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    jorge doblado
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    1998 Lotus Esprit V8
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    P.U.K. chip
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    Northeast U.S.

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  1. I swapped the 4 headlights,since mine where sealed beams. But if you can replace only the bulb, it'll be cheaper.
  2. Finished with the dump valves and upper and lower ball joints. Ready for the road.
  3. Looking for a paintable shifter cover with silver center ring for a 1998 Esprit V8. Also paintable door trims. Please send PM
  4. I got them from PNM:
  5. Update: I installed 5 - 11 psi springs and they work beautifully.
  6. Any chance of fabricating more for sale?
  7. 1998 Esprit V8. I recently installed a couple of Forge blow off valves (15-23 psi) ,The valves don't vent when revving up the engine.I had already change the springs (rated at 23-30 psi) since nothing was happening. Do I need to disconnect the wastegate valves for the dump valves to work? The engine runs perfectly,no issues with the factory turbos.
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