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  1. Hello everyone, I love this site, lots of nice people and great advice. I have always loved the lines of the Esprit and even the interior is in my opinion, perfect! I have a TT right now that I will probably drive until the wheels fall off. I have the Audi staged with G.I.A.C. and Apr for the 2nd and 3rd stage(s). I am over 280 hp(dyne). But back to Lotus'. I love the Esprit, and like the idea of the power of the V-8, twin turbo's are something I have always wanted. But I am worried about the Renault transmission. I drove a Elise this fall and really liked it, I almost bought it and the fact that it is still for sale makes me happy I didn't buy it. I used to go to English car shows with my late Father, and we would drive his Triumph spitfire, or when I was old enough my TR4-A; my first car and first love. My first Lotus I ever saw was a Europa. And sitting in it, I felt like a real bad ass. I wanted a Lotus after that and started noticing the Esprit's. Now I am in the position to buy a second car, and I am thinking of almost every Lotus. But my favorites are the V-8 Esprit, S4, Exige S, Elise, and naturally aspirated Evora. I would love a 400 or GT but I don't think I could swing it. What would be my best option? I hold a lot of weight in opinions of those on this site. Thank you.
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