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  1. What a shame we did not have the required amount to get a display area of our own but thanks Martyn for you efforts I think i am going to the event and i hope i bump into some of you at the show 👍 Regards Cyril (codriver).
  2. Neil what is the relay mod for the windows ? Thanks Cyril
  3. Strange times we are all going through and seem some how seems not the right time to be asking for help on my car Esprit 22 Turbo 1989 While i have so much time on my hand i am changing the timing belt and tensor bearing but the baring is an SKF Would any one the part number of it as the bearing shop near me are asking or is there an alternative that i could use same for the timing belt Thanks for any help and keep safe
  4. Scott we will have to keep looking out for the updates But if it is off might be on later in year if all is well.🤞
  5. I wondering if this event may not go-ahead with Corona virus 😪 I have looked on the website and look like its is still on so lets hope all will be good 👍
  6. Well purchased the tickets this morning Now to get the car back together see you all at Bicester 👍🙏
  7. i am very interested in going to this should have mine up and running by then 🙏 i have an 1989 Esprit Anniversary edition No3 🇬🇧
  8. I to would like more pictures on how others have got this to work it great how you all are helping Thanks I Need some front brake discs any suggestion ? Cyril
  9. Thank you Andy i am asking myself should i do this conversion or not ? i have my Lotus in stripped out at the moment and is good time to convert as the dash is out and the rack is off.i am still looking at Corsa C or Yaris column a control sensor is available from Ebay and the reports are good and it work ?? I have to thing a bit more on it but i like the idea off just worried now it may not be worth the trouble and how well will work at speed ?????? Thanks to all of you for your help so far. Cyril
  10. Thanks 🙏 for your help Andy were would I get the coupling for or do you have to make it up i am thinking Corsa column would be ok and a variable plug in sensors is only £25 is available but the Yaris looks a bit easy would you know were I can get any more information /details thanks Cyril
  11. i am looking at this post with great interest and would like to fit E P S also i have an 1989 Lotus esprit Anniversary model would love some and guidance please Firstly what is a Borgussen coupler ? why do you need a column from a Yaris with abs? i was looking at a Corsa C column but you have done a great job and worked it all out sweet\ regards Cyril
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