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    Air Intake, Harness Bar and Harnesses, Sports Exhaust
  1. I’m considering a few of the same changes to my V6S. I want the forged wheels but by reading a few of the Exige Project pages it seems the biggest change to the handling is changing the stock suspension to the Nitron 3-Way. The forged wheels are £2,700 from Seriously Lotus + tyres The Nitron 3-Ways are £3,200 from Elise Shop + fitting and set-up I want to go down the suspension route first but only when funds allow.
  2. Hi Imran, I fitted the air intake that I recently bought from you. Great high quality product, easy to follow instructions although I managed without jacking the car up and taking the wheel off. My next order will be for a pair of those side mirrors as I hate the standard ones. I assume the installation is pretty straight forward again.
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