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  1. Lights can only be removed after taking the bumper off (bumper and lights come off as one) . The bolts you are removing are the right ones to take the bumper off. Be careful removing the special nuts holding the lights in. Often the threaded insert breaks off from the lens. If some don't want to undo relatively easily, may be best to cut the nut off to save the stud. Tony
  2. They'd certainly be more durable in metal than the paper thin plastic covers fitted when new. Tony
  3. These plastic covers would be a perfect item for 3D printing. Tony
  4. I agree will be not good practice adding holes in the new diaphragm. Can you reposition the split pins on the tie rods?. Watching with interest. My seats OK ish, but a bit saggy and will be tempted to get a couple of these mini rubbers if they work out. Tony
  5. I think you've realised, but the pipework looks fine. The bleed nipples are routed to a more accessible location. One bleed nipple and a joint in the photo's above look wet though, and there's a drip built up on the diff leg flange. Hopefully you have an explanation, otherwise I'd be concerned. Tony
  6. On late Excels, remove the storage tray (4 self tapers), then 1 screw in the centre rear of the panel that holds the gear lever and handbrake covers. Remove gear knob and you can fully remove the centre top trim. Fiddly, but it just slides off the handbrake lever. You'll then be able to see the screws holding the centre tunnel cover between rear seats and gear lever, which is easily removable. That's as far as I've gone with my car, but I think the next section around the gear lever isn't too much more involved. With that lot out, I think you'll be able to tuck new carpet under and remaining trim without too much grief. Tony
  7. It's a strip of rubber, just bonded with contact adhesive to the top inside rail of the window frame. Tony
  8. The product I was thinking about is specifically sold as a petrol tank re-line and sealer. Type 'fuel tank sealer' into ebay. Rustoleum do a similar product. Kits are available that also include cleaners. They must be long term petrol resistant or else it don't do what it says on the tin. Tony
  9. Various tank refurb and sealing kits available via fleabay. POR 15 was on my short list. Tony
  10. If your pump ticks away when first switched on, then stops after a few seconds, I'd doubt your problem is in the tank. Check the delivery at the carbs. Tony
  11. Early cars had Ali hinges, later cars were chrome plated brass lumps. Think yours will be the Ali ones and I'd leave black for now. Tony
  12. interesting product that reminds me of a globe I saw recently at a crafts shop. Several were sitting on the shelf and the owner saw that questioning look on my face saying " How the ****s that turning ? ". "Pick it up" he says, so I do and it keeps turning in my hand !!!!! - But I can feel it's not turning. - Very confusing. Somehow, they put a globe printed sphere inside a clear acrylic sphere with solar power and it's the earths magnetic field driving it. Very clever, but a bit pricey.
  13. Do you have this trim surround? I don't recognise the 2 woolly bits you speak of. My glass bonds all all edges into a rebate in the fibreglass. This trim piece then tidies it all up. Tony
  14. Looking for something a bit more engaging than the usual socks and smellies for Christmas? Post here those past presents that really hit the mark so others can put them on their list to Santa. I'll kick off with mechanical assembly wooden kits from Ugears. If your a Mechanical Engineer, you'll just love 'em. My first experience was a Puzzle jewelry box with gearing, cams and links, then for recent birthday I got the Grand-Prix car. Not assembled it yet, but V8 pistons go up/down and it has a lazzie band powered motor with gear lever for Neutral / Forward / reverse. The things you can do with some ply, a laser cutter and a very good design brain. Apparently the wind mill has a double planetary gear set !!! Piccie below is sample from the assembly instructions - top the puzzle box lid, bottom the Crank and block of the V8 Apologies for mentioning the C word so early in the year. Tony
  15. If you want to use some original badges, I'd say 501. But if originality isn't important to you, why not get some bespoke badges made. Label suppliers offer suitable materials that would be weather proof. Tony
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