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  1. That blue look amazing Paul! 😎 My plate is a bespoke size to just fit the mounting holes. I like your neat solution though for ease of removal. 👍
  2. I've fitted Ferrodo DS Uno's. Seriously impressed, but again like the PF's they are a bit noisy. But initial bite is epic and serious retardation.
  3. I got this....really impressed
  4. Afternoon people I'm currently researching the best way to increase the front camber on my 410. I'm currently maxed out at - 1.5 degrees. And have read that removing the Abs sensor bracket can gain me a bit more? But I'm looking for over 2 degrees ideally. I've read you can machine the hubs down to allow for this. 1mm equates to 0.25 degrees. I've also seen you can buy aftermarket steering arms and bump steer kits which claim I can then also get a good amount more camber. Has anyone here used these and if so did they work well? I'm leaning towards aftermarket arms as it's a bolt on modification and can be returned to stock if needs be. Thoughts?
  5. Great day at Cadwell yesterday with my friend in his GT3 RS. Saw a few other Loti's who arrived for the evening session. Great day at Cadwell yesterday with my friend in his GT3 RS. Saw a few other Loti's who arrived for the evening session.
  6. okay thanks...maybe I'll just design my own one and get it laser cut. Cheers Logan
  7. Hi all I'm looking for a bracket to mount a handheld extinguisher. But I can only find the ones from Oz etc. Any companies in the UK supply a similar thing? similar to this:- Thanks Logan
  8. I just bought the DS Uno's for mine ready for going to Spa at the end of the month. Hoping they are as good as everyone says.
  9. Lovely car mate 😎 This the one from Stratton Motors? I had my eye on this one but got spec creep and ended up with a 410. Enjoy!
  10. I've e-mailed Komotec and asked for some more info on dB readings and how the thing fits to the standard exhaust.
  11. If the car is just over the limit as stock then it'll mean you will not get thrown off a trackday, 3dB lower is definitely worth it I'd say. If it works as advertised!
  12. Having just collected my 410, and finding its bloody loud at full chat I started looking at simple ways to quieten it down for track use. Has anyone used this contraption from Komotec? Seems a good solution and saves swapping out the rather naughty but lovely standard exhaust.
  13. Morning Everyone Just collected this new to me 410 Sport 😎. Not driven it far but totally loving the back to basics involvement of the drive. Oh and the noise.....bloody hell the noise! 😍
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