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  1. Re B post badging. The earliest cars did not have the B post badge. First production was all manual cars with A/C (not power steering initially), hence no need to be badged 502. Not sure if there was any science to when they started being fitted. Fairly sure that the 30 min video on youtube shows Colin Chapman driving off the production line a fairly early car that has badges. May well be like a lot of things. They fitted whatever was in stock. Tony
  2. Seeing as we are back in Pre digital age, a couple of photo's of my Elite, taken around the late 80's. Still got her, but doesn't look much like this currently - Oh memories. Tony
  3. Everything looks from 88 /89 era, but why on B plate and DVLA say registered 85. Something very wrong here. Tony
  4. Gone for $9,678. Good price for a none runner, but does look a good base car. Tony
  5. Fairly sure the lower circled pieces sit under the seat runners next to the tunnel. The top circled could well be under the runners by the door.
  6. Alternative to paper shim is to remove the door seal and measure between frame and body lip to get a consistent dimension all around the door and frame (or as best you can). Measure the uncompressed door seal (I think mine was around 20mm), measure again with full compression (around 14mm IIRC), then aim for the mid point, 17mm, as the dimension between body lip and frame, using shims as described to set. My experience of doing this is on a 74 Elite, but I'm sure the principle translates to Esprit's. BTW, when I did this on the early Elite, I found the gap along the bottom of the d
  7. Thanks for reactivating this thread. A great mod that I hadn't thought about for my 74 Elite. Years since the Windows moved under electrical power (long term, very slow resto), but this definitely needs to be on the todo list (along with several other relay additions where evidence shows things have got hot). Tony
  8. Liking your work. Look like new. Tony
  9. I'm sure many of you can relate to this. Happy New year to all Tony
  10. Sounding like a relay problem to me. There is one solenoid for each pod, so if both pods are dropping, it means they both loosing the 12 V signal simultaneously. Very unlikely therefore to be a dodgy contact at the solenoid. Tony
  11. Can you confirm your car still has the vacuum operated pods? Has it been retrospectively fitted with motors? Route cause will likely be quite different depending on whats driving them ( Vacuum or electrical magic) Tony
  12. Brian I've been working on these parts just today ( the warped wooden top trim). If you need a template drop me a PM. Tony
  13. Might be able to help on some parts. I'll PM you. Tony
  14. That's an easy one. 5 Bay garage with pit and post lift, air conditioning etc. - plus nearby living quarters to keep at least some domestic bliss. But the cars need a roof as first priority😊👍😊. I know from bitter experience that unfortunately our cars are not good to be stood outside for too long.
  15. Is that a self build (or at least Self project managed) or a more normal new build? Always fancied finding a plot of land myself, but fearful it might stop progress on my car resto!!!!!
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