted differed slightly in detail from MPW71V 10860. I believe I also can finally confirm OPW654W 10930 was also only the stand by car on set in Cortina as 10930 OPW654W has never been photographed with styled by G badges fitted when in Copper Fire trim. The car used for the moving shots of the Copper Fire Esprit doing the work in the film, clearly has the “Styled by G” badges fitted as per NCL458V 10958. This also explains OPW654W 10930’s far superior condition compared to 10858 NCL458V (when I inspected it) and hence after filming OPW654W 10930 was used as the Copper Fire press car and covered in Bond stickers. It is also interesting that I can only find confirmation that 10858 NCL458V has a plaque fitted by Lotus proclaiming its Bond use I cannot find any confirmation that OPW654W 10930 has such a plaque. This also leads me to suspect that even in white trim OPW654W 10930 was probably the stand by car to NCL458V 10858. MPW71V 10860’s Use for filming in Q’s lab would also explain why Lotus went to the extra cost of re trimming both of the white cars to Copper Fire as the only other Copper Fire Esprit in existence 10960 MPW71V was already busy at Pinewood studios being used by the film company. I am still trying to find filming dates and some further confirmation of parts of the information detailed above. Perhaps Bibs can get confirmation of the chassis numbers to specs and registration numbers from the Lotus archives to back up my research as DVLA don’t want to help with any information unless you are a parking company chasing someone for money. Cheers Mike
  11. Fabian I am afraid you are well past the hobby phase in fact I think the illness is reaching its final stages.
  12. Classic Brakes used to re con Servos and I am sure other companies do also. Cheers Mike
  13. Yes they do go brittle over a very long time and exposure to heat etc. however they are very reliable as a fixing in the correct application and far better than Jacknuts at handling vibration. The Rivnuts tend to be aluminium you have corrosion issues and electrolytic reactions between the ali fixing and steel screws or bolts in the fixing so they are not deterioration free. If you are replacing Rivnuts it is best to use stainless bolts or screws and plenty of grease as previously mentioned. The Rubnuts are not for use on high stress fixings as previously mentioned but are very good for applications such as wheel arch liners inspection covers door panels. The M100 Elan uses these fixings extensively. Depending on the manufacturer some of them seem to be made of a neoprene type material which should not degrade in the same way as rubber. You still have the same issue of bolts/screws seizing in the fixing so always lubricate any bolt or screw before screwing into the Rubnut fixing. Its really all down to application which works best. Also access to get the Rivnut gun in can be an issue when replacing damaged fixings.
  14. The rubber gives grip on the panel straight away as it is a tight fit if the hole is drilled the correct size, then as you screw a screw or nut into the Rubnut the rubber collapses and flattens in the same way as a rivet or Jack nut's cage preventing it pulling back through the hole. Cheers Mike
  15. Thats 10930 OPW654W (Bond Standby Car)with false OPW678W reg plates before its bonnet was replaced. Note after the bonnet was replaced with an HC style bonnet the "James Bond" decal also was not replaced above the Lotus badge on the nose. Hence it is as it is now at Miami Deezer collection. Could that be 10929 OPW664W in the background with its white door mirrors? Cheers Mike
  16. Lotus use Rivnuts (Jacknuts) :- Aluminium insert very similar to the wall fixings you use when fixing anything to a stud wall at home. They are designed to be inserted into a specific sized hole and a material thickness within the specified range of the type of Rivnut being used. Normally you need a rivnut insertion gun similar to a rivet gun only with a reverse threaded mandrel to screw into the threaded part of the Rivnut. This pulls the fixing to collapse it tight against the material the fixing has been placed through thus stopping it just spinning with any bolt or fixing that is screwed into it. The easier fitting used for applications not under as much stress as Rivnuts are called Rubnuts. Again these come in various sizes and depths for material thickness but as the name suggests the collapsible part of the insert is rubber so also acts as a good vibration isolator. No gun is needed to fit Rubnuts. Lotus used these extensively on the Elan M100 and later models. I can supply photos of both fixings and my Rivnut gun if anyone needs more info.
  17. Yes the Stevens / S3 bracket works with the old servo and T2 master cylinder. Your part number looks correct for the master cylinder. The actuator rod is a different size from the Delco set up. I used the rod that came with the mounting bracket I bought from DVB. It was a tricky blighter to connect to the stevens S4s pedals but it fitted and worked perfectly. if I recall correctly I had to file 2mm off the top of the fibreglass hole through the bulkhead to the pedal box making the hole slightly oval to allow clearance for the push rod at its extreme travel as the angle from the Delco pedal box set up must be slightly different because of its different mounting bracket. Cheers Mike
  18. Hi guys Just jumping back to earlier in this thread referring to Fab's photo of the Dezer Copper fire Bond spare car. Andy mentioned the Luminition box was in the wrong place. Looking at this photo of Essex No. 6 it appears that Lotus must have fitted the luminition box on the O/S rear wheel arch on the early cars so it looks to be an early standard factory fit position. However what the photo does show is the original white paint where the missing inertia switch should be fitted a further example of its previous white paint scheme.
  19. I love this photo I wonder how many others like this there are out there. It is a prime example of the hard life these cars had while promoting the Film and Lotus. There must have been numerous events these cars attended to promote the brand and the film as Don Mac PR supremo was an expert at finding ways to maximise promotion of Lotus at the lowest cost.
  20. Yes it may be mid way through the Essex run but early in terms of non Essex Dry sump turbos. I suspect the quarter panel carpet would have been a Bond add on along with the Lotus Embossed rear Bumper, for the shots when the tailgate is opened and Bond's luggage is removed from the car outside the Hotel. One of the Bond add ons that did not make it to production along with the coloured steering wheel and of course the ski racks. So Fabian I would say this is a must for your car. I have a role of the correct carpet in my loft from the supplier who supplied Lotus. I know its product code and manufacturer /supplier so no problem to replicate. Well spotted Andy I think you are correct!! Shows the level to which the car was stripped to repaint. I think OPW667W probably came to a sticky end early in the 80s according to DVLAs records it has been untaxed since then. It also had its 4 stud comps changed for BBS 5 studs and was photographed while on press duty with these BBS wheels before it vanished off the radar.
  21. Andy OPW654W which is in reality the Copper Deezer car was a press cars first before any Bond work. OPW664W the white Deezer Car I therefore also presume was probably a press car before acting as a stand in Bond car for promo work purely because it was in the same colour trim spec as OPW654W before its transformation to Copper Fire. Factory cars get used and abused and changed all the time as they are not sold straight to the public from a show room.
  22. Yep. That's the carpet iis normally only on the quarter shelves. Fabian I might have a carpet sample for you I will check, it is a copper terracotta which matches very well the exterior what colour did you think it was? Andy it is still a very early "factory car" i.e its use even as a press demo car would have meant extra care would have been taken in ensuring it was built as well as possible with any mods that might aid reliability and serviceability in the field before it rolled off the production line, also Lotus have a habit of their early production cars still being in a state of development. This Factory car will have been extensively stripped back and then reassembled during its re-colour and unique colour scheme. Remember Lotus were trying various changes on the Bond cars only some of which made it to the production cars. The Lotus embossed rear bumper made it to production as did Copper Fire colour and leather trim but evidently the quarter panel carpet did not.
  23. Hi Andy I see what you mean I looked at the wrong part of the photo of the engine bay I can see the carpet now you are talking about on the quarter panels very strange. MPW had no engine bay quarter panels when I bought it you could see the insulation on top of the petrol tanks so I cannot compare the 2.
  24. Adjustable servo power plays a huge part I cannot stress this enough, as both Martin L and I found out hence he tried both Subaru with a huge servo and the much smaller MR2 set up. He spent more time on trying other manufacturers master cylinders and servos I stuck with previously used Lotus spec parts. I developed the adjustable electric vac set up with a reservoir and he manufactured a couple of brass vacuum take off adapters for our inlet manifolds to make the system have triple redundancy for safety. His S4 was fitted with larger front discs and Hi spec calipers my S4s had the standard S4s Brembo set up and the conversion transformed our cars as we worked together to find a solution. I only offer information from experience not specs, I needed brakes for my S4s so I fitted what I could find and thankfully it worked superbly. I tried to minimise moving away from parts that Lotus had already used and having to manufacture brackets etc to make the installation look like a factory fit. I hope this helps. Cheers Mike
  25. It really does not matter about whether it is SE or standard car. The S4s brakes work brilliantly with the girling replacement. The Vacuum plays a huge part you can adjust the feel using the Euro Switch. I suspect the different manufacturers used by Lotus were purely for commercial reasons not specification. Cheers Mike
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