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  1. That look's nasty on the front offside corner. Tony
  2. That's not standard. If I'm seeing your picture correctly, that's the bottom back edge of the bumper I can see at the top. Looks like a plate is bridging the large opening. It should be almost same width as the radiators and maybe about 6 " deep. It has a wire mesh filling it normally, but they rot away until just the frame is left. Tony
  3. Are the springs still up to spec? If the nut on the bottom of the actuators will come loose, it's easy to switch the actuators between sides. See if the problem follows. But be careful with that M6 nut though!!!! If it shears the thread off the actuator, or tears the bottom of the actuator pod out (due to rust on the lower half), it's not an easy repair. Ask me how I know!!!!! Tony
  4. My understanding is that the solenoid valve in each headlamp pod simply dumps the vacuum in the actuator and the short piece of pipe to the valve. In this valve position, the valve closes the vacuum to the tank in the foot well, so when the lights are switched off, vacuum from the tank can drop the headlights quickly. If one light is slow to rise, that sounds like a blocked pipe or sticky valve. Tony
  5. Must be something about the last 12 months. Likewise my Elite has been on hold and seen no progress. My excuse? I bought an Excel SE last June and didn't listen to the warnings that it would drain my time / stop the Elite resto. Good news though is the Excel has always been a runner and most of my 'meddling' is approaching completion, at least for the summer. So hopefully soon, I'll also be back on the Elite. Tony
  6. Might be the photo's, but the track rod end looks to be significantly longer than I remember mine being. Tony
  7. Looking forward to seeing your progress. Start a restoration thread and let's have some pictures. Doors and window frames are all doable. You just need patience and a method to follow. Plenty of past experience to be found both on this site and Excel. Net I've had a 74 Elite since 1986. Sorry to say the last 32 years have been off road, but it will be back on day. Certainly before the 50 anniversary.. Tony
  8. I sense an emotional connection to this car for you, in which case, if you don't have the funds right now, hold onto her. Whilst it's in dry storage and after 15 years, the work load, or cost isn't going to change a lot over the next year or two. If you are where your members location pin suggests, you're not too far from me and I'd be happy to take a drive out when we're allowed and talk shop. I'm happy to give you some guidance on a few items you might need that you could start gathering as finance permit ready for the rebuild. BTW, 15 years off road is nothing. My Elites been of
  9. Guessing there's a story behind that mini mill in the background on a pallet?
  10. I've followed this with interest as I threw the towel in almost 2 years ago at 59. If it's financially affordable for you, there are just 3 questions to ask yourself. 1/ What will you're reason to get out of bed each morning be (i. e. What will you do with you're time)? 2/ Will there be variety in what you are doing with you're time? - like many on here, I've got a full restoration Lotus on the go and a running restoration of my other Lotus, but I couldn't do car work even 5 days a week, let alone every day. 3/ Will you still maintain good variety of social contacts? Wo
  11. Looks stunning. Seen this company on ebay and wondered if such a complex panel as the dash could look professional. You've proved it can. The steering cover they sent you is from a series 1 Elite / Eclat. Tony
  12. Thought I'd post experience and a couple of pictures of my recent project to repair a common problem on Full leather interiors in the Excel. First attempt was to try feeding the leather and see if any compliance could return - A couple of weeks later I gave up on this plan, deciding only long term fix was to set a couple of panels in. Mid Process : And the end result : All in all, very pleased with how it's worked out. Tony
  13. Great project and another I'll be following with interest. A Lotus V8 in a wedge - just sound right to me. Tony
  14. Nice work and at least you'll have confidence in the wiring. Even without PO bodges, 35 year old wiring needs attention. Lotus were not overly generous with relay usage when these cars were built. Tony
  15. If it's still looking decent after 30 years, there won't be an anodise finish under the paint to reveal. I wrote the above having experience of this change and view point. My restoration started in 1989, and I intended to paint everything in body colour. The only way to get a good key to the anodised trim is to seriously rough it up, then apply etch primer, filler primer then top coat. 30 years on, the restoration is still going, but now my plan is to keep as standard as possible. Fortunately, I had a donor car along the way, with decent anodised rails, so no bridges burnt. Tony
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