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  1. Need some advice please.

    I’m looking to get the KT460 kit for my V6s via SL.

    I currently have the 70mm non-valved back box from 2bular (with separate silencer cans) which I’m really happy with, it’s loud on the street but quiet enough for track, but I’m told it will not work with the KT kit.

    I know KT do a track friendly back box but I understand it’s a bit muted and I’m not keen on the single circular exhaust tip.

    The OEM silencer will work but I’m sure it’ll be too loud for track.

    What are you guys using please?


  2. You took a huge gamble buying a 720s if you’re worried about depreciation.

    Surely depreciation on any lotus would be a “drop in the ocean” in comparison?

    Personally, I don’t think the Emira will effect prices of the Exige to much if at all. Lotus always hold their money well and the Exige is a fantastic car.

    But, no one has a crystal ball so who knows.

    Good luck, nice position to be in.

  3. My car is due a 4 year service soon, I checked the lotus fixed service schedule and the 4th year costs £950+VAT. Doesn’t anyone know what this includes to make it so much more expensive than the other years?

    As a comparison I’ve got an independent to quote full service, all fluids and plugs - £470+VAT


  4. I bought them for £1,800 in the end. The guy was selling them via Silverstone Lotus. The tyres still have plenty of tread left too so not a bad price really.

    I’m not keen on the colour though so will be dropping them off an Lepson’s to get repainted.

    Will I need longer wheel bolts, it’s something the lotus sales guy mentioned to me, although he wasn’t sure.

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