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  1. It looks like @jonnyboy is on vacation but, quoting from his PM: "We can do them in either gloss or matt finish. "
  2. Thanks for such a warm welcome Here are a few photos
  3. In a search for a carbon fibre hardtop I found this site: The price for 250 Cup (with all brackets and seals) is better then the Komotec option and the optics is also nice. But... The question is whether anyone has any experience with this company? I have searched the forum but found nothing.
  4. Hi everybody! My name is Kuba (which can be translated into Jacob/James) and I live in Poznan (Poland). It was 2007 when I first set a wallpaper with an Elise (well, actually it was an Exige...) on my mobile and now the dream has come true I am awaiting the delivery of my Cup 250 in toxic green which will arrive shortly The driving itself will have to wait because it will be first wrapped in PPF and then maybe photos will follow
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