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  1. I think Dave at Seriously Lotus (who’s on these forums) will be installing one on one of he’s cars in the coming weeks.
  2. Nice - 460 to 490 kit - what’s that just a larger throttle body and another remap?
  3. I’m looking to do the same thing to my v6s - really like the 430 cup diffuser
  4. I have this exhaust fitted too, it’s so much quieter compared against the 2bular exhaust, but still has a nice burble. I have a video but not sure how to upload it here.
  5. I bought the Elise Parts one which seemed to work but I was on track last week and had similar issues as the OP. My car is currently at Seriously Lotus for some tasty mods… I mentioned the problems I had and Dave said that they had numerous problems with after market brake light switches and now they only sell the genuine lotus ones. I didn’t get any lights on the dash but the car would kick itself out of sport mode and wouldn’t rev. Dave plugged it in but there were no fault codes. He’ll change the switch out as a precaution. Hopefully that’ll sort it.
  7. I had the same issue recently, I bought the switch from Elise Parts for about £30. Fitting it is a ball ache, I had to get in the passenger side backwards then angle my head / body downwards under the dash to see up into the footwell. Once in it was easy to fit the part.
  8. Managed to get it free last night with the help of a pal. The tailgate was set too far back (towards the roof) and the spring anchor point was catching on the latch in the boot. Tip for anyone else, don’t tighten the bolts on the hinges too tight until after you know it opens. Here’s a pic showing the spring anchor point, it need to be fitted so the notch is going left to right
  9. I tried that, was getting frustrated and more and more forceful and decided to stop before I broke something.
  10. I swapped the v6s glass tailgate for a louvred one, lined it all up it and shut it but now it’s stuck shut. the release lever opens it a little but it’s catching and I can get it to open. any tips please?
  11. Is your signature exhaust currently in stock? I assume the 350 variant will fit my V6S?
  12. Would your Signature Track Exhaust work with my proposed system?
  13. I was considering the engine protection exhaust from 2bular but decided it’s probably best to stick with the KT system in case there are any issues or problems with the ECU map.
  14. Need some advice please. I’m looking to get the KT460 kit for my V6s via SL. I currently have the 70mm non-valved back box from 2bular (with separate silencer cans) which I’m really happy with, it’s loud on the street but quiet enough for track, but I’m told it will not work with the KT kit. I know KT do a track friendly back box but I understand it’s a bit muted and I’m not keen on the single circular exhaust tip. The OEM silencer will work but I’m sure it’ll be too loud for track. What are you guys using please? Thanks
  15. Cheers. I already bought the borescope and the magnet pickup tool. I had a fiddle around but couldn’t see anything. I’ll try the strong magnet at the bottom of the door trick. I’ve swung the doors open a few times and can’t hear any rattles at the moment.
  16. I’ve managed to drop a screw in each door trying to fit my new GW Hell SLO mirrors. Anyone got any tips on how I go about finding them and getting them out?
  17. When I bought mine they came with a new relay which is swapped out got the original under the dashboard. I have a v6s though so might be different. others have needed to install a resistor
  18. I see what you mean, I wouldn’t be happy with that either. Have you heard back from them yet?
  19. Could you take a picture of the weave to show what you mean?
  20. Shipping costs does not include VAT, duty etc… as per their T&Cs
  21. The additional taxes doesn’t make it such a good deal. The 430 cup Louvered hatch is £1600 + £550 delivery + import duty (15%?) + VAT Total cost would likely be over £3k which is still cheaper than the Lotus part but it’s a lot of money for just a bit of bling.
  22. Sorry to go on but did you have to pay any VAT on the goods? I’m reading up on import duties and one website says none due from HK due to the free trade agreement but then I’m reading other posts where people suggest VAT and Import Duty is to be paid.
  23. How long did the delivery take? How much extra did you get charged for import duty? I suppose if you want to return the front panel you’ll have to pay to get that sent back and then apply for the duty paid on that item. seems a lot of faff but I suppose it’s worth the risk if the cost savings are worth it.
  24. I’d be interested to hear more about this company too. The 430 carbon rear Louvre looks tempting.
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