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  1. Must be said that, due to my perfectible English, some technical explanation are not easy for me to traslate.. In Italian it should be 100 times easier 😅
  2. Thanks to my friend how allow me to post the next pics, I can show you the shifter fitted on a fantastic V6 CupR resource.ashx (1152×2048) ( resource.ashx (2048×1152) (
  3. Try now please, let me know if the link works. Manuel
  4. Many thanks I've make a short video of the shifter. NB: standard C64 gearbox NB2: shifter setup -> shortest cross stroke / near to shortest gear stroke Manuel
  5. I've make a short video of the shifter. NB: standard C64 gearbox NB2: shifter setup -> shortest cross stroke / near to shortest gear stroke Manuel
  6. Hi to all, I have made some shifters for a group of friends, but I have a pair extra at disposal. If anyone would be interested, feel free to contact me. I leave you the link to the open discussion on the Elise/Exige sub forums, go directly to the 4th answer: New Selfmade Shifter, also short lever stroke - Engine & Ancillaries/Gearbox - The Lotus Forums #ForTheOwners Eventually Whatsapp at +39 347 6845481 tks, Manuel
  7. This is Mattb130's shifter, video made for him. Below some friend's shifters, I have also realized 1 kit without hand brake for one rally car. VID-20210426-WA0010.mp4
  8. Hello everyone, After 1 year of work I've made another upgrade of my shifter: the main bearing (ball on the gear lever) is the same than the last version with Ergal 7075 hard anodized caps and Stavax ball, but all the other movements are now on bearings. For me and some friends I've made a little batch of production and I have a pair of extra kits at disposal. 20210410_134443[1].mp4 20210411_161130[1].mp4 20210411_161130[1].mp4 20210411_161130[1].mp4 Furthermore, thanks to Mattb130 that helped me to get some measures, I have also made the RHD version. Here some pics and videos. Feel free to contact me if you want more info.
  9. It also will work on the v6 350 pre 2017, it's the same oem shifter than mine.
  10. Hello everyone, I'm pleasure to show you the shifter I've made by my self. The 1st step was increasing the stifness of the system, so I made a new ergal base and hand brake stainless steel frame where I fitted the other oem components. Here some pictures: The improvement is impressive, more precise gear change and no shifter movement; it remained only a little coupling imperfection on the cross cable mechanism. Unfortunately, after some month of use, I had an issue on the blu ball on the lever… it started to broken A new Lotus lever is more than 200€, and probably I would still have had the same problem in a few months, so... The 2nd step: I decided to realize a complete new mechanism to guarantee more durability. While I was designing it, I had the idea to improve a sort of "short shifter", so the final result is a complete custom made shifter that has also the possibility to adjust the lever stroke (from standard stroke to shorter stroke, in continuous way, not only 2 or 3 presetted positions). In 1 object I have togheter a new shifter and some Letsla benefits Here the final result: The step1 can stay under the oem shifter cover. I think also the step2 but never tried, it's so beautiful to cover it. I also realise a new switches support. If someone wants more info, feel free to contact me. Manuel PS: this is designed for Toyota engine elise/exige, LHD
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