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  1. Sorry Bib's, I have my kids this weekend and I only moved in to my new home in Swindon a couple of weeks ago. Hope you all have a good time
  2. Sorry Bibs won't be able to attend this one, but after the house move in the 1st week in November, and we have settled in, it would be nice to catch up with you all again. GT3 Jonny
  3. Sorry guys, cant make this one, as i am on a works course that week. hope you all have a superb time. GT3Jonny
  4. Yes Mark It was probably me. How you keeping, hope all's well with you. Regards GT3jonny
  5. jon.hand

    Yellow V8 (?)

    Hi Yes it was probably me. My cars a GT3, with the V8 kit, wing and round lights GT3jonny
  6. Guys Thanks for the turn out It was nice to meet a few new members of the LEF (Steve, Will) you both have two well looked after esprits, and it was obvious from conversation, you both seem to know the mechanical and technical systems of your cars. Chris, thanks for you and the Marcos team for turning up. Attached are some photos. Sorry for the quality - they we taken on the mobile GT3-jonny
  7. prob me katie. nice spot GT3-jonny
  8. Mary thanks to the people coming tomorrow, its much appreciated Forcast dry weather too I'm planning to get there for around 10 ish and staying for a couple of hours Planned attendance: 1 - GT3-jonny+1 2 - Wookie 3 - Boots (proxy driver) Mr John 4 - Willf 5 - ESPRI
  9. Guys, Where is your support to these small local garages, that keep our cars going. Come along, if only for a drive through and free bacon butties and show your car off Only 4 days away ! GT3 Jonny
  10. Hi SLEG's Karl, Alan, Liz Rigarlsford and the team(at Specialised Paintwork - Lotus) would like to invite like minded Automobile, Car, Petrolheads to there workshop at Pincents Kiln in Reading, any time after 09:30. I have spoken to Alan and advised I would put this on the LEF, on which he would be really pleased if any of the LEF team could make it - even only for an hour. This open day, is to coincide with the Thatcham Classic car show. On display will be Alan's Dailmler Dingo. Tea Coffee and bacon sandwiches will be laid on, whilst everyone can view some of the Customer cars
  11. Hi Boots It was me. In my GT3 (not S4) i must admit, it looks like a S4/V8 as I have the spoilers and wheel ext. Sorry didn't see you, you should have flashed and I'd have pulled over Nice spot mate GT3 Jonny
  12. Sorry Guys I leave for me hols on Sunday. Have a good drive. Have a battered cod for me GT3-jonny
  13. Rog Yet another successful, well organised event, well done mate. Thanks for inviting me. As normal I have created a little 7 minute DVD. I have also posted this on you-tube - so your pupils can see it. You tube link: Hope your BBQ & evening bash goes well GT3-jonny
  14. Hi Rog I'll try and get to yours for the bacon butties (10ish), not sure how long I can stay at the skool though (may be only an hour or so.) Weather forcast looking good for tomorrow (no rain). See you tomorrow. GT3-Jonny
  15. Sounds like a good plan. My car should be back on the road by then. (hopefully pick it back up next week, fingers crossed, with the new rad, coolers & arches) 1: GGHC87 2&3: Bibs & Laura 4&5: PeterEngland99 & Jen 6&7: sparky & Tracy 8: AJJ205 - Andy 9: steve15 - Steve 10: 50nny - Sonny 11. Rog 12. GT3 Jonny (maybe +1) Thanks for the invite GT3 Jonny
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