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  1. RC racing injectors has them and they are Texas drop them a email they know which ones the Esprit need. Also PUK sells RC racing injectors. I bought mine direct from RC jp
  2. I would change the thermostat very low cost item and easy to do. Car will not run correctly until temp has reached 82. yes there are two plugs for free scan one under the dash right side and other in rear in the relay /fuse box. jp
  3. how is glass removal going? I was thinking about removing mine. getting a repaint and wanting to paint the black out area under the glass same as car and leaving glass off. jp
  5. It is not the two female holes for the sunroof tongues. It backflows over the sunroof seal into the car when nose is on the downward grade under a medium to heavy rain. You need a new sunroof seal. jp
  6. I once had just purchased a 951 with slipping clutch, turned out it was miss adjusted push rod on the pedal. good luck jim
  7. there is only one wire on the end of the unit. even though there is two contactor poles. sorryfor the delay getting back to you.
  8. you get to the transducer from the battery side , it is the first item you come to on the wheel arch. sounds like one of wires came loose. I had same problem. a little nut came loose on the transducer. check it out and good luck jp
  9. thanks for information that sounds like the problem, by the way using Castro Syntec 5/50
  10. you say the oilve (almost certanly the oilve ) what is oilve is this a type o? jp and thanks for the information. The oil pump look like its hard to get too, it looks tight. I am good around the car, as I changed out clutch last year. But then it was easy to get to once you took out boot floor. jim
  11. for several weeks now when I start the car it takes and seem to becoming a longer time for the oil pressure gauge to show a read above 0. I use to start it and the pressure would come right up. So I changed the oil hoping that maybe the filter was clogged, well that didn't help. So I am thinking that the oil pump is going out car has 54xxx miles. Does this sound correct? thanks jim
  12. looks like my drivers side tank is leaking bad. anyone done this job with engine in car? Seen on LEW , wondering if any others have details jim
  13. I seem them on the last Lotus parts sale. I bought one don't recall the price but it wasn't bad/ jim
  14. What about just knocking the inside out of the cat? I did mine and it sounds and runs great, plus low cost. jp
  15. Artie, I hope the weather changes soon, so that you can drive her. I just put the #5 chip and it's beening snowing or raining or just too cold to her. I am sitting here wishing for some dry weather, been almost 2 months since I broke my leg and I really have a need for some real speed. I guess you're in need too! jim
  16. Roger , what are you talk about ?? . Mine shifts great since I change those dam little connection rods back at transmissions. you's in the UK must drive the hell out these Epsrit's I don't think mine has ever been out in the rain. everything looks dry and almost new. when I did the clutch job everhting came right off. no rust. Oh dam you get alot of wet seasons in the UK? I am the third owner of this Esprit with 56,000 miles . happy holidays jp
  17. I have read a lot over the the years about oil pressure reading with the esprit I bought my first esprit 1995 which was 1989 turbo seem to have low pressure readings and ever had any problems,. Now on my 2 esprit which is also 1989 but SE still see this low pressure readings. Especialy when it is very cold out like 5 F outside. Its take a long time to the gauge to come off 0 and low presuure light will only come on when you rev off 1000rpms. still no problems . I am not sure if the espirit guage is just more acurate than others showing us the ture reading or are others just less acurate not telling us of the truth of low pressure on start up with a cold engnie??
  18. Artie, I put that same set up in back Feb 2008 and I have had no problems yet but only 3000 miles on it -+. I do run her hard every time I'm in her. Jim St Louis
  19. I just put in the #5 chip, had the factory chip before. What a difference it's night and day. I sure this cold weather is helping some, I can't keep the wheels from spinning in 1st and 2nd. I am going to need new tires. Been shopping thinking about going with BF Goodrich g-force super sport a/s they make 205-50ZR-15's and 245-50ZR-16's. anyone use these tires? thanks jim
  20. Artie, it sounds great. Glad you got her back together. jim price St louis
  21. I just found that my right mount bracket that mounts to the transmission had broke completely not sure why it was in good shape in Feb 2008 in I put in a clutch. Jeff at JAE said they usually brake when you spin-out and hit a curve. No spin-outs. jp
  22. backmarker, sounds like the insurance companies over there can be tough. Here in the USA they are on hook, Stupidly of the insured is no defense for but paying a claim. Been in the insurance business 22 years, read many of policies. jp
  23. has anyone did their own de-cat by just knocking the insides out of the cat-pipe? I thinks about it. jim
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