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  1. I just bought some Performance Friction pads from Seriously Lotus after reading recommendations on here. I do a few track-days so I’m hoping for better stopping power. Thumbs up to Seriously Lotus though, whenever I order through them the delivery is very quick.
  2. I bought them for £1,800 in the end. The guy was selling them via Silverstone Lotus. The tyres still have plenty of tread left too so not a bad price really. I’m not keen on the colour though so will be dropping them off an Lepson’s to get repainted. Will I need longer wheel bolts, it’s something the lotus sales guy mentioned to me, although he wasn’t sure.
  3. If I buy them then I’ll get them repainted as I’m not keen on the gloss black. Ive offered just under £2k for them as it’ll cost about £400 to get them painted.
  4. I’ve seen a set of OEM forged wheels for sale, I was just wondering if the word “forged” should be stamped on them or not. The ones I’ve seen don’t have it. Will these wheels fit a standard Exige V6s or will I require spacers? Seriously Lotus sell these but the website mentions he’s are wider so don’t require spacers
  5. The alcantara sills sounds good but the reality is to get in and out of the car you sit and slide yourself across them. They could start to look a bit shabby after a while. Hopefully they won’t but just be mindful of that.
  6. I’m on the look out for a set of oem forged wheels for the Exige V6. Please PM if you have a set for sale.
  7. That was most probably me, I live around there and often drive through the high st
  8. I have an ABS/TC warning light on the dash which I’m told told is due to a faulty ABS sensor. As it’s part of the wheel hub this needs to be replaced. I’ve ordered the part from Seriously Lotus but need to find out the torque settings of the 3 bolts that hold it on. Can anyone help?
  9. The Matt ones look really good, I think I’ll get the same. I don’t want the glossy ones in case they reflect the sun too much. What did you use to stick them down? I was thinking of using double sided 3m tape with 3m primer. The plugs are a good idea, I didn’t really want to drill holes in the sill.
  10. I’m looking at getting a set from Elise Shop to replace the plastic ones on my V6S. Just wondering if anyone else has bought a set and if they just stuck them down or if they come with a pre-drilled hole.
  11. I’ve just fitted the V3 tail lights from GRP. They look great but I noticed the inner lights have a separate cable, with a spade connector, from the plug. I’m not sure where this needs to be connected to? Edit: this cable gets connected to the tap connector on the outer lights so that all 4 lights (I have an Exige v6) come on when the side lights / running lights are on.
  12. No screws. I bought the 3m tape from eBay 3m VHB 5952 25mm 1.1mm thick I also bought the 3m primer 94 (With brush) from eBay. I removed the splitter and gave it a good clean. Then used nail polish remover on the part I was using to attach the rubber lip. I noticed that someone from the factory actually signed the bottom of the splitter, which I thought was pretty cool.
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