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  1. Didn’t realise they were normally that price
  2. The MSRP figures are frightening! Tick the appropriate boxes and apparently a 430 can be £90 short of £109k. But it’s the end of an era .....
  3. Had the same problem with the front smaller side panels a couple of times when road debris has been flicked up and impacted the grills. Like you have had to resort to pulling back out and retouching. I was surprised how soft the wire used in the grills are. Theoretically I suppose one could try to replace the grills with a stronger gauge wire but then run the risk of transferring more impact force to the surrounding clamshell area itself.
  4. Exhaust valve .... 1. take off lower steering cowl to check wiring loom has unused labelled exhaust wiring/plug on LHS (it will have!) before ...... 2. order missing exhaust button switch from DeRoure (Bell and Colvill), around £45 plus postage. 3. Remove cowl, fit and plug in switch, refit cowl (15 minutes work) 4. Press button and enjoy open exhaust valve at any revs 😀 if you are very very very unlucky step 4. may not work because the ecu won’t play ball and will need to be reprogrammed by the dealer. However there are many here who have done the above retro fitting with absolutely no issues. My 410 is also a 2019 model and it works fine! Nice colour BTW 😀
  5. This might sound completely daft but did you have the seat too far back whilst driving and therefore unintentionally over-stretching for the clutch? I’ve done this before accidentally after cleaning the interior, it took a couple of days for the pain to completely go☹️
  6. Race mode also raises the idle speed a little, at least it does on my 410.
  7. Same as RaggedRoy, works fine on my 2019 410 without recoding
  8. I had to double check for myself ... yes it is a join 👍
  9. Plug and play, wiring and socket for switch already in place. Dash display showing valve status and valve works as intended :-)
  10. Though I’ve now replaced this with the “official” Lotus exhaust switch, took 15mins to fit and works as intended.
  11. I’ m interested in this dash, primarily for road use, and read/reread various posts, however there a couple of things bugging me and a possible purchase, that hopefully someone can help out. 1. So the AIM dash can be reset to any value by the dealer, no problem. But what happens if I want to revert to the original OEM dash any any reason, e.g I’m selling my old car with OEM dash and want to use the AIM in the new car? My understanding is that the OEM odometer reading is stored in the instrument binnacle and not the ECU and therefore will be shown incorrectly when reinstated back in the old car (unless I’m completely wrong.of course!) How do/will people get around this opportunity? 2. By stating “track use only” for the product surely this potentially compromises road use legality/insurance claim position etc.? Whilst I’ve used “non-approved” parts in the past, from an accident assessors viewpoint I would have thought there’s a world of difference is assessment terms at the end of the day between using a different exhaust, to having a non OEM dash displaying “critical” information such as vehicle speed. Or am I over thinking this? Don’t get me wrong I love the AIM idea, I just want to be clear of all the possible implications of adoption.
  12. Not sure why it didn’t work. The exhaust control valve is held closed I.e in quiet mode, by a vacuum. Therefore if you just disconnect the pipe from the vacuum solenoid valve that runs down to the exhaust valve then the exhaust valve will never close and the exhaust will be loud all the time. Because you don’t really want dirt being sucked in then the vacuum solenoid should be capped and the “loose” pipe for completeness. As far as retrofitting the button is concerned, assuming the required connection points are in the original 410 wiring loom, my understating is that the opening of the exhaust valve is directly controlled from the ECU, and hence since it was never intended to work with an override button, the standard 410 ECU mapping will need to be tweaked/reprogrammed in order to enable the required functionality. Though since I personally haven’t had this done I might be talking BS! Some Lotus dealers appear willing to do this button modification whereas others wont, either way for me it’s a question where would you stand on warranty with Lotus should the engine go pop., though the same could be said for this less intrusive “aquarium” method. At the end of the day you take a chance.
  13. Solution copied from elsewhere.... the sub £5 switchable exhaust manual solution! Aquarium valve 4/6 mm and if you don’t want to cut the OEM hose, short length of 4mm I.d / 8mm o.d silicon hose. Aquarium valve is inline between the vacuum reservoir and the exhaust valve red connection hose Aquarium valve shut equals exhaust open all the time, aquarium valve open gives “normal” open and shut exhaust behaviour. Any modification is obviously done at your own risk.
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