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  1. haha, Didn't see that. But it is Florida, they're just giving those things away!
  2. Found this on my regular rotation looking for an ever elusive S1 Esprit. Maybe someone in the U.S. is looking for a bright yellow Europa. Auction ends in 2 days (From April 8th, 2020). Hope this is helpfull.
  3. Thought this might be of interest to those of us in the United States. 2 days remaining (from April 8th, 2020) Last bit was $22,222. If someone is looking for one of these, I hope this helps!
  4. Hello Everyone, I've been looking for an S1/S2 Esprit (S1 preferred) within the United States for several months now, with no luck. I decided this forum might be a good place to ask for a helping hand. Should anyone happen to find a listing, leads, or even an Esprit in their back yard, I would be super grateful if you could send them my way. Reputable listing website recommendations are also welcome, most of what I find turn out to be fraudulent listings. For anyone interested, I've outlined what I'm looking for below. Again, grateful for any help, Thanks! Ideally looking for: S1 or S2 Esprit (S1 preferred) Located in the U.S. (Looking to avoid the costs/headaches associated with importing) Asking price below $15,000 Runs without catching on fire or requires a sensible amount of work to get it there Reasonably complete or better (not missing any major components) Relatively, uh... unmolested, for lack of a better word. Not beyond bringing back to an original state if required. Bonus points if it comes with that sweet/ridiculous tartan interior (But by no means a requirement) If a listing doesn't quite meet all the criteria, I'm still be interested in hearing about it. I understand my budget for acquisition limits how discerning I can be, nor do I expect to obtain an esprit of museum/just restored quality. The only hard requirement is it being an S1/S2, within the United States...and the whole not catching on fire thing...that seems kinda important.
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