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  1. No rush @bibs I am busy cleaning and detailing the car. I also plan a new radio and window tint. Plus even if I ordered it today it will not be here for a while as I am in the USA.
  2. Can we order the Elite + through the forum as well?
  3. So I finally made the deal and purchased a new to me 2002 Lotus Esprit, then drove it 3722 miles or 5989 KM home from Portland Oregon. I did have an alternator failure but at least if failed near a friend shop a few hundred miles from home.
  4. I have found a very nice looking V8 Esprit fairly low mileage, but last major was done in 2012. Car has been driven over 12,000 miles or 19,000 Kilometres since the Cam Belts/tensioners and Serpentine belt. My question is I want to have the car serviced before I drive it far if I make a deal, other than the obvious stuff I just mentioned what else should I have checked changed? As far as I know the radiator hoses (the rubber ones) have not been changed at least in the last 8 years, and probably not before then. I don't have a lot of service history on the car. I do know that the suspension bushings have been changes, brakes, oil is fresh, plugs. I don't want to say too much about the car as the owner is on a Lotus Forum. I have read every post they have made in the years they have owned the car and it seems in good shape other than the lack of belts and radiator hose changes. Is there anything else major I should look at?
  5. Thanks all, I have restarted my research of the Esprit. I originally started looking at them in 2006/2007, then 2008 hit and I lost way to much money in the market and selling my house at the time (had to move for work). I have found a couple that I like, but waiting till I get a chance to go look at them in person.
  6. Hello, Just your average car/airplane guy from Ohio. I am currently selling a few cars and a motorcycle to buy my future 02-04 Lotus Esprit. I have wanted an Esprit for years, I have looked at least a dozen over the years, but finally decided to sell a few vehicles to make it happen.
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