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  1. Here’s a link from 2bular to explain their side of things…


    I don’t have any affiliation 2bular but think it’s only fair to hear from both sides before casting judgement. 

    Jim goes on a bit of a rant but does state part of the exhaust was from a car previously crashed… 

    It’s terrible what’s happened to Eddie, and hopefully he gets he’s car repaired without too much hurt to he’s pocket.

  2. I upgraded the pads first, went for Performance Frictions, this made a huge difference although they did eat through the standard discs pretty quickly.

    I now have the big brake Alcon floating discs from SL. Haven’t used them properly yet but I had heard good things about them. Hopefully they last a bit longer than the standard drilled discs. 

  3. 7 hours ago, Ollie260 said:

    Thank you all. 


    @Diablos-666 is that carbon I can't make out in the wet? 


    @RoflOnMyWaffle I've taken a look a the B6 and I'll try one for size when I'm at Tilletts, having taken a quick look online some people are saying you can still use a standard 3 point seat belt? 

    Yes it’s Carbon but it’s been painted matte black. 
    Not sure if I want to keep it that black, paint it body colour or bring it back to Carbon finish.

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  4. I bought the Elise Parts one which seemed to work but I was on track last week and had similar issues as the OP.

    My car is currently at Seriously Lotus for some tasty mods… 

    I mentioned the problems I had and Dave said that they had numerous problems with after market brake light switches and now they only sell the genuine lotus ones. 

    I didn’t get any lights on the dash but the car would kick itself out of sport mode and wouldn’t rev. Dave plugged it in but there were no fault codes. He’ll change the switch out as a precaution.

    Hopefully that’ll sort it.

  5. Managed to get it free last night with the help of a pal.

    The tailgate was set too far back (towards the roof) and the spring anchor point was catching on the latch in the boot. 
    Tip for anyone else, don’t tighten the bolts on the hinges too tight until after you know it opens. 

    Here’s a pic showing the spring anchor point, it need to be fitted so the notch is going left to right





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