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  1. Well, actually the throttle cable is brand new. But it seems it is too long. Suspecting it is the wrong cable. He had done a little hack to make it work, but that hack didn't really work. I have a neighbour which is an ex rally mechanic, we cut the cable and found a proper way to lock it in the other end. Works perfectly now! Will post a picture of the fix later today. Will check to be sure! Thanks for the tip.
  2. Hey guys\girls?! Since this is my first Esprit, I don't have any good referance on how well it should perform. I thought that I might be a tad low on power, struggling to reach 0.6 bars, and mostly on the top end. First I was checking for boost leaks, but could not find anything around the carbs, hoses or anything. Everything seems tight and nice. Anyway, I have noticed earlier that the throttle cable is changed. Had my 11 year old daughter in the car pushing the throttle to the bottom. The linkage was at that stage only 75% to it's end travel. Did some small mods and voila we had the power I was missing. Easily going to 0.7 bars now with pretty brisk performance. What a lovely car to drive! I think this could be more common issue than we think, reccomend anyone to check it if you haven't. Enjoy your saturday, stay clear of the germs
  3. Two friends from different ages!
  4. I always did love the oddballs The Tesla is my everyday car and it serves that purpose perfectly. Maseratis have a been a passion of mine for many years. About as many years as I have drooled over Esprit's but never pulled the trigger!
  5. Plan is to tune it. Put on modern EFI and put it in. Will reserve the original engine.
  6. Ha ha, good one. The Tesla is less than a year, so no need The Lotus on the other hand has been through one! Looking forward to it! Thanks for the welcome! The prior owner spent a lot, and I mean a lot. Not because it was a pita, but because he could. Nice chap, and I got a lot nice parts along with it. One of the parts is a complete turbo engine! Thanks for the welcome!
  7. New to the forum, forum already solved one of my issues! 45 years old from Norway, owns 2 Maseraties, 1 Lotus Esprit Turbo 1988 and a Tesla. Newly restored mechanically! Everything works except for some dashlights which are flickering. Got an extra engine with the car, planning some fun stuff with that engine. Nothing crazy, around 300hp with EFI is the plan. 100% reversable install.
  8. Thanks! Will do the introductions, thanks for the tips. Currently the light is working perfectly, and have been for a couple days. So seems the problem is solved. The prior owner mounted the S4 Wing. I have the old one as well!
  9. Ok, I consider the problem to be solved. I found out the culprit was the one on the right, not left. The movement on both seemed a bit notchy, so I lubed them up and put them in again. I also tightened the right one up as hard as I could to get a better squeeze vs the door. Seems to work for now, will order a new one if it is still erratic. Anyway, love it when there is any easy solution to things. Appreciate everyones thoughts and views!
  10. Thanks, I have a possible suspect then! Will apprehend him later today.
  11. Good evening! So tonight the lights where stuck on again. Tried to remove the relay, but funny enough all lights are stuck on anyway. Can I measure\test the delay relay in any way?
  12. See what you mean. If the problem pops up again I will do some further tests.
  13. Ok, thanks. So in reality it's either switches or that relay that is the culprit. I am suspecting the left switch was stuck or something. Thanks for the clarification.
  14. Thanks for the tips, I will go for a mid level approach here. Like I said I have a spare engine I can do this too. Will keep the old carbed engine and everything as is. It is rebuilt and in very good nick. This is also something I will do on the side, while enjoying the car as it is! I do not want to do irreversible changes, meaning if I want to reverse this I just drop in the old engine with carbs. This way the car really just looses it's originality temporarily. 300hp will be more than enough, might not even need chargecooler for that with a proper EFI? Will test this while building the engine. I have a very tuned Maserati Biturbo, spent way to much time and money on that, so I know the slippery slope you talk about The front brakes though are a bit puny, is there a mid level upgrade availble here? With 300hp I really don't need crazy big brakes either. Appreciate your thoughts everybody!
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