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  1. Early cars had Ali hinges, later cars were chrome plated brass lumps. Think yours will be the Ali ones and I'd leave black for now. Tony
  2. interesting product that reminds me of a globe I saw recently at a crafts shop. Several were sitting on the shelf and the owner saw that questioning look on my face saying " How the ****s that turning ? ". "Pick it up" he says, so I do and it keeps turning in my hand !!!!! - But I can feel it's not turning. - Very confusing. Somehow, they put a globe printed sphere inside a clear acrylic sphere with solar power and it's the earths magnetic field driving it. Very clever, but a bit pricey.
  3. Do you have this trim surround? I don't recognise the 2 woolly bits you speak of. My glass bonds all all edges into a rebate in the fibreglass. This trim piece then tidies it all up. Tony
  4. Looking for something a bit more engaging than the usual socks and smellies for Christmas? Post here those past presents that really hit the mark so others can put them on their list to Santa. I'll kick off with mechanical assembly wooden kits from Ugears. If your a Mechanical Engineer, you'll just love 'em. My first experience was a Puzzle jewelry box with gearing, cams and links, then for recent birthday I got the Grand-Prix car. Not assembled it yet, but V8 pistons go up/down and it has a lazzie band powered motor with gear lever for Neutral / Forward / reverse. The things you can do with some ply, a laser cutter and a very good design brain. Apparently the wind mill has a double planetary gear set !!! Piccie below is sample from the assembly instructions - top the puzzle box lid, bottom the Crank and block of the V8 Apologies for mentioning the C word so early in the year. Tony
  5. If you want to use some original badges, I'd say 501. But if originality isn't important to you, why not get some bespoke badges made. Label suppliers offer suitable materials that would be weather proof. Tony
  6. More years ago than I care to remember, on one of the rare occasions I was actually working on my wedge Elite in the garage, my 3 year old daughter was standing by the passenger door. A puzzled look came over her face, then she said "Daddy, when the car works, Where's Mummy going to sit? Priceless 🤔- She'd worked out that with her 2 sisters, plus her and me driving, and car clearly only having 4 seats, someone was staying at home. 😳 She needn't have worried. 20 plus years later, the car still as far away from a driver as it was back them 😭 Tony
  7. I believe your rear seats are the original trim, with recovered Fronts. The material though is apparently no longer available. Great to see that radio in the dash. Fits perfectly in the shape. My cars an early one and I'm fortunate to have the original Philips radio cassette with the microphone but it doesn't look as coordinated as yours. Tony
  8. That barely registers on my time line. Owned 35 years, off road 31 years 😭. - but we have a plan..... Tony
  9. On the grounds of practicality, I'd fully support the change to electric motor control of the headlights. I'm currently planning to stay with Vacuum on my 74 Elite restoration though, purely on the grounds of originality. (It's also a talking point as you stand around the car and there's a "creak" as one headlamp pops up a little to join the party. 😊). - Think I'll call it character. Tony
  10. You might be lucky and find the hoses have split where they push on to the actuators, in which case they'll fall off and leave an open circuit. You'll find various threads on design and fit of motors both here and on Excel net. A very popular mod. Tony
  11. You have a big leak in the off side pod actuator and a REALLY big leak in the near side actuator. If you can get them out in one piece, you may be able to lay some fibreglass around the lower parts of each actuator to help stop the leak. Tony
  12. You don't need to remove the diff, just disconnect the drive shafts, but it's not easy working at arms length on everything. Are your headlights Vacuum operated still? If so quite probable they have major leak in the actuator and they could be disconnected from the inlet manifold to avoid playing havock with the engine tune. Tony
  13. I've just spent a good part of last winter stopping water getting into my Excel. The wiper spindle was a major contributor (just needed a bit of silicon and tightening fully), then the door seals - but not the rubber to door. Water can run into the U that clips to the body, then it tracks through the leather like a sponge. Take the carpets and sound proofing out (you'll be amazed how much water they hold. Then take the door seals off and removed the leather particularly up the B post and along the door bottom edge. If you then refit even the old door seal, you'll probably find a drastic reduction in the leak. Other contributors can be the door electrical cable into the body, the hinge mounting bolts and the speedo cable, but in my experience, these areas are much less significant. Tony
  14. Well done. Good luck for the MOT. Tony
  15. Great colour. With the carbs, cooling and ignition sorted she's ready to use. Trust it and enjoy. Tony
  16. Post back if you don't find one. I might have a spare. I'll check. Tony
  17. It's glued on. Fairly sure the service manual covers some details. I think the earliest cars used the same sorbit material as the quarter lights are stuck in with, but sure many modern adhesives will be just as good. I'd watch out for the right size channel to glue on. I can confirm that on my 74 Elite, the glass is 4.9mm thick. On my 91 Excel it is 4.1mm thick. I hadn't realised until your observations, but this seams like a case of Lotus adding lightness as the years went by. Tony
  18. My Excel suffers this same affliction. Maybe other manufactures just avoid putting a seam in such a vulnerable area. Tony
  19. There should be a ramp on the body and a roller on the wiper. At 'home' position, the wiper rides the ramp and sits below the hatch. It's a crazy design detail, but presumably it works when all set up correctly - but only just. Tony
  20. Any clues how you got them off without breaking the adhesive down? Tony
  21. Yes. Exactly as you describe Pete and a right challenge to remove. I've got 3 screens and tried removing. An odd one came away easily (ish), but most just don't want to move. Someone on this forum made a long thin tank and found a solvent that eventually broke the bond down after soaking. Hopefully they will come back with a reply before I find it in searches. Tony
  22. If you have the cars VIN, Andy Graham at the Lotus archive can tell you about the spec it left the factory. The information they hold on 74 / 75 cars is limited, so IMO, only worth the £50 odd the basic Provenance used to cost (they went all up market and very expensive a year or so ago). Coverdale do carpet sets. I don't believe anyone does tailored seat covers. Looks great in Black though. It'll make you a super car once the trims cleaned up. Enjoy Tony
  23. I'm not aware the factory ever did a black factory finish. I think it is something done by a PO. Tony
  24. Back in my motor bike days, most definitely an impact driver. Cheap as chips and to use it you give it a good whack with a lump hammer 🔨🔨. Very satisfying 😉 Tony
  25. Lovely photo and great colour. Special car. Tony
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