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  1. If someone is interested, I will make another little batch: SELOC Forums | Dolomiti Shifter: 2nd batch coming soon, pricing and discounts Manuel
  2. Yes, same frame until 2017 cars (when Lotus made its exposed shifter). In shortest configuration a slightly extra effort is needed.
  3. Detail of TIG welded handbrake support, one of two, (right side): Detail of CNC machined switch support for hand brake (left side),TIG welded too: And some details of the cross-reference, CNC machined with centesimal precision (the 1 on the top with grey anodization): No compromise on the Dolomiti Shifter: If something expensive had to be done to make my shifter the best, it was done. The best material and the best realization process. Manuel
  4. On the 1st photo of the post the shifter is in standard grey color. Possible to customize your shifter as wanted (with extra costs). I can make your customize render: With about 4 weeks lead time it will be ready: So you can fit the shifter on your car (here into an RHD Elise: At the moment only 4 avaible, then it will be out of stock. (I'm evaluating if make another batch)
  5. Hi guys, let's continue into this new post: Thanks, Manuel
  6. Ciao IanA, Yes there is an "old" discussion on here. Anyone interested, please take a look over there before continue here. Thanks, Manuel
  7. try both and let me know:) Here finalized the above render. missing only the switch panel
  8. Here a custom black/red anodization render. I must wait some weeks to get the parts ready
  9. Hi guys, here a render on how the shifter could look with different colors (shifter colors can be composed almost as wanted). Thanks, Manuel
  10. Here you can see also the "reverse knob": and a view from the other side (here it was not completed):
  11. Any one would consider my shifter instead of this conversion? My shifter has been mount on a V6cupR and the owner says me that it is more precise also than the new lotus exopsed. So a good combination should be my shifter with new Lotus exposed cover.. what's in your opinion? PS: on mine you could alsochoose the ergal parts anodization color (here in standard grey)
  12. Must be said that, due to my perfectible English, some technical explanation are not easy for me to traslate.. In Italian it should be 100 times easier 😅
  13. Thanks to my friend how allow me to post the next pics, I can show you the shifter fitted on a fantastic V6 CupR resource.ashx (1152×2048) ( resource.ashx (2048×1152) (
  14. Try now please, let me know if the link works. Manuel
  15. Many thanks I've make a short video of the shifter. NB: standard C64 gearbox NB2: shifter setup -> shortest cross stroke / near to shortest gear stroke Manuel
  16. I've make a short video of the shifter. NB: standard C64 gearbox NB2: shifter setup -> shortest cross stroke / near to shortest gear stroke Manuel
  17. Hi to all, I have made some shifters for a group of friends, but I have a pair extra at disposal. If anyone would be interested, feel free to contact me. I leave you the link to the open discussion on the Elise/Exige sub forums, go directly to the 4th answer: New Selfmade Shifter, also short lever stroke - Engine & Ancillaries/Gearbox - The Lotus Forums #ForTheOwners Eventually Whatsapp at +39 347 6845481 tks, Manuel
  18. This is Mattb130's shifter, video made for him. Below some friend's shifters, I have also realized 1 kit without hand brake for one rally car. VID-20210426-WA0010.mp4
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