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  1. Like I mentioned on Facebook, same sound, my Timing belts were very loose, but sound didn't go away after changing them. Pulled the oil pan to find the pick up tube laying in the oil pan and some very scary looking scars on the crank.
  2. The only indicator I had was just the engine running perfect, then next start up in made some knocking noises that I thought was the cam belts... well they were stupid loose, so they were changed and new tensioners, but then on start up it still made noise at RPM, then after a few minutes of troubleshooting the shop stated the low oil light came on. The pulled the pan and the damage was done.
  3. Things are not looking great, but still ugly. The oil pickup tube broke off. So I am in for an engine rebuild.
  4. I am hoping for the best, but I also know that it could be expensive. Either way I am going to get it fixed and enjoy it again soon.
  5. Factory boost, had the cam belts and tensoners changed (8 years since previously done), I bought the car and drove around 5,000 miles and went to drive it one afternoon and it made noise, so I shut the car down and sent to the shop, they found the belts super loose and proceeded to change them. They are pretty sure it is bottom end noise so they are pulling the oil pan this next week.
  6. Got an update after the cam belt and tensioner change. Sadly the update isn't good. sounds like I have rod bearing issues. At least when it is done it will be sorted and I can enjoy. IMG_2364.mp4
  7. So I purchased my 2002 Esprit on July 15 and have put almost 5000 miles (8000 KM) since then and got a new radio installed with a backup camera. Well after driving the car home from the radio shop with zero issues or sounds. The next day I check the Blow Off Valves for hunting idle and they appeared to work correctly so must be something else. So I decided to go for a drive. I start the car and immediately heard the dreaded CAM tensioner knocking (yes I have heard before on other cars and I am 98% percent sure my issue is the tensioner. Even thought the sound was heart wrench
  8. Not sure if available there or not, but I have Nitto NT05's all the way around on my 02 Esprit. Great dry weather tire, not so great wet, but you can still drive, just more interesting.
  9. Sadly after install it does not tilt or disappear, but you can still reach behind it fairly easily.
  10. Ignore the mess on my tool bench please... Updated photo with a logo in the radio.
  11. Not sure if anyone is interested in doing this, but I wanted some new options mostly Apple Car play and a backup camera. I think this turned out pretty good.
  12. I know this is old, but I just ordered the newer version of the Halo 9 the F259 if I recall correctly. Hoping to have it installed soon. I will post pics in my 2002 Esprit.
  13. No rush @bibs I am busy cleaning and detailing the car. I also plan a new radio and window tint. Plus even if I ordered it today it will not be here for a while as I am in the USA.
  14. Can we order the Elite + through the forum as well?
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