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  1. I think you are referring to the side bumper fixings. I made tapped an aluminium plate and epoxy'd it to the underside of the bumper, as seen at the top in the picture below. You can get Spire clips ( Chimney nuts) easily from fleabay as a kind of direct replacement. Tony
  2. Picture of the underside is interesting. Silencer replaced with a straight through pipe. Would love to hear it. Nice new coil overs, but something doesn't quite sit right with me on all that black protection. Looks to me like a lot is applied to an assembled rear end. Healthy price, but IMO, about right if it's a sorted car. Tony
  3. Superb pictures. Worthy of publicity brochures. 👍
  4. Really interesting about the last 3 S1 cars. I notice you have a S2 front bumper also. Tony
  5. That's a great looking Elite. Is it original, or just undergone some (read ALOT) of work? Tony
  6. Lotus bits have them. They can also bond in if you wish. Trims are a complication, but if you taken the old off, be extremely careful with the top and bottom strips. The bottom particularly is like the proverbial rocking horse ****. Tony
  7. Good buy. Look forward to following your progress. IMO, Lagoon Blue is the colour to have. One day, mine will be back in the fold - but don't hold your breath Tony
  8. Lagoon Blue ? Looks very tidy under the bonnet. Looking forward to seeing more piccies. Tony
  9. Something odd with the door mirrors. They are not correct for year. Tony
  10. We had a few visitors at the show last weekend sharing some car details for the register. - Thanks if you are one of them. I now have sight of approaching 400 cars on the register: Elite 102, 43 on the road Eclat 61, 19 otr Pre SE excel 53, 22 otr MY86 68, 38 otr MY89 39, 11 otr Celebration 40, 12 otr Post Celeb'n 34, 15 otr Andy : My email address is in the first post above. Be happy to add if you can share details. I don't have a pro former, so just include any info you consider relevant. Tony
  11. Nice work. Looks a vast improvement. Tony
  12. It's been features in several car mags during the last month. They are trying to raise its profile ready for the auction. One article suggested a guide price in excess of £20k if I recall. As a car, it is not worth anything like that figure unless it had had a full professional nut and bolt rebuild, which it hasn't. I'd say without its history, it would be a decent car for £8 -12K if chassis and doors are intact. Appears to be taxed and on road, but shame it doesn't appear to have been put through an MOT due to its classic status😠. Add to that what you will for provenance. All just my opinions mind. Interested in others thoughts and definitely interested tomorrow to see what it fetches. Tony
  13. Sender comes out very easily with a flat bar across the tabs on the retaining ring. Once out you can see inside the tank quite well. If it looks anything other than completely clean and solid, I'd use a tank reseal kit from the likes of POR's. (search on eBay). Tony
  14. Congratulations on your new arrival. Can't see a straight fit being very easy, but maybe by removing the rear seat for a while, you can fit something securely on a semi permanent basis ? Tony
  15. Quite a saga Brian. Glad you've finally got the car back though and can move on. Tony
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