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  1. Already connected, they don't have one for the S3 Exige ATM
  2. The lack of sun visors has got me thinking about a vinyl sun Strip at the top of the windscreen. Can't seem to find any for sale at the usual suspects. Any body got a supplier or suggestions on what to put on it?
  3. Very true, never driven anything that comes close to the 675LT, even Pista doesn't come close. I bought the Exige to keep the miles off it and true get some of its character. It's a compliment Lotus and the Exige that is does sorry for the OT ramble
  4. Yep but not the one I mentiond Yep but I'm on my second one now with even more CF on it
  5. I have a Warranty Wise 2 year extended warranty on my McLaren 675LT. Cost me £3.6k for that with a claim limit of £10k. Once my Exige is out of warranty I'll do the same for that.
  6. Thought I recognised the name from my S2000 days
  7. Did you have an S2000 and do some CF sill covers etc for them? BTW I part own a couple of engineering companies
  8. Liking the idea of DIYing this on my 350 Sport. Does the rubber trim protect the back edges of the diffuser? ie is it visible on the fins and edge?
  9. True but a decent guy could make it look tidy I'm about to have my front clam PPF redone as it was originally done with a basic precut template with loads of joins. My local guy reckons he can do it with just one small join. TO the OP's question - I would say wrap as it will keep the underlying paint in better condition. A respray you still run the risk of damage after wards.
  10. Did mine last week with a 5 letter 3/4 size plate (so small ) I used HD Velcro so I cna put a full size one on easily if I ever need to
  11. Any lists of what's in each service or do I just ask for an itemised quote McLaren dealers take the piss on some items (wiper blade £38 plus VAT!)
  12. Which road They may probably fail an MOT on adjustment if they can't be dropped down enough. Lets see
  13. Found this thread trying to solve this issue on my newly acquired 350 sport I'm going to give these a go
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